Lets Keep It A Secret - A 1D Louis Fanfic [ON HOLD]

[ON HOLD for a while] Louis has a girlfriend named Rachel, but no one knows about them. Not the boys nor the media, Louis and Rachel wanted to keep the relationship to themselves. Who knew that was easier said then done? They try their best to keep it a secret, but almost get busted a couple of times.


15. Until The End Of The Day

Lets Keep It A Secret - 1D Louis Fanfic


Chapter 15 : Until The End Of The Day


Louis POV


The signing yesterday was really fun I still cant get how Rachel looked like out of my head! It was hilarious! Anyways today I was hanging out with Hazza cuz I haven’t really spent time with him lately, and I know he's getting lonely and that he misses me, I can tell cuz I'm  just that awesome of a bestfriend and I can read him like an open book!


***FLASHBACK (what really happened)***


Rachel just went home after we spent some time in my bedroom after she pulled off that awesome and hilarious disguise at the signing. I was now sitting on my bed texting her, when Harry opened the door and peaked his head in.


"Hey Lou? Can I come in?" he asked in a small voice. The voice he uses whenever something was wrong or he had to tell me something bad.. Uh-oh, this shouldn’t be good.


"Uh… sure Haz… what's wrong?" I asked immediately as he came in and sat on my bed beside me.


"Why would you think anything's wrong?" he questioned.


"Because you only use that small voice when somethings wrong, or when you have to tell me something bad." I explained. He looked at me and opened his mouth like he was going to protest, but then had a thoughtful look, shut his mouth, sighed then nodded.


"Yeah I guess I do…" he agreed with a smile. "Ok anyways… I DO have to tell you something." He said.


"Ok… what is it?" I asked him. He took a deep breath and then started talking.


"Well… its just that I-… I miss you Lou. Its been a while since we last hung out. I've been kinda lonely lately, cuz I miss my best friend. Can we PLEASE do something soon, like tomorrow or something, I really miss you." He said whilst looking down, not wanting to make eye contact with me.


"Sure haz. We can hang out tomorrow. Sorry I don’t spend that much time with you anymore, its just that I've been pretty busy lately. I promise I'll spend more time with you. I love you haz." I opened my arms silently saying I wanted a hug from him.


"Love you too Boo!" And he attacked me in a hug. (A/n Just in case your confused with the 'I love you' they mean in a brotherly way. Not in a Larry Stylinson romantic way. But I do love Larry! <3)



OK… well maybe he told me because I didn’t notice at all… but either way were hanging out today.

Harry and I decided that we would first go to the arcade and win as much prizes as we can. Then head to Starbucks and the person with the least amount of prizes will pay. And lastly we're going to the movie theatre to watch 'Grown Ups 2' because we hear its hilarious. Right now I was in my room getting dressed for the day. I was only in my underwear right now and I was about to grab my trousers to put them on when all of a sudden the door opened and in walked Harry.


"Hey Lou are you-" he cut off and his eyes grew wide and his cheeks started turning red upon seeing me. He immediately covered his eyes with his hand and turned around.


"GEESH HARRY!! DON’T YOU EVER KNOCK??!!" I exclaimed as I scrambled to cover myself with my trousers that I was holding.


"S-sorry. I kinda forgot." He stuttered.


"You think?!" I put on my trousers then threw on my shirt fast. "Ok, I'm  decent now, you can look." I told him. He turned around then slowly removed his hand from his one eye, making sure I really was decent before he took his hand off his eyes.


"So… are you ready to go?" he asked me. I glared at him and he gave me a sheepish smile.


"Yes. NOW I'm  ready to go." I told him. We went out to my car and he hopped into the front seat while I walked over to the drivers side. We drove over to the arcade.


***After The Arcade***


"HAHA! I WON! You have to pay for the movie AND Starbucks!" Harry cheered. He got 3 stuffed animals, 2 pens, 5 small toy soldiers, and ironically a pack of One Direction tattoos. I think the girl giving the prizes almost fainted seeing us, I was about ready to catch her.


