Blood Lust ( One Direction Vampires )

Run. Just run. Don't look back. Casey ran from Harry 'cause there's a secret she knows and he doesn't want anyone to find out. He and the boys are vampires, and she's scared to death. She falls for one of them and they might fall for her. ( Please comment what you think )


14. Don't Worry About It

Niall's P.O.V.

        Dam she really messed me up. She clawed basically my whole torso, face, and arms. She looked really scary I'll have to admit. She's gonna turn out to be one of the most feared vampires in history. I smiled and shook my head. This is going to be an amazing life with her and the boys !!

Casey's P.O.V.

           Okay, so I woke up this morning and it was like the best dream ever ! I saw my family again. " Mum ? Daddy ? Cameron ? " I call out. They stand in front of me and smile. " You're dreaming, honey. " Mum says. I frown. " Why are you here ? " I ask. They look at each other and smile. " We're here to tell you that you're gonna have a beautiful baby girl. " They whisper. I look at them confused. " B-But I can't, I'm a vampire now. " I whisper. " Oh please, Casey. That's only in movies. " My mum smiles at me. I giggle. " Can you name her Lexi for me ? " My mum asks. I look at her and nod. " Of course mum. Anything for you. " I say.

           They look over at Harry and smile. " He's really good for you. You should keep him this time. " My dad winks at me. I laugh and shake my head. " He'll protect you. He really does love you. " Dad says. I nod. " I know. I love him to. " I whisper. " Take care, honey. " Mum says. I smile and wave. " We'll always be watching sis. " Cameron says, I nod. " Love you guys. " I whisper. " We love you to. " They answer. Then they were gone. I sigh and smile. I thought to myself, I'm thirsty. I got out of bed not waking Harry this time lol. I walked down to the kitchen and to the fridge, when someone knocked at the door.

          Not wanting to wake any of the boys, I answered it. As soon as the door opened the smell of blood hit me. I looked down. " May I help you ? " I ask. They shook their head yes. " I'm looking for, Harry. " The girl said. I felt jealousy start to take over. " Sorry, he's sleeping right now. " I said quickly. She stopped the door. " Well I want to see him. " She snapped. " Who are you ? " I snap back. She stands there for a moment. " I'm the person who he feeds blood from. " She says. " And who are you ? " She snaps. " I'm his girlfriend. " I say. She gasps. " Actually you can come in. " I smile. She nods and pushes by me. I shut the door and her back is still facing towards me. I run towards her and put a hand over her mouth and drain her blood and leave her dead on the floor.

             Then Liam comes into the kitchen and stares at me wide-eyed. He puts a hand over his mouth. " Get Harry here now. " I growl. Liam nods and does what he's told. " What is it babe ? " He stops dead in his tracks and stares at me, then the girl on the floor. " Casey, you can't go around killing people. " Harry whispers. I whip my head up to stare him in the eye.  " WELL YOU SHOULDN'T BE USING PEOPLE FOR BLOOD LUST ! " I scream at him. His face fills with hurt. Tears stream down my face and my claws come out. I'm breathing heavily and my head hurts. I look at Harry and feel my eyes slit. I'm still crying when Harry walks over to me and cups my face. I look in his eyes and he searches mine until they're normal.

           " I'm sorry, I won't do it again, I give you my word. " He whispers. I nod and shut my eyes. When I open them I'm in our room. " H-Harry what about the body ? " I ask. He smiles. " Liam's taking care of it. " Then he pushes me against the wall and puts my legs around his waist. " I love holding you. " He whispers. I smile and put my forehead against his. " Don't worry about this morning, I was jealous when she said she wanted to see you. " I whisper. " There's no need to be jealous babe. It's gotta be you and only you. " He says and kisses me. I smile and kiss him back.

          I frown and pull away. " Harry, I'm still thirsty. " I whine and jump down looking out the window. I see someone walking and smile heading for the door. " Casey, you're not leaving my side. You will drink from the blood bags. " He says. I give him pleading eyes and he still shakes his head no. I sigh and drink at least 5 blood bags. " Sorry for scaring you earlier, Liam. " I say. He waves his hand. " Don't worry about it. Newlings can get outta control sometimes. " He smiles and gives me a hug. I return it and look away, I still feel guilty.


        Hello my lovelies ! Sorry for the short chapter ! It's late and I'm tired, but I'll post more tomorrow ! I LOVE YOU !! <3

                                                       - Casey .x

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