Lets Keep It A Secret - A 1D Louis Fanfic [ON HOLD]

[ON HOLD for a while] Louis has a girlfriend named Rachel, but no one knows about them. Not the boys nor the media, Louis and Rachel wanted to keep the relationship to themselves. Who knew that was easier said then done? They try their best to keep it a secret, but almost get busted a couple of times.


13. Liam Questions The Lies

 Lets Keep It A Secret - A 1D Louis Fanfic


Chapter - 13: Liam Questions The Lies


Liam's POV


After the meeting with the boys with Louis acting all strange and shoving us out the door. I headed to Starbucks to sit down and have a drink to clear my mind. When I finished my drink I decided to head home and relax in my room.


I walked in my room, and removed my trousers as well as my shirt, leaving me only in my boxers. Ugh! Harry's rubbing off of me. I thought as I climbed onto the bed. I turned on the TV, and selected a channel that was playing Toy Story. Don’t judge! I may be 19 years old, practically an adult, but I'm  still a kid at heart. Buzz and Woody appeared on the screen, and I smiled to myself, I REALLY love this movie. The movie continued on playing, and my eyes started to droop. I felt tired, I could really use a nap, but I want to finish this movie, so I willed my eyes open. I kept drifting in and out of sleep, and finally I just gave up and closed my eyes, about to start dreaming, until… BAM! The door burst open and in came Louis. I immediately leaped out of the bed in a startle. What the heck is he doing in here?!


"Louis!! What the heck! You scared me to death!" I exclaimed, clutching my chest to slow my fast beating heart. I swear one day Louis will cause me a real heart attack, and he'll be the cause of my death.


"Sorry mate, its just that, ermm…." Louis trailed off, it looked like he was thinking of something to say.


"Yes?" I asked, getting impatient and urging him to spit out whatever he came here for. I was getting annoyed, and he still wouldn’t say anything. Louis stared at something on the ground, his eyes grew wide and he looked shocked. What is he staring at? All I had on the floor was my pile of clothes.

"What are you looking at Louis?" I asked him. I turned around to look at what he was staring at, but all I saw was my trousers and shirt on the floor. I started walking towards the spot he was staring at, to inspect whatever he was looking at. I kneeled down to peak underneath my bed, if there was anything there. But before I could take a peak, someone jumped on me, and the next thing I know, I'm on my back, on the ground, with Louis on top of me. This kid is really weird.


"Louis! What the heck mate?!" I asked him, getting even more annoyed.


"Um… I need help with the washing machine. Its broken and making weird sounds." He told me in a rush. I looked at him questioningly, that’s weird, I used that washing machine yesterday and it was completely fine.


"What? But I just used it yesterday and it was fine." I told him. He was acting weird and he looked nervous about something.


"Yeah, well, its broken today. So go check it out." He said. He got off me, and pulled me off the floor, then he started pushing me out the door towards the laundry room. He pulled me by my arm down the hallway, until we were in front of the laundry room.


"Louis are you sure its broken? Because I used it yesterday and it was perfectly fine." I clarified with him, because it was weird for something to work fine a day, then be broken the next. He didn’t respond, he looked deep in thought about something, and an evil smile suddenly crept on his face. I didn’t like where this was going, Louis was planning something evil. And then the next thing I know, Louis' opened the laundry room door and shoved me in there. "HEY! LOUIS!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!" I protested, but he didn’t answer, he just slammed the door in my face. I tried twisting the doorknob, but it wouldn’t budge. That b@st@rd just locked me in the laundry room! Ugh!! I'm so going to kill him! I started banging on the door, I know it wouldn’t make him open the door, but whatever, I just want to try and get out of here. Maybe he'll get so annoyed of my banging that he'll open the door. "LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON!! LET ME OUT THIS INSTANT!!" screamed, hoping he'll listen, or maybe one of the other boys will hear me and let me out. I didn’t get any respond, so he probably left. Ugh!! Why does he have to lock me in the laundry room, and why has he been acting so strange? Was he trying to hide something from us? But he always tells us everything. I started banging my forehead on the door, trying to pass the time and think of why Louis' been acting like this. I don’t know how long I've been banging my forehead on the door, but all I knew was that my forehead was starting to hurt. I was going to bang my head on the door again, but when I went to bang my head on it, it suddenly vanished and wasn’t there, so instead I fell face first onto the floor. And let me tell you, it really hurt. I heard someone burst into laughter, and realised it was Louis. Oh, he's going to get it now. I stood up and dusted myself off, then gave him the most intense death glare I could manage. I was fuming right now.


"UGGHHH!! LOUIS!! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!" I exclaimed then lunged for him. He stopped laughing, and now he looked kind of frightened. I scoffed in my head, good, he knows I can hurt him if I wanted to. He jumped back when I lunged for him, making me miss him by a centimetre. He sprinted for his room, and I followed him. I was hot on his heels, I was about to grab him, but a door slammed in my face. Ugh! He was already in his room. I was SO CLOSE to getting him!


