The Darkness Inside

She was as innocent as any 19 year old who lived alone could be until she met them. When they fall in love with her can she rid them of their darkness or will they bring out her darkness inside?
Andrea is 19 with black hair and a tall, slim figure. She lives alone in her apartment with her cat Garfield. She works at a home design company. She likes to party, but she doesn't have many friends to party with. She may seems innocent, but, like I said, as innocent as any 19 year old lives alone could be. (None of them are famous btw)


1. Chapter 1

Andrea's P.O.V.
"Shit," I muttered as my alarm for work went off. If you couldn't tell, I'm not really a morning person. I like sleep. I got up and took the hair tie out of my black hair. I grabbed my towel and headed towards my bathroom. I live alone, except for my orange cat Garfield; he looked like a Garfield too. He was one fat as hell cat. I turned the shower on, striped and got in. The warm water felt good as it pelted my skin. I quickly washed and got out determined not to be late today. I dried off and went into my closet and put on a strapless bralet top with roses on it and a pair of black, high waisted shorts. I grabbed my phone, keys, and a gold Louis Vuitton clutch and started toward my car. 
( )
I got in my car and started it. When I got to work my boss gave me my work for the day and I headed into my office. I had three house meetings today. House meetings are where I go to the clients house and discuss the design and see the house layout.
(Before you say anything about how this isn't how interior design jobs work, this is an important part of the story so I made it how I wanted because I don't know much about interior design. This is just how it's going to be.)
I got through my first and second meeting pretty quickly and I was heading toward the location of the third meeting now. When I got there I made sure to check the address twice. This house was huge! I've been to plenty of big houses but nothing compared to this. I got out of my car and went up to the door. I knocked on it and waited for someone to answer. Seconds later a lady in a maid's outfit appeared and escorted me to a really big room with two couches, a coffee table, a desk, a fire place, and a few other things. 
"Take a seat on one of the couches and they will be with you shortly," she told me. 
They? I thought to myself. I shrugged and sat. I waited in silence for two minutes before the door opened and five men walked in. They sat on the other couch and just stared at me.
"Hello," I said.
"Hello," one of them responded.
I took out my binder that had some design ideas and started flipping through it looking for a specific design. 
"That won't be necessary," one of them told me.
"What do you mean? We have to pick a design so I can give it to my boss," I told them confused.
"It won't be necessary," they repeated.
All I could do was look at the confused. That's when I noticed there was now only four of them. I thought there were five... This is weird. That's when I felt a hand come from behind me and cover my mouth as they all picked me up. I was trying to scream but it was no use. I was struggling to get free. I knew I wasn't going to but I still tried. They carried me up some stairs and into a bedroom closing and locking the door behind us.They placed me down on the floor and I scrambled away cowering into a corner.
"What do you want with me?" I asked not daring to look up.
"That's for us to know and for you to find out," one of them said laughing.
"Are you going to hurt me?" I asked, the fear clear in my tone.
"Only if you misbehave or disobey us," one of them said.
"Come here," another said.
"You're crazy if you think I'm going near you," I told him boldly.
"We could pick you up and force you over here," he offered.
I stood up looking down. I refused to look at them. I walked toward them. 
"Good," one of them said, " You need to look at us," he told me.
I looked up and instantly regretted it. They're eyes were red. It scared me.
"I'm Niall," the blonde one said.
"Harry,"  the curly haired one said.
"Liam," the one with a buzz cut said.
"Louis," The one with a brown quiff said.
"And I'm Zayn," The one with black hair told me.
"M-my name is A-Andrea," I said with a shaky voice.
"Hello Andrea," They all said at the same time.
I cried. That's all I could do. As soon as I started crying they all left the room. They left me in this room to cry. I was alone with my sorrow.


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