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Melissa's changed her mind. She knows who she wants to be with. THe one who she left broken hearted has found another girl and moved on. The Tomlinson family have a baby girl (Hailey) while the Styles family have a baby boy (Jake). Things between the 2 families are still tense and hate each other.

Just saying, it might be a bit boring at the start but believe me, it gets better!


18. Auditions & Falling

Auditions & Falling


Beautiful......he called me beautiful............

Usually I would be flattered and having butterflies exploding in my stomach if it was any other guy. And I do mean ANY! 

It's weird thought. Dylan isn't the type to use that word. He uses fit, hot, sexy but not beautiful. I just brushed that awkward (and cute) moment off. Dylan just then switched the light off and went to sleep. Talk about bipolar!

(Next morning in drama class)

"Next, Dylan and Ashley" Mrs. Peterson called out. I don't think they practised. I feel sorry for Ashley that she got paired up with Dylan. They were doing the death scene. To be honest they were really good. He surprised me the most though. He was really good! Who knew that Dylan, a jock, could be really good in acting. 

Once they were finished, everyone burst out in 'wooooo's' and claps. I also clapped a bit. Once Dylan passed me to go back to his seat, he smirked and winked. I just rolled my eyes. Who does he think he is? Seriously, this boy thinks too much of himself!

"Next.....Hailey and Tom". Okay, we can do this.  W both went up on the stage and did the scene. Even though, it was just an act, I still found it really romantic though. After we finished it, I started blushing like crazy. I really hope this was good enough. Just then he rest of the class burst in a round of claps. I looked over at Tom. He leaned and whispered in my ear, "you were really good at acting, Hailey" He said.

"Who said I was acting?" I whispered, trying to flirt back. Tom just loked down slightly and blushed a little. I find it sooooooo cute when boys blush like that. I looked behind me when I heard a scoff. It was Jake, he overheard our........'flirtation' talk I guess you could call it :S

We went over through all the others as well. They were all really good. I don't think I'll be getting some big part. 

"Okay, class. All the auditions were excellent. I have already decided the parts.  So we'll start with Romeo. Romeo will be played by Dylan Styles." All the boys looked jealously at him. lol.

"But who's Romeo without a Juliet. Juliet will be played by......" she began. Please be Ashley. They are perfect together. Anyone but me. 

"Hailey Tomlinson" 

That's it. God officially hates me. 

I face palmed myself and groaned. I didn't even bother listening to my other parts. After the lesson finished, I asked Tom "What are you playing?" 

"Paris. Juliet's suitor" He said before walking off. If only Jake didn't get the part of Romeo. Tom would have defiantly been it. 

As I was walking down the hallway, I heard a voice call for me. Oh well Juliet at least.

"Juliet! Where are you going without your Romeo?" the voice said dramatically. Just keep walking Hailey. You didn't hear anything. Just then a hand grabbed my arm, turning me around only to face Dylan or as he calls himself Romeo.

'What do you want?" I asked rudely.

"Meet me at the park in 1 hour for our hang out" He said

"I never agreed to this!" I shouted as he walked off.

"But I did!" He called back.


(45 minutes later)

I didn't dress up a lot. No....wait......not in that sense. I mean I didn't put any effort into my clothes. I just put on my cropped LOVE top and shorts.

I was walking to the park. I was like 15 minutes early. I looked up from my phone to find Dylan standing there. I walked over to him.

"Hi" I said briefly.

"Wow! This is the first time you've been nice to me! I appreciate it!" He joked.

"Well, if you keep acting like that, I suggest you appreciate it!" I snapped back. What am I even doing here? I could have been hanging out with Tom right now!

"Oooh! Feisty, I like it!" Jake said.

"Why did you tell Tom that I was going to hang out with you?" I blurted out.

"B-B-Because I don't trust him" He said scratching the back of his neck nervously.

"Who are you to decide that? Even if he rapes me, which I know he wouldn't even think of doing, it won't be your problem! It will be MINE! Why do you even care so much?" I said angrily. wow! It felt good to get that out.

He looked stunned. This was the first time, I left him speechless. By now, he should have come back with something, anything but he didn't. 


"Who are you to decide that? Even if he rapes me, it won't be your problem! It will be MINE! Why do you even care so much?" she said angrily to me. I tried to open my mouth to say something but I snapped it shut. I just kept quiet.

I just answered her question in my head. I didn't dare to say in out loud, especially with her there. 

It's because I DO care, Hailey. I've never cared about anyone before until you came into my life. I was never close with my parents. All the girls I've slept with was just a distraction. It was just to fill the emptiness inside of me. It kills me to see you with Josh. I wish I could win your heart like any other guy would do but I'm new to this. I'm sorry if I act like a jerk to you. 

I looked at Hailey. Everything about her was so......perfect. Her looks, personality, innocence everything. 

"Let's just go" I said walking in front of her. She hurt me bad. I heard her footsteps behind me quicken. "Dylan, I-I'm sorry if I hurt you or anything. Just please talk. Be your usual jerky self. Just don't give me the silent treatment" she almost begged.

I couldn't help but give out a small chuckle. 

"Come on!" I said smiling and grabbing her hand. This was the first genuine smile I've had in a long time. 

We went to an Italian restaurant. We talked and got to know each other. It was nice doing this. Talking to her without arguing. Hailey was talking about something to me......I zoned out for a bit. I just got lost in her eyes. Shit, I'm turning into one of those sappy book characters. This is bad.

That's when I realised, I'm falling for her. I'm falling for her hard.


Okay guys, I'm trying to do a regular update and making the chapters longish. It's mainly because this Friday, I'm going on holiday and my parents won't let me take my laptop. So you won't get an update for like 3 weeks to 1 month. 

I'll try and make up for it in September, I promise :)

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