"Yeah well the only reason you got more prizes than me was because you stole some of my arcade tokens! I would've won if you didn’t steal any tokens from me!" I shot back. It was true I would've won if he didn’t steal some of my coins. I got 3 toy soldiers, 2 plushie carrots, 4 bouncy balls and also a pack of One Direction tattoos. He ONLY beat me by 1! I don’t know why he's celebrating, and plus he also cheated!


"Yeah but I still won!" he celebrated.


"But you cheated! And you only beat me by 1 BECAUSE you cheated!!" I argued.


"Aww… is wittwe (little) boobeaw (boobear) a sowe (sore) losew (loser)?" Harry mocked. With a puppy dog face while using a baby voice.


"Am not!! I'm  just saying you didn’t win fair and square." It was kinda true. I didn’t like losing. But seriously, who does?!


"Whatever! Your still paying though!" he said then stuck is tongue out at me. I gave him a glare and he chuckled. He knows I hate losing. We went back to our car and drove over to Starbucks.

**At Starbucks**


We entered the Starbucks ( the same one that Rachel and I met up at, after my gig) and Harry walked over to the seat he wanted while I walked over to the counter to order our drinks. Since I already know what he'll like. Once I got to the counter, there was no one there, so I ringed the little bell by the cash register to let them know that I needed someone. I heard the girl by the drive through window let out a frustrated sigh, and then turn around with an annoyed look on her face. But when she saw me, her face lit up and I even saw her push her b**bs up, fix her hair and apply a little makeup before she came strutting over to me. Ugh!! Seriously isn’t there any workers here who wont flirt with their costumers? Last time Rachelle was the target and now I am. Once she was in front of me, she leaned over making sure I got an eyeful of her chest.


"Hey cutie, what can I get you?" she asked me. She had a hint of a southern accent.


"Umm… I'll have one Grande (Translation: Medium) Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino (Harry's favourite) and one Tall (Translation: Small) Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino (My Fave)." (A/N that actually really is my fave! Its like heaven in your mouth!) she typed in my order.


"Sure sweet cheeks, coming right up." She said with a wink, and overly swayed her hips as she walked away from me. Wow… Is all I have to say to that. (and that’s not a 'wow' in a good way.) I walked back to our booth and sat there until our drinks came, I was NOT going to wait there while that girl was over there.


"Lou, what's wrong with you? It looks like you've just witnessed a murder or something." Harry asked amused, looking like he was holding back laughter.


"You saw the whole thing didn’t you?" I asked him with a glare. Once he saw me glaring at him, he totally lost it, and just burst into laughter. Once he sobered up, he finally answered.


"Yes I did and so did all of twitter, youtube and facebook." He laughed. WHAT??!! He posted that on the internet?? Ugh… I'm  so straightening his hair when he's asleep. (A/N all directioners will get that! :P)


"Lets see who's laughing when someone's hair gets straightened when their asleep." I told him with an evil smirk. He immediately stopped laughing, and looked at me with a horrified expression.


"You wouldn’t?!" he asked horrified like I just murdered a puppy. I just smiled at him evilly, and his hands went up to his hair on instinct, as if he were protecting it. We were interrupted when the flirty girl came up to us and handed us our drinks. Hmm… that’s funny, I thought we went up to the counter and got our drinks, not someone bringing it to our table.


"Here are your drinks!" she announced as she set down the two drinks at the table. Harry and I said our thanks. And before she left, she turned to me, winked and mouthed 'call me.' And with that she was off.


"Wow Lou… you've definitely got an admirer." Harry commented. He looked at his drink, and was about to take a sip when he stopped and looked at the cup, then burst into laughter. I looked at him questioningly. He just handed me the cup, apparently unable to speak because he was laughing so much. I took the cup from him and looked at it. The flirty girl apparently wrote something on it. It said: "hey cutie, call me (phone number), P.S. you have a great a$$ when you walk away. ;)" Oh. My. Gosh. I don’t know what to say to that. Harry just kept on laughing, apparently forgetting about my threat.


