Blood Lust ( One Direction Vampires )

Run. Just run. Don't look back. Casey ran from Harry 'cause there's a secret she knows and he doesn't want anyone to find out. He and the boys are vampires, and she's scared to death. She falls for one of them and they might fall for her. ( Please comment what you think )


21. Please Say Yes

Casey's P.O.V.

           Okay, I woke up. Weird dream, right ? I jumped when Harry walked in. He walked right behind me when I didn't even know it, and he screamed " GOOD MORNING !! " " Ahhh ! " I screamed. Then I sighed in relief. I clutched my non-beating heart and chuckled. " Oh, Harry. " I giggled. He chuckled and pecked my cheek. " Good morning beautiful. " He whispered. He sounds so nervous. I smirked and shook him off. I looked at him over my shoulder and raised my eyebrow. " Coming ? " I asked. He closed his mouth and snapped back into reality. He shook his head yes and grabbed my hand in his.

         I walked him to the kitchen and got us two blood bags. I gave Harry his and smiled warmly at him. He grinned back. " Thanks babe. " He said before turning his eyes dark and sinking his fangs into the bag. I just stared at mine with a frown on my face. I don't wanna eat this. I'm actually craving pop ( soda ). I turned back around and walked out of the kitchen. I'm not thirsty. Seconds later, Harry's next to me stroking my arm. " Why didn't you eat ? " He asked. I looked at him, then the floor. " I'm not thirsty. " I whisper. Then everything went black.

" Off with her head. " She whispered.

" What ? " I whispered. The voice spoke louder.

" Leave us alone. There is no need to go further. " She said louder.

" What do you mean ? " I asked.

" You don't know your own mind ? " She sneered.

I looked around confused. " I don't understand. " I tried to plead with her. I saw a light, and a woman sitting in a chair. She held her hand up to silence me, and spoke. " You're being destroyed. They're trying to make you forget. You need to be rid of them. " I cut her off.

" No !! I'll be doomed ! I love them ! " I shouted at her.

          She shook her head no. " Not doomed, forgotten. " She whispered. I looked at her and let a tear slip. " Who are you ? " I whispered. She looked at me with a soft and gentle gaze.  " I'm your other half. Your hysteria half. " I am so confused. I shrugged it off. Maybe it's just another war. " I've tried to to control our lives once. But you have ruled me out forcefully. Sacrifices have to be made, but unfortunately I can't tell you when or who. " I froze. Then I opened my eyes and was back in the boys' kitchen and being hovered by Harry, Zayn, and Niall.

            " What are you all staring at ? " They looked at each other, then back at me. " You were talking out loud. Who were you talking to ? " I looked at them with wide eyes. " I call her L-Lizzie. She's my hysteria half. " I whisper. Zayn and Niall look at each other worried. Harry looks calm and took a deep breath. " Come on, we'll discuss this matter later, right now she needs to feed. She's been starving herself all morning. " They nodded and dragged me to the kitchen. They force fed me. Ugh. In a way, I was thankful, I was starving. I just sat in a chair until it was time for mine and Harry's date. I wore dark blue skinny jeans and a lime green tank top with a brown tight-fit leather jacket.

         Harry stopped when he saw me. " You look beautiful. " He whispered. I looked  down and smiled. He grabbed my hand and we drove somewhere. " Harry, where are you taking us ? " I ask. He smiles out the windshield. " I'm taking you to where we first met. " He whispers. We get there, and walk hand-in-hand to the table. I look at it and smile. I have good memories here. Harry smiles and takes both my hands in his. " I need to ask you something.  " He whispered.

       I nod and look deep in his eyes. " Casey, when I first glanced at you, I was amazed and put under the spell of your beauty. I sincerely and truly love you. I love you, and you are the most important thing to me. I will do anything for you. You are the best thing that's ever happened to me and this is a very special spot because it's where we first met. " He smiles and tears of joy formed in his eyes.  He did the unexpected. He got down on one knee. " Casey Marie, will you do the honor of being with me for eternity ? I give you my word to protect you, be with you, and love you forever. Will you marry me ? " He asked, and I cried.

Remember to always have someone to look after you.



        This is the LAST CHAPTER to Blood Lust. I hope you enjoyed it !! :) Please comment what you thought about my story !! Thank you so much to everyone who's liked and has this on their favorite list !! I love each and every one of you. I hope you'll check out the sequel once I post it. I really don't know what to say :) You guys are amazing and awesome. If I could I would hug you all right now lol. REMEMBER I'll look after you and talk to you if you need help with ANYTHING. REMEMBER that I'LL LOOK AFTER YOU =) I LOVE YOU !!!

                                                 ~ Casey .xx            

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