Blood Lust ( One Direction Vampires )

Run. Just run. Don't look back. Casey ran from Harry 'cause there's a secret she knows and he doesn't want anyone to find out. He and the boys are vampires, and she's scared to death. She falls for one of them and they might fall for her. ( Please comment what you think )


13. Hysteria

Casey's P.O.V.

         I see darkness. Surrounded by nothing. I walk around, trying to find anything, any source of light to find out where I am. " You need no light. " A voice said. I jumped. " W-Who's there ? " I ask loudly. " You know me, it's your daddy. " They said. I gasped. " Daddy ! Where are you ?! " I shout. " I'm right next to you, peanut. It isn't your time. You have to go back. " He said. I was sad but also happy 'cause I get to see my Harry. I let a tear fall. " W-Will I ever see you again daddy ? " I asked. It was silent for a moment. " In time you will. But for now you need to get back with your family. " He said. " I love you. " I whisper. " I love you to peanut. " He says.

        Then I was back. I opened my eyes. I looked around and found Harry in a corner crying. " Harry ? Why are you crying ? " I ask, He stopped and slowly turned around. " Casey. " He whispered. He was over to me in a flash and wrapped me in a hug. " Casey ! Baby are you okay ? How do you feel ? " He fires questions at me and cups my face. I shook my head. " I feel fine, just a little tired. " I said and smiled a small smile. " It took you 5 days to wake up. I was so worried about you ! " He exclaims and holds me. " You were so beat up, did he even heal you at all ? " He asked, while kissing my forehead.

         I shook my head no. " Only once when he drained most of my blood. He said he doesn't want me weak as a newling. " I whisper. He pulled my chin up to make me look at him. " You're gonna be fine. I'll take care of you. " He said. He kissed me passionately. After about 5 minutes my head started to hurt. I broke the connection and crawled away from Harry. I whimpered. " Casey ? What's wrong ? " Harry asked. " Shhh ! Stop yelling ! My head is pounding ! " I shouted. He came over to me and looked into my eyes. " Just breathe, I'll go shut the blinds and doors, and you can come out if you want, it'll be dark and quiet, I promise. "

      I nodded and waited until Harry came back and brought me through the cottage. He came back a second later. " Okay, you can come out now. " He whispered.  I walked down the hall and plopped myself on the floor. I groaned. My gums and nails hurt. " Harry, why do my nails hurt ? " I whined. He looked worried and confused. " I don't know babe. " I sulked to myself and sighed. My eyes felt normal which was good. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I looked at my gums and then my fangs popped out and I whimpered. They were long and it scared me. I screamed while crying. I wander if giving birth hurts worse than this.

     " Ahhhh ! " I screamed. I sunk to the bathroom floor and rocked myself back and forth. " Casey ! Casey open the door sweetheart ! " Zayn cried. " Go away ! " I sobbed. He walked in the door anyway. He sat in front of me on the floor. " The only reason why Harry isn't here is because he's getting your guys' room ready. " He says. I cry again. My teeth ! " Open your mouth sweetheart, let me see them. " He whispers. I open my mouth and he looks at them. He brings his eyebrows together. " Your gums must be really sensitive. They're bleeding. " I nod my head. I felt something cold running down my fingers, so I looked at them and my nail beds were bleeding, all 10 of them.

    " Zayn is this normal ?! " I panic shoving my fingers at him. He looks even more worried. " Come with me. Liam will know what to do. " He said. We walk down the hall with tears streaming down my face. " What's wrong ? " Liam asked. " Casey's nail beds are bleeding. I don't know what's wrong. " Zayn said quickly. Liam looked confused and was examining my fingers. Then, he jumps. I look and see claws. I gasp and try to runaway from myself. Obviously that's not working. " HARRY ! " I shout. He's here in a second to see what's going on. He looks shocked.