"One more laugh about this curly, and you WONT be called curly anymore." I threatened with a glare. That immediately shut him up. We continued sipping on our drinks, that is until Zayn and Niall walked in, saw us and welcomed themselves to join us. (without any permission, might I add.) they sat down at our booth, forcefully scootching us over so that there was room for them to sit down.


"Please, take a seat and join us." I told them sarcastically. But they apparently don’t know the difference between an invitation and sarcasm, they actually took it as an invitation.


"Thanks Lou!" Niall thanked me cheerfully. I rolled me eyes at him. Harry set down his cup after taking a drink, Niall and Zayn glanced at the cup, then both looked like they were trying to hold back laughter.


"So Harry, who's your special admirer?" they asked both with big smiles on their faces, trying to hide the fact that they really wanted to laugh. Harry looked confused, but then glanced at his cup. A smile started to spread across his face, he was about to laugh, I could tell, but I shot him a glare and he stopped. He cleared his throat to compose himself from trying to laugh.


"Uhm… (clears throat) actually its Louis' admirer… (makes sound that sounds like he's trying not to laugh)" once Harry explained, Niall and Zayn burst into a fit of laugher. Harry not being able to hold his laughter anymore, joined them. I was annoyed and fuming that I took out my phone and wrote reminder to myself. REMINDER: 'hide all food from Niall, throw away all Zayn's hair products and straighten Harry's hair tonight.' An evil smile spread across my face as I looked at what I planned to do. When I looked up, they were all still laughing. I groaned annoyed, put my phone on the table, then I got up to go to the washroom to get away from them.


Harry's POV


Once we finished laughing our a$$e$ of we realized Louis was gone.


"Hey… where did Lou go?" Niall asked. We looked around the Starbucks and he wasn’t anywhere to be found. I shrugged.


"Eh.. probably went to the washroom or something." I said. I sipped my drink, while Niall and Zayn talked about something that had to do with football (soccer). But stopped when we heard Louis' phone ring. We all looked at each other unsure of what to do, but then an evil smile spread across Zayn's face and I knew he was going to answer it. He put it on speaker phone and answered it with a simple 'hello', but he answered it copying Louis' voice which actually sounded convincing.


"Hey!" a girl answered, we thought it was a fan at first, that is until what she said surprised us all.


"So babe I was wondering if you wanted to go somewhere after your gig on Sunday. We can even bring Liam along cuz he's the only one of the boys who know about us. I was thinking we could maybe, like go mini golfing or maybe touring around London on that double decker bus like on our date last time. Oh by the way thank you so much for sleeping with me when I had nightmares, hope you didn’t get in much trouble with the boys. So… what do you think? Are you up for it? I'm  going to call Liam after you to let him know." She concluded. Niall, Zayn and I stared at each other wide eyed, with disbelief clearly shown on our faces. Louis has a secret girlfriend and he never mentioned it to us? Well to Zayn, Niall and I anyways, but he mentioned it to Liam?? This is unbelievable! I cant believe he kept a secret like this from us! I thought brothers never lied to each other?! And he promised he wasn’t keeping anything from us!


"Um… Lou? Are you still there?" the girl asked. I realised we still didn’t answer her, we were too in shock to reply. I glanced at Zayn and he was still staring at the phone like it was some kind of mythical creature.


"Uh… Lou if it isn’t a good time we can-" but she didn’t get to finish because Zayn immediately ended the call.


"He… he has a girlfriend?" Niall asked, disbelief evident in his voice.


"Why didn’t he tell us?" Zayn asked, growing angry. He didn’t like it when people kept secrets, especially from him.


"I- I don’t know." I said, still staring at the phone, I cant seem to peel my eyes off it.


"Should we tell him that we know?" Niall suggested. That seemed to grab my attention. I immediately pulled my eyes away from the phone and looked at Niall and Zayn intently.


