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Melissa's changed her mind. She knows who she wants to be with. THe one who she left broken hearted has found another girl and moved on. The Tomlinson family have a baby girl (Hailey) while the Styles family have a baby boy (Jake). Things between the 2 families are still tense and hate each other.

Just saying, it might be a bit boring at the start but believe me, it gets better!


10. 6 months later....

6 months later....


Today's the day. The day that I'm going to get married to the love of my life, Melissa. I stood there in the aisle with my suit on. I haven't seen Melissa yet but I know she's going to look beautiful. Hell, she looks beautiful in anything. Even in her sweats!

My best man, Niall, gave me some encouraging words. I wasn't really listening to him that much though. I was just thinking about the fact that in a few more hours time, Melissa is going to be my wife. Melissa Tomlinson. That name brought a smile to my face.

"Dude? Are you even listening to what I'm saying? You're going to be married to Melissa by the end of today. You can use that time to think all about her." He said, interuppting my thoughts.

"How did you know what I was thinking?" I asked. He's physic.........?

"Well, apart from the fact that you are just about to get married to her, you kinda whispered the name, Melissa Tomlinson to yourself. Eager much?" Niall teased.

Usually, I would have been embarrassed but when it comes to Melissa I didn't. She put a smile on my face just from her name. I felt like showing her off to the world and tell everyone that she is mine.

Just then, the doors opened. Melissa looked so beautiful.

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She walked up to me and smiled.  I leant in and whispered in her ears, "You look so beautiful".

She blushed and looked down at her feet. I loved it when she did that. 

Just then the priest began to talk. We both said our vows. "Do you, Louis Tomlinson, take Melissa to be your lawfully wedded wife?" he asked. I just realised he was the same priest from last time. He must be in a very awkward position now.

"I do" I said, looking into Melissa's eyes.

"And do you Melissa, take Louis Tomlinson, as your lawfully wedded husband?" he asked. I could tell that he looked nervous, considering what happened last time.

"I do" she said.

"I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss-" We cut him off, we both went in early for that kiss. I was waiting hours for that kiss. This was our first kiss together, as husband and wife. 

"I love you." I said.

"I love you too, Lou" she said.


We were getting serious now, me and Lexi. I really like her. Maybe more than Melissa. She is one of those girls whose really pretty but is really nice, sweet, adorable.

I love her. I mean like, in love with her. I really hope she feels the same. I was going to tell her today. I texted her.

From Harry: Hey Lex, meet up with me in my house in 2 hours xxx

She replied quickly

From Lexi: Yeah sure! xxx

(2 hours later)

I heard a knock on the door. Lexi's here. I ran over to open it. Sure enough, she was there.

"Hi, come in!" I said pecking her on the lips. She smiled and went over to sit on my couch. 

"So listen Lex, I'm not good with words so I'm just going to come right out and say it...." I began nervously.

Lexi looked shocked and hurt, "Ar-Are you br-breaking up with me?" she said, on the verge of crying.

"WHAT? NO! Of course not! I was going to say something else!" I said quickly. Well done Harry! You wanted to tell her how much you love her and you gave her the idea that you were breaking up with her.

"Sorry. Go on" She said smiling.

"Uh, I know I have only known you for 6 months and it's not that long. But I love you. As in like I'm IN love with you. I can't imagine anyone else but you with me." I said briefly. I searched her eyes for a response. She didn't say anything.

"Sorry, I don't want to force you or anything...." 

She then replied by pressing her lips onto mine.

" I love you too, Harry" she said.

We continued to kiss. A smile beamed on my face.

We went upstairs to my bedroom and you know what happened next.......



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