Lets Keep It A Secret - A 1D Louis Fanfic [ON HOLD]

[ON HOLD for a while] Louis has a girlfriend named Rachel, but no one knows about them. Not the boys nor the media, Louis and Rachel wanted to keep the relationship to themselves. Who knew that was easier said then done? They try their best to keep it a secret, but almost get busted a couple of times.


14. Surprise At The Signing

Lets Keep It A Secret - A 1D Louis Fanfic


Chapter 14: Surprise at the Signing


Rachel's POV


Today was the day of the signing at Layn mall, and I still had the wristband that I stole yesterday from Liam. Speaking of Liam, well… he know knows about Louis' and I's relationship now. Louis was struggling so much yesterday, trying to come up with a lie to cover our relationship, but he couldn’t even get a word out without stuttering. I didn’t like seeing Louis in distress, so I just told Liam. I came clean. He was in a bit of a shock, but he got over it. And now I'm happy that at least we don’t have to keep this relationship a secret from one boy of One Direction, and now he could probably help us when the other boys come close to finding out about Louis and I.


Anyways… Right now I was in my room getting ready for the signing which started in an hour. I was making myself look like a TOTAL directioner, which I know would definitely make Louis, and maybe Liam laugh. And when I say TOTAL directioner, I mean TOTAL directioner, as in head to toe in 1D. I wore 1D onesie, sunglasses, bag (with the 1D pins on it), necklace, earrings, and everything else One Direction. I put my hair up into a high ponytail, wearing my One Direction snapback on my head. Then applied natural makeup (mascara, eyeliner, little foundation and blush, and a bit of eye shadow) oh! And I also added One Direction tattoos onto my face, and put on 1D fake nails. Oh my gosh! I'm  going to look like 1D's number one fan! This is totally going to be a laugh. By the time I was done preparing, I looked at my watch and realised it was already 4:40, the signing started at 5. I grabbed my wristband and my 1D bag and headed for the mall.


When I got there, the whole parking lot was packed. It would take me forever to find a spot! But luckily, there was a plaza right across the mall that surprisingly didn’t have any people parked there (you would have thought that some people would have been smart to park there instead of waiting forever to find a parking spot here, and instead walk to the mall, but guess not!) so I just parked there and walked to the mall, like a smart person would have done, instead of waiting forever to find a parking spot at the mall. Once I was in the mall, there was LOTS of people. There was a lot of people that I was actually feeling claustrophobic, which is weird because I'm  NOT claustrophobic! People were pushing and shoving to get to wherever they needed to go, and there was long line in the middle of the mall leading to a table that had 1D as the background. Ugh! This is where I'm  going to have to wait?! In this line that literally seemed 3 hours long?! Whatever… I'm  here to surprise my boyfriend, so if this was the price I was going to have to pay, then so be it. I walked to the end of the line and waited for the signing to begin. I took out my phone and looked at my messages. I got a 3 messages from Louis.





ugh!! Liam wont stop harassing me about our relationship! Your fault for telling him, I could have totally handled it!



We have a signing today, sorry I cant hang out! Wish you were here though… :( but I promise I'll be 'thinking of you'! :D

-Love, your boobear, Louis.


Awe! That’s so sweet. He referred to Katy Perry's song 'Thinking of You' in the last text. Its his and I's favourite song by Katy Perry, we always listened to that song. And he said he wished I was there, little did he know that, that wish was actually about to come true. I was starting to wonder when this thing was about to start, but got that answer when teenage girls all of a sudden started screaming like crazy. I tiptoed to look past the long line in front of me, to look at the table, and saw that the boys were entering and waving. The security guards finally let girls enter and have the boys sign whatever they had, so the line started moving a bit.


Finally! After I don’t know how long, probably 2 hours or so, I was almost to the boys table. I was by the security guard that was checking for wristbands before he let you near the table. The big bulky and scary security guy approached me.


"Wristband miss?" he asked in a flat tone. I showed him my wrist and he scanned the wristband with the scanner, then let me through to the guys table. The first boy that sat at the start of the table was Harry, then Louis, Liam, Zayn and then Niall. I approached Harry, pretending to fangirl a bit. He looked up at me, and I saw his eyes light up. Looks like Harry's getting his flirt on.


"Hello love! What's the name of a pretty lady like you?" he asked me with a wink. Wow… he's really flirty.


"Harry stop flirting with every girl that walks in here." Louis said with his head down still signing a paper.


"But Lou… this ones REALLY hot." Harry whispered (not so quietly) into Louis' ear. I blushed slightly at his words. He thinks I'm  'REALLY' hot.


