Lets Keep It A Secret - A 1D Louis Fanfic [ON HOLD]

[ON HOLD for a while] Louis has a girlfriend named Rachel, but no one knows about them. Not the boys nor the media, Louis and Rachel wanted to keep the relationship to themselves. Who knew that was easier said then done? They try their best to keep it a secret, but almost get busted a couple of times.


11. Stay Hidden

Lets Keep It A Secret- A 1D Louis Fanfic


Chapter- 11: Stay Hidden



"Hey Lou, can we come in? We gotta talk about band practice now." Liam spoke from the other side of the door. Rachel immediately pulled away at the sound of his voice. Her eyes were wide, and she mouthed to me, 'where should I hide?'. We jumped off the bed, and scrambled to find a hiding place for Rachel.


"Ok, were coming in Lou." Harry announced. Rachel and I panicked and searched harder to find a hiding place. I heard the door handle turn, then click open, and soon the door was inching open. I turned around and faced the boys at the door way.


"Oh, Hi." I greeted them flustered.



Louis POV:


"Uh… Hey Lou, are you ok? You look flustered." Zayn commented. They don’t look surprised or shock, like they would if they saw a girl in my room. I did a quick scan of my room, and noticed Rachel was no where to be seen. Where did my sneaky beauty hide? I breathed a quiet sigh of relief, making sure they didn’t hear me, because then they would really know something was up. I faced them again and smiled, shaking my head.


"Nope I'm  fine. So what are you boys exactly doing in my doorway?" I asked them, wanting to get this over with. They absentmindedly looked around at the door way they were standing in, then took a step into my room, and scattered about. I tensed up, what if they found where Rachel was hiding? I didn’t know myself where she could be hiding, so I wouldn’t be able to steer them clear of her hiding spot. Harry and Niall sat on my bed, while Zayn and Liam stood in front of me.


"Ok, so first lets talk about the events that will happen this week. Right now its Thursday, and tomorrow were having a CD signing at a nearby mall. Layn Mall, like I said yesterday, before Louis here decided to sneak out to 'Jog'" Liam put air quotes around 'jog' guess he still didn’t believe my little lie. I just rolled my eyes and brushed it off. Liam held up a printed schedule that stated what was going to happen for this week and next week. Apparently tomorrow, we have a CD signing at the mall. On Sunday we have a concert at a nearby arena. On Tuesday we have meetings with fans. Then on Friday we have an interview. And next Saturday and Sunday, we have 2 other concerts, one on each day. While Liam kept going on and on about band schedule, the other boys started getting bored, so to preoccupy themselves, they looked around my room, as if they were inspecting it. I got uneasy, not bothering to listen to whatever Liam was talking about, and instead focused on what the other boys were doing. Thankfully Niall and Harry just stayed on the bed, but were still looking around my room. But unfortunately, Zayn left Liam's side and started wondering around my room, looking at everything and inspecting my furniture. I grew even more uneasy, what if he found where Rachel was hiding? I would be in such deep trouble, and they would start interrogating me on who she was and what she was doing here, and blah blah blah. And I really didn’t feel like being interrogated right now.

I looked around my room, trying to find where Rachel could be hiding without the boys finding out. I considered the possible spots she could be hiding. There was my closet, my small cabinet, my washroom and underneath my bed. My eyes wandered to each hiding spot I considered. Not the washroom because the door was left open. The closet was too crammed for Rachel to be in there (I've got LOTS of clothes, I really like clothes, fashion and shopping. Girly I know, but guys can like those things too! There's no rule stating only girls can like that.) and my small cabinet was filled my different things that I'm  sure I've already forgotten about. So that only left one option, under my bed. My eyes drifted to look under the bed, and that’s when I saw the 2 beautiful eyes staring at me. She looked kind of scared, but also amused that we were pulling this off. When we came in eye contact, she flashed me her brilliant smile. Despite the situation we were in, I felt myself ease up seeing her beautiful smile, and I gave her a half smile back, not wanting to be too obvious in front of the boys. She put her index finger to her lips and formed her lips to give a silent shush. I found myself wanting to kiss those lips again, feel her warm lips on mine, as we kissed in sync… I was daydreaming. And I was only snapped back to reality by Liam hitting me on the head with the schedule.


"Oi! What was that for?" I asked Liam, rubbing my head.


