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Melissa's changed her mind. She knows who she wants to be with. THe one who she left broken hearted has found another girl and moved on. The Tomlinson family have a baby girl (Hailey) while the Styles family have a baby boy (Jake). Things between the 2 families are still tense and hate each other.

Just saying, it might be a bit boring at the start but believe me, it gets better!


19. Why bother?

Why bother?


Dylan and I went to this Italian restaurant and talked normally. Well, normal for US anyway. We're so used to fighting. Jake's actually a nice person. I don't know why he acts like a jerk in school. I prefer this Dylan, over douchebag Dylan. I mean, who wouldn't? We went out of the restaurant in silence. It wasn't an awkward silence but a comfortable one. We were walking back home. I was a couple of steps ahead of him. It was 8:00. I wanted to get home early so I could wake up in time for lessons tomorrow. I know, I'm such a dork. But that's who I am. I felt a pair of eyes burning right through me. I turned around and saw Dylan staring at me.

"Are you....um..... okay?" I asked him hesitantly. I didn't want to set him off.

"Why do you care? Just leave me alone!" He snapped, quickly taking his eyes off of me. It surprised how he could change from the sweetest guy in the world to a jerk in a matter of seconds.

I didn't bother to reply. In fact, it didn't even deserve a reply! I just walked even faster, leaving him alone. I got to my dorm in around 10 minutes. In that time, I changed into my pyjamas and climbed into bed. I put the blanket over my head and tried to sleep. I then heard the dorm door open and footsteps walking across the floor. It was Dylan, obviously. Or maybe it could be some sort of crazy, stalker pyscopath that wants to hunt down Louis Tomlinson's daughter. I know, crazy thought but blame my mind. It always manages to think of crazy scenarios like this. I peeked from my blankets only to find the supposed 'pyscopath' was just Dylan. I didn't feel like talking to him so I just pretended to sleep. I heard his footsteps approach my bed.

"Hey, Hailey?" I heard his voice say. I just shut my eyes tighter. 

I heard him sigh heavily. "Listen, I know you're awake!" he said quietly. I didn't know what to do. In the end, I decided to just turn over my my back facing towards him. Hopefully, he'll get the drift that I don't want to talk to him. But unfortunately he didn't. He just continued to talk to me.


I shouldn't have snapped like that to Hailey. It's just.........she makes me feel all weird and strange inside. No one has ever made me feel this way before. Pffft! Not even my own mother! But I'm not close to any of my parents. I didn't know how to react to this so I just turned all against her. I walked back to the dorm by myself, while my mind was swarming in these thoughts. Hailey. That girl is on my mind like 24/7. Why?

I walked back to the dorm and found Hailey pretending to sleep. I saw her peek out of the blankets to see who came and then stuff her head inside again. I walked over to her. The least I could do was apologies. I walked over to her bed and tried to talk to her but all she did was turn the other side, with her back facing towards me. God! She's so stubborn. My anger boiled inside me.Why am I even apologizing to her in the first place?!

"Fine! Be like that! I don't know why I even bothered trying to say sorry in the first place!" With that, I went over to my bed and slept.


Sorry guys, this chapter is really short and it's really bad :( This is the only time I got since I've come here so yeah...

I promise, I'll make it up when I get back :) xxx


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