"My names Rachel!" I told him cheerily. Louis literally froze, and he dropped his pen. He slowly looked up and looked at me. His eyes went wide upon seeing my face. Then he scanned what I was wearing and nearly burst into laughter, but he held it in. He was trying so hard to hold it in, but I guess he couldn’t anymore because he just burst into laughter.


"Hahahaha!! What your wearing! Hahaha!!" he laughed. I giggled along too.


"Lou! Don’t be mean! Everyone has their own sense of style." Liam scolded him, still looking at the paper he was signing.


"You look lovely in what your-" Liam said as he was signing, then stopped when he looked up at me. His face showed amusement as well, and he joined Louis in his laughing fit. I looked at Harry and saw that he was full on staring at me. My cheeks turned red, and he snapped out of the stare he was giving me. Then he looked at Liam and Louis and hit them both on the head.


"You guys! Your embarrassing this poor girl! She's obviously a true directioner! Let her be!" Harry defended me. Hearing what Harry said just made Louis and Liam laugh even harder. I rolled my eyes at them. "Just ignore them love, they obviously had too much Red Bull this morning." He told me. I nodded and handed him my paper. Harry signed it then he passed it to a still laughing Louis, who then passed it to Liam who was laughing so hard that he had tears in his eyes. Then passed it to Zayn and Niall who looked at them like they were psychos. Niall passed me back my paper, he gave me a hug and a warm smile. Before I left I heard Louis call out.


"Nice outfit!" then he burst into laughter all over again. Along with Liam. Mission accomplished! I made them laugh! After the singing, I decided to head over to the boys' flat instead of staying at my boring flat. I sneaked up the fire escape and went into Louis' room. I sat on his bed and waited for him to come home.


About an hour later, I was lying on Louis' bed underneath the covers. Fully underneath, so that if someone went into the room, they wouldn’t see me. I heard the flats main door open, followed by footsteps and chatter. Then Louis' door opened.


"Oh my gosh Liam! What Rachel did was hilarious! You gotta love my girlfriend." Louis laughed.


"I know! That one is definitely a keeper. I couldn’t stop laughing!" Liam agreed, laughing along. A huge smile spread across my face, and I giggled in my head. Glad to know they enjoyed it!


"Haha! See you later for dinner. I'm  going to get some relaxation and I'm  also going to text Rachel." Louis announced.


"K, see you then. Oh! And tell Rachel 'I say hi and well done.'"


"Will do!" then the door closed. I heard shuffling, and soon the bed dipped and Louis' almost naked body (except for the boxers) was right beside me under the covers. Not that I was complaining, I could stare at his body all day! He was facing me, so I can surprise him like this. First I took a peek above the covers, and saw that his eyes were closed, probably close to sleep. So I decided instead of actually scaring him (screaming and all) I'll just subtly scare him. So I shifted so I was really close to him, and lined my face up with his, then I moved my face closer to his so that we were only about an inch apart.


"Boo." I said quietly, in a creepy voice. Louis eyes shot open and when he saw me he screamed a quite girly scream. He backed away quite a little too far, and ended up falling onto the floor. I couldn’t help but burst into laughter, but so that the other boys wouldn’t hear me, I muffled my laughter with a pillow. Louis got off the floor and looked at me bewildered.


"WHAT THE F-" but stopped when he saw it was me. "RACHEL?!" he whisper screamed. I shushed him, so that the other boys wouldn’t hear. Footsteps approached Louis' room and soon someone knocked on the door.


"Lou? You alright?" it sounded like Harry who asked.


"Yeah, I'm  fine, just saw a… a spider!" he responded. I did a face palm and gave Louis a 'are you kidding me' look. He gave me a shrug of a shoulder, followed by a silent "what?". I just shook my head and rolled my eyes.


"Oh… um… alright then." Harry responded, like he didn’t know what to say about that. We heard the footsteps slowly fade away until they no longer could be heard. Louis approached the bed and went into the covers beside me.


"Gosh Rachel! You scared the sh*t out of me!" Louis exclaimed. "How long have you been under there? And how in the world did I not see you there?" he asked.


"One, I went straight here after the singing, so I've been here for about an hour, just chilling on your bed. And two, because your as blind as a bat." I told him. He rolled his eyes and chuckled as if remembering something. Probably the signing.


"Oh yeah, and about the signing. That was comedy gold. I gotta give you props on that one!" he congratulated me.


"Why thank you! It’s the idea's I get for being Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend!" I giggled.


"Haha! Yes, definitely." He smiled.


A/N so… did you guys like this chapter? I wanted to add a funny chapter, with no 'close calls'. Haven’t done that in a while. Please like, favourite and fan. And comment, I feel like im not getting much comments. :( also i wont be posting on Fridays anymore. I've been getting very buys with school, so i'll post when i can post. sorry for any inconvenience! Thanks for reading! 



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