"You were daydreaming and wasn’t paying attention to what I was saying." He explained. I groaned. Ugh! Cant he just finish so that I can get back to my beautiful girlfriend? So that we could possible continue what they interrupted. (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) ;D I focused back on him. And he continued to talk about band schedule again. But I didn’t listen, I found my thoughts wondering back to Rachel. She was still under the bed, she was on her belly, both hands holding her head up. Her face was at the foot of the bed, where Niall and Harry was seated, and their legs swinging in front of Rachel. She watched Harry's legs swing, her head and eyes following the movement of his legs. She looked like a cat that was watching a ball of yarn swing back and forth, waiting to pounce on it. She looked really funny, I must admit. I couldn’t help but suppress a chuckle. Liam stopped talking and looked at me with a questioning look.


"What's so funny Lou?" he asked, an eyebrow raised and arched. I shook my head and motioned for him to continue. He shrugged, shook his head, and continued whatever he was talking about. But I just stared at Rachel, she must have heard me chuckle, because she looked up at me through her long lashes and smiled at me, letting out a small giggle. I heard it, but it seems like the other boys were deaf, because it didn’t seem like they heard a thing.


Harry apparently got really bored that he started slightly jumping on the mattress. The squeaks of the mattress could be heard, and the mattress would bounce, hitting Rachel on the head. Rachel looked up at the mattress annoyed, and she started lightly hitting it with her hand so that it wouldn’t touch her head. I wanted to so badly laugh at her, because the sight was really funny. But I new better, so I just covered my hand over my mouth, holding in my laughter. Rachel looked really annoyed, and she looked at me, mouthing 'Who is bouncing?'. I smiled widely, trying to hold in my laughter, I mouthed back, 'Harry.' She let out a silent groan, not that you could hear it, but it showed on her face.


"Hey Lou? Lou!" Liam tried getting my attention by waving his hand in front of my face. I snapped out of staring at Rachel and focused back on him.


"Hmm? Sorry what was that?" I asked. He groaned and shook his head.

"Lou! You weren’t even paying attention to what I was saying!" he sighed annoyed.


"Uh… yes I was."


"Then what was I talking about?" he asked, looking pissed and annoyed. I couldn’t answer because I really wasn’t paying attention to him.


"Well… um…" I trailed off, not really knowing an answer. He sighed frustrated.


"See you don’t even know what I was talking about. What are you so distracted by? Your smiling like your staring at the love of your life or something!" I could see from the corner of my eyes that what Liam said caught her attention, and she stared intently at me.


"Um… so you were saying Li?" I asked dodging his question and trying to move on and change the subject. Liam sighed, REALLY annoyed, and he was going to continue, that is until what Zayn said had me freeze.


"Louis? Did you happen to see my varsity jacket in here? Cuz I cant find it, I think I shoved it underneath your bed the last time I came in here." He said, whilst walking over to my bed and getting ready to kneel and look underneath my bed. I dashed for him and knocked him over before he had the chance to glance underneath my bed. And now he was on the ground on his back, with me on top of him. He looked at me like I was a psycho. Which is probably what the boys think of me now.


"S-sorry, its just that, underneath my bed is really messy and I don’t want you looking underneath there. ANY of you." I told them. They nodded with wide eyes, each of them slightly moving away from me, as if I was a serial killer or something. I got off Zayn, and helped him up. Then I pulled Harry and Niall off the bed, and gathered all the boys, then literally shoved them out the door. Before they had a chance to speak or protest, I shut the door in their faces. I pressed my back to the door and breathed deeply, calming myself down. I was panicking! That’s the only reason I actually shoved them out the door! I heard footsteps fade away and knew they left. As soon as the footsteps couldn’t be heard any more, Rachel burst out laughing and slid out from underneath the bed. In her hands were Zayn's varsity jacket. Huh, he wasn’t kidding, it WAS underneath my bed.


"Haha! Oh, my, gosh, Lou! You were hilarious! Hahahahaha! Did you see Zayn's face when you were on top of him on the ground?! Priceless! Hahahahaha!" Rachel kept laughing. I have to admit I did act funny, and the reactions of the boys were hilarious. So I laughed along with her.



A/N wazzup?! Hope you like this chapter! It was kinda rushed since I wrote this last minute because I didn’t have time for writing all week! I was SO busy! I didn’t even think I was going to be able to write a chapter this week, but I did! PLEASE LIKE, FAVOURITE, FAN AND COMMENT!! I'll be posting next Friday! :D



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