"NO. We are absolutely NOT telling him that we know." I sternly told them.


"But Harry. Why not?" Zayn questioned, confused.


"Because I want to see if HE would tell US. Not US finding out because we picked up his phone. Brothers don’t keep secrets from brothers." I told them, and they seemed to get the hint because they both had sad eyes. They knew that if Louis did tell us, that meant he was our true friend and that we could always trust him. And if not… well, were going to have some friendship and trust issues, and Louis' gonna get an earful from us. The moment after I said that Louis came back and joined us at the table.


"I see your done laughing at me, are you? So what did I miss?" he asked as he took a seat beside me.


"Uh…Nothing Lou. We were just talking about…Girlfriends." I said casually, but once I said 'girlfriends', Niall and Zayn looked at me with wide eyes, as if I told him we were planning to rob a bank. Ugh… these boys are WAY too obvious. Louis looked at me, and then at Zayn and Niall with confusion in his eyes, and… was that a bit of nervousness and fear?


"Alright, so why are you guys talking about girlfriends?" he asked, his voice giving away that he was kind of nervous by the way his tone went up a pitch.


"Well, Zayn has a girlfriend, Perrie. And Niall and I are still searching for our special ladies. Liam has Danielle. (A/N I know they broke up and Liam is dating Sophia now, but I really loved Payzer and I just wanted to remember them again. So in this fanfic Liam has Danielle.) we were just wondering are you single or taken?" I asked, probably being WAY too obvious, but I didn’t care. I wanted to know if I could trust my best mate.


"Um…" Louis stopped and took a gulp. Which was fairly audible. If he's nervous he'll start stuttering. "I-I, Um…" and there goes his nervous stutter.


"What's wrong Louis?" Zayn pushed. But before Louis could answer, his phone rang, he let out a sigh of relief and glanced at the collar ID. His face lit up as he saw who was calling. Hmm… wonder who it is?


"Sorry boys, gotta take this." He said, grinning from ear to ear.


"Who is it?" Niall asked.


"Ermm… its Liam. Be right back." He stood up from the table and exited the Starbucks.


"Yeah right. Cuz I would smile that wide and be that happy if it were Liam calling me." Niall snorted. His sentence full of sarcasm. Zayn and I chuckled as we watched Louis stand in front of our table, as he was talking to 'Liam' on the outside. Niall and I pressed our ears to the glass to try and listen in on his conversation. Louis' back was turned to us so he couldn’t see what we were doing.


"Aww! No fair! You get to listen but I cant!" Zayn complained. Niall and I both shushed him at the same time. We tried in vain to listen, but the glass was too thick to hear that much. I only caught the words 'babe', 'Liam', 'hang out', and 'love you'. It sounded like he was talking to his girlfriend again.


"Hazza do you hear anything? Cuz I cant." Niall said. I nodded and took my ear off the glass and sat normally again because Louis just ended the call.


"He was talking to his girlfriend again. I don’t think he'd call Liam 'babe' and tell him 'love you'" I chuckled. Putting air quotes around 'babe' and 'love you'. They both laughed.


"Haha! If he did, this secret relationship thing would be a completely different story." Zayn commented. Louis walked back in, but he didn’t sit down.


"Haz we gotta get to our movie now, other wise we'll be late. Boys you wanna come?" Zayn and Niall looked at each other, then shrugged, meaning 'what else do we have to do?' and followed us to the movie theatre. I'm  giving Louis till the end of this day to tell us, if he doesn’t tell us once the sun goes down, then we'll have our answer and then we'll tell him that we know.



A/N hope you like this chapter! I'm  SO SORRY for not updating in a while! I've been so very busy, and I haven’t had that much free time. I'll try and post more regularly and try and get my schedule straight and make some writing time. So… do you think Louis will stay true to his bestfriends and tell them, or will he keep it a secret? Please like, fan, favourite and COMMENT! Thanks guys! :D



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