     " M-Maybe it's just 'cause she needs to feed. Get her some blood. " Harry whispered. Everyone was in the room by now. I take the bag and just stare at it for awhile. Then I start to smell it, and it smells really good. " Just watch her eyes. " Niall whispers. I look up at them and nod. I take a sip and feel my eyes look at the bag closer. It tastes so good ! " Woah ! " Everyone shouts. " What ?! " I ask terrified. " Y-Your eyes... " They trail off. They look like they're in awe. " Amazing.. " Zayn whispered. " Go look at your eyes. " Harry said. I look in the mirror and stare, mesmerized. They're beautiful and really cool.

    " She's. Going. To. Be. The. Most. Awesome. Vampire. Thing. Ever !! " Louis shouted. I laughed and went back. Ed looked serious. He whispered to Niall and he nodded. Niall walked over to Harry and punched him in the face. " Niall ! " I said. He didn't stop. " Niall stop ! You're hurting him ! " I shout. That's it, I'm so mad right now. Something inside me snapped and I was suddenly over to Niall and completely ripping him apart. " NO ! GET OFF GET OFF GET OFF GET OFF GET OFF ! " I kept screaming. Everyone was trying to hold me back. I kept throwing them off and looked for something- anything to use to hurt Niall to stay away from Harry.

       My eyes land on a blade. I study it for a moment and walk slowly over to it. I turn back around and look at Niall. I scream and fall to the floor, the blade leaving my hand. I close my eyes and 2 minutes later I got up. I felt tired. I look at Niall. " Oh my goodness ! Niall are you okay ?! I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you I swear ! " I pleaded with him. He put his hand up to silence me. " It's okay, I knew it would happen. You don't have to be sorry, now we know some of your limits. Your claws come out when you're angry and giving a warning, then hysteria takes over. You're not yourself when you're in hysteria and you have no idea what's going on. " He said this all fast.

       I nod and put my head down in shame. Zayn stops me. " You're a vampire now sweetheart. " He smiles at me and wraps me in a hug. I hug back and rub his shoulders. I get up and walk over to Harry. I pull him up and I take him to his room. " Harry, maybe we shouldn't be t-together. " I whisper. He gasps and looks me dead in the eye. " How could you EVER say that ? " He asks. I look down and let a tear fall. " Because I'm dangerous and could kill one of you guys and I won't know what's happening until it's over. " I whisper and my voice breaks. " Casey, you are not leaving me again. I don't care if you hurt us. I want to be with you and only you. I love you. " He says. And the look in his eyes told me he wasn't bluffing.

       His eyes start filling with tears and he breaks down. " Oh Harry. " I whisper and pull him close to me. He puts his head in the crook of my neck and sobs quietly. " P-Please don't leave me. " He whispers. I cry but silently and nod. " I never will, it just popped into my head that you might be safer without me. " My voice breaks again. He pulls back and cups my face. We stare at each other with tear-stained faces. He kisses me. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him VERY close. There is no gap between us. He moves the hair from my face and kisses me everywhere making me giggle. He smiles himself and continues to kiss me.

       I pull off his shirt and he tugs on the bottom of mine. I start to take it off and he helps me, never breaking the connection. I laugh and lay us down. I'm on top, kissing from his chest all the way up his neck and finally reach his lips. He moans and I lick his bottom lip asking for entrance. He lets me in immediately and I explore his mouth. We're somehow flipped over and he kisses me hard, this time him asking for entrance. I let him in and he smiles. I break the connection, the situation is getting heated, but I wanna wait until I'm married. We're breathing heavy and he looks worried. " Did I do something wrong ? " He asks. I shake my head no and give him a small smile. " I-I wanna wait... Until I'm married. " I gave him an apologetic look. He looked surprised.

     " Of course, don't worry, I want to wait to. " He laughs. I smile and lay my head on his chest. He kisses the top of my head and strokes my hair. " Good night gorgeous. " He whispers. I smile. " Good night my Harry." I whisper and kiss his chest and fall asleep. The next day, I wake up VERY happy. ( The pic below is Casey's claws )


              ( This pic below is Casey's eyes as a warning for enemies plus her claws )



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