Blood Lust ( One Direction Vampires )

Run. Just run. Don't look back. Casey ran from Harry 'cause there's a secret she knows and he doesn't want anyone to find out. He and the boys are vampires, and she's scared to death. She falls for one of them and they might fall for her. ( Please comment what you think )


9. Dancing

Casey's P.O.V

      I woke up the sound of music. I hear a piano, guitar, drums, even some singing. I don't know if I'm still dreaming but it sounds really good. Oh wait, it's Ed who's making the music. He's singing Little Bird. It sounded really pretty.

      " Casey, love I want to take you dancing. " Harry said. I looked surprised. " I love dancing. " I immediately covered my mouth. I didn't mean to say that out loud ! Harry grinned at me, " Good cause I'm either taking you to a club tonight or " ballroom dancing. " Harry chuckled. I look wide-eyed at him. " Take me to the club homeboy. " I laughed. He giggled. " Alright then. It's just gonna be you, me, and the club. Only 3 shots though, since I'm driving. " He winked at me.

     It's 7pm now so Harry and I are about to leave. I'm wearing a skin tight black tank top and black short shorts with black ankle boots. I have a little bit of eye-liner and mascara on. When Harry sees me he hangs his mouth open. He points up the stairs. " You look great. Now go change before some drunk decides he wants to have a little fun with you. " He scolds me.

    Now it's my turn to stare at him dumbfounded. " Please baby. " He whispers. I sigh and change into some skinny jeans and a white flowy top. I come back downstairs and Harry smiles at me. " Shall we ? " he asked. " Yes. " I say confident I won't get hurt or cornered by rapists. We get to the club and there's people EVERYWHERE ! On couches, in smoking areas, in/on tables, under tables, on the dance floor, in the bathroom, even with the bartender ! Think of anywhere in a club and they'll be there.

   " I'll go get us our shots, while you stay here. " Harry whispers and kisses my cheek. I'm nervous though, I've never had a drink before. He comes back and drinks the first one in one sip. I take mine and swallow slow, bad idea 'cause it burned my throat and I choked on it. " Are you okay ? " Harry asked. I shook my head yes. " I've never had a shot before. " I said. He stared at me. " I'm sorry, I should've asked. Drink it really fast and fight the burn ! " He encouraged. I finished my 3 since Harry was already done with his.

      My hands feel tingly. Like a buzzing going through my body. I smile and pull Harry to the dance floor. He holds my waist, spins me so my back is up against his front, and grinds against me. I giggle and wrap my arm around his neck. He smiles and kisses me. I kiss back with urgency and he releases me and throws me against the wall. He continues to kiss me until we're finally kicked out by security. I crack up laughing and we just sit in the car for I think 2 hours just laughing and holding each other.

      We get back to the house around 1am and we sit on the couch and watch tv. I start to dose off when Harry says, " I'm gonna go get us a blanket. " He whispers. I nod and close my eyes. I wake up the next morning with a headache. I groan and hold my head. Harry chuckles. " Welcome to your first hangover. " He says. I glare at him and get up to get some Tylenol.

    After about 20 minutes my headache is numb and I get dressed. I go up to Niall's room an knock on his door. " Coming ! " He shouted. When he opened it he smiled. " Hey there, lovely. " I blushed. " Come here Niall, I have to show you something. " I said. He relaxed. " Okay, what is it ? " He asked. " It's out back. " I said and lead him out the door. " Okay, I found it in the pool. Lean down and look really closely at the side. " I instruct him. He does what I said and says, " I don't see any- " He's cut off by me pushing him into the pool.

     I crack up laughing and run in the house. I run into Harry's room, closed and locked the door, and finally got behind Harry. " Shhh ! " I tell him. " CASEY ! GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE ! Niall shouted. I laugh. " What did you do ? " Harry asks. " I tricked him and pushed him into the pool. " I giggle. Harry laughs and shakes his head while ruffling my hair. " I'll go talk to him and make sure he's not mad. " I say and kiss Harry finally leaving his room. As I walk passed Ed's room I hear him playing his guitar.

Ed's P.O.V.

      As I was finishing the new song I was writing, I got a vision of Casey as a vampire and her power. She can go into hysteria mode ( survival mode ) and kill her enemies without getting hurt or killed for a limited time. As she's in hysteria you have to pull her back by force or until her time runs out, like our inner vampire. All the blood on her is a warning to others that she's vicious and invincible.

       After the vision happened I gasped. I want Harry and Harry alone to know about this. I burst through Harry's door and walk over to Harry and show him everything. " What do we do now ? " Harry whispers.

( This pic is Casey's power )



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