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Melissa's changed her mind. She knows who she wants to be with. THe one who she left broken hearted has found another girl and moved on. The Tomlinson family have a baby girl (Hailey) while the Styles family have a baby boy (Jake). Things between the 2 families are still tense and hate each other.

Just saying, it might be a bit boring at the start but believe me, it gets better!


8. The One

The One


I thought about this for a while now. I want to marry Melissa. I want her to be by my side, have our children ;) and grow old with me. I can't imagine doing that with anyone else. If I hadn't met Melissa, I wouldn't have realised what I was missing out on.

Right now, I was comforting her. I hated to see her cry. Every time she cried, it made my heart break. I also get hate from some people. But I just look past them. They have no right to say horrible stuff. The same goes for Melissa. If only they got to knew her. I don't see how anyone can hate a person like Melissa.

"Hey, Lou?" she asked.

"Yeah, babe?" i said

"What do you wanna do today?" she asked.

I'm going to do it. I'm going to propose to her.

"I'll take you out at 9:00 today" I said.

"Okay..........where are we going?" she asked.

"Somewhere......... but right now I need to go......." I said getting up.

"Do you have to?" she pouted. Ugh! Why is she doing this to me?

"Sorry, love. If you want, I can give you a kiss" I said, winking at her.

"As if I'll say no!" she joked.

We both leant in and kissed. I admit, it was very intense. There was something about her kisses. They were rough but at the same time they were meaningful. I love how she made me feel this way. I can' wait 'til I can call her mine.

I pulled away before, we went any further.

"Bye, Lou!" she called out

"Bye, Mel!" I said, walking out the door.

I got into my car and drove to a really fancy and expensive jewellery shop. Melissa was worth all the money. I was browsing through the range of rings when I spotted someone next to me, looking for rings as well. I looked up at him, he had his back to me. He looked vaguely familiar.

He turned around. It was Jason, the one who Eleanor cheated me with.

"Hi Louis........." he said awkwardly.

"Hi, Jason!" I said hugging him. He seemed surprised by my sudden hug. I guess he expected me to be annoyed with him because he stole El away from me.

"You're not mad?" he asked suspiciously.

"Nope. No hard feelings. I've already got another girl. That's why I'm here. I'm going to propose to her." I said.

"Hope she says yes! I'm proposing to El." he says smiling.

"Good luck!" I say to him. I then walked away from him and started to look through all the rings when one finally caught my eye. It was:

It was quite expensive but I didn't care. It was perfect for her. I really hope she says yes. To think that after I get down on my knee and ask that magical question, I will come back home either being the happiest man in the world or being crushed and heart broken.

*skip to 9:00*

"You ready?" I asked her.

"Yup!" she said coming down the stairs. She looked stunning.

Her outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/melissas_outift_for_louis_proposal/set?id=89464733


I wasn't sure what to wear. Louis left me clueless. I decided to go for something but not too fancy. I heard Louis call me from downstairs. I went downstairs. I guess I kinda pulled it off because Louis stood there with his mouth open. "I look that bad?" I joked.

"N-No......You look so beautiful" He said.

"Thanks! I could say the same to you!"  I took in his outfit. He was wearing a tux. God! He lookes do sexy in it.

He caught me gaping at him. "Like what you see?" he asked.

"No. I love it!" I said flirtatiously. This never gets old ;)

"Come on! Let's go!" He said grabbing my hand. He pulled me into the car. He then placed a blindfold around my eyes.

"Louis?!" I said.
"Shhh! Calm down! It's a surprise!" He said. Seriously what is up with One Direction and surprises? I really waned to know where we were going. I kept trying to pry it out of Louis but he wouldn't budge.

"Louis! Just tell me! You might as well 'cause-"

"We're here!" He said interrupting me. He grabbed my hands and pulled me out of the car. I honestly don;t know where we are. There's not a sound I can here. That's helpful -_-

He slowly took the blindfold off of me.

"Surprise!" He whispered in my ear.

This is what I saw......


I ran into Louis' arms and hugged him.

"Louis, this is just..........so perfect" I said. I was literally speechless.

"Not as perfect as you!" He said.

"You're so cheesy!" I said, pretending to roll my eyes.

"But you love it!" He said. It was true, that's one of the many things that I love about him.

We had dinner there. It was just the usual when Louis suddenly got up.

"Louis?" I asked.

He got down on one knee. What? No, he can't be doing what I think he is. He could just be tying this shoe laces maybe............or he dropped something.......

"Melissa, I'm not really good with stuff like this but I'll try my best. I really love you. I can't imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else but you. You are 'the one' as they call it. Will you be my wife? Will you marry me?" He said with a glint of hopefulness in his eyes. In his hand he held a small blue box. He opened it and in there was the most beautifulest ring I have ever seen.

"Y-Yes....." I whispered. I could barely get my words out. I was speechless.

Louis heard it though. He broke into a smile.

"What?" He asked, double checking.

"Yes!" I said running over to him. We both shared a long and passionate kiss.

"I can't tell you how happy I am!" He said, our foreheads resting against each other.

"I love you" I said.

"I love you too!" He replied.

He slid he ring onto my finger, it glistened. This was so perfect. No one could ruin my mood now.

"Come on! Let's go back home!" He said.

I went out of our house as his girlfriend and am coming back as his fiancé...........:D


Hey guys,

I know how long people have been waiting for this to happen to them. I ship #Louissa!

I know I hadn't updated in aggessss. but I hope i made it up to you guys by doing a slightly longer chapter.

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