"LOUIS TOMLINSON OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW!!" I angrily screamed, I was SO angry right now. The other boys must have heard, because their doors opened and their heads peaked out. Oh so they hear that, but not when I was banging on the laundry room door.


"Liam? Why are you screaming? What's going on?" Niall question, his eyebrows raised in confusion. I sighed frustrated.


"Louis locked me in the laundry room, and now I'm  trying to kill him, nothing special." I said like it was no big deal. The boys eyes grew wide, and they look at me baffled.


"So… Louis locked you in the laundry room and now your trying to kill him, and your saying its 'no big deal' ?" Zayn asked his hands forming air quotes around 'no big deal'.  I groaned even more annoyed now.


"Yes, Zayn" I told him coldly. I know I shouldn’t be mad at them, but I was fuming right now, and they were making me more annoyed.


"Ok, Ok, geesh. Don’t get your panties in a twist." Harry said, putting his hands up in surrender, and chuckling. I groaned and glared at him. I focused back on Louis' door, and decided to listen in on whatever he was doing in there. I heard something I wasn’t supposed to hear in Louis' room, it was a female voice. She said "Wow, you really made him mad." And Louis responded with "Haha! Yeah. You should have seen how he fell out of the room, priceless" then he started laughing. I had a big urge to strangle him right now, but my mind was mostly curios on the female voice I heard. There was a girl in his room? And he didn’t tell us?


"Louis? Who are you talking to, and who was that female voice I hear?" I asked through the door. The other boys looked at me questioningly. "I hear a girl in his room." I told them. There eyes grew wide, and their mouths fell agape. They stepped out of their rooms to join me in front of Louis' bedroom door. They pressed their ears to the door, same as me, to listen inside Louis' room. There was shuffling in the room, then his door opened, and the boys and I stepped back.


"You know, its wrong to eavesdrop." Louis scolded us. I rolled my eyes.


"Sorry, Liam said he heard a girl in your room, so we wanted to hear for ourselves." Niall apologised sheepishly. Louis shook his head, no.


"Liam heard wrong, there's no girl in my room. It was just my TV." Louis said, and motioned to his TV that was on a girls gossip show. I listened to the girl talking, and it sounded nothing like the girl I heard talking when I was outside Louis' room. I cant believe he was lying to our faces. My jaw tightened, and my lip was set in a hard line. I was mad right now, and I think Louis noticed because a glint of fear flashed in his eyes, and he stepped back a bit.


"Oh, ok. Clearly Liam was mistaken, sorry Lou. We'll go now." Harry said, and he retreated back into his room, so did the other boys. Louis looked at me, slightly scared.


"I cant believe you just lied to our faces." I told him, my voice full of anger, and a hint of betrayal.


"Liam, I don’t know what your talking about." He said with a gulp, looking more nervous.


"Louis don’t give me that b*lls*t. You lied to us. That girl on the TV sounds nothing like the girl I heard through the door, and you don’t watch girl gossip shows." I fumed, I was angry right now. He may have fooled the other boys, but he wasn’t going to fool me. I stepped through the threshold, entering his room, and closing the door behind me. With each step I took forward he took a step back, showing he was scared right now.


"L-Liam I-I…" Louis stuttered, fading of from whatever excuse he was about to come up with. He was stuttering, and he didn’t even finish what he was about to say, which gave me the answers I needed. He was lying, and he has something to hide.


"Louis your lying and hiding something. What is it? And don’t you dare come up with a stup*d excuse, I'm not going to be fooled." I growled angrily. Louis gulped once again, his mouth opening and closing, probably figuring out what to say but then deciding against it.


"Louis, its fine, just tell Liam." A female voice said. It sounded like it came from underneath his bed. Then a girl emerged from underneath his bed. She had curly brown hair and brown eyes, and I couldn’t help but feel like I've seen her somewhere before. She gave me a warm smile, and dusted herself off. My mouth fell agape, I mean, I kind of knew he had a girl in here, but actually seeing the girl in here just shocked me. After she dusted herself off, she stuck out her hand and smiled at me again. "Hi, I'm Rachel." She smiled. I hesitantly shook her hand, my mouth still slightly agape. Her eyes flashed down, and she giggled. I gave her a questioning look. "Nice Ralph Lauren Boxer Briefs." She giggled. I looked down and realised I was still in my boxers. I blushed slightly and gave her an embarrassed smile.


"Oh, um, sorry, Harry's rubbing off of me." I explained embarrassed. She laughed.


"Its alright, its not every day I get to see Liam Payne in only boxers." She giggled. Wow, I love this girls personality.


"Haha, yeah I guess. And I guess I don’t need to introduce myself since you already know who I am." I told her, she nodded.


"Rachel! I told you to stay under the bed, I could have handled it." Louis cried.


"Sure you could've Lou. You were stuttering and you didn’t even know what to say." She said sarcastically.


"Wait, not to be rude or anything, but… who are you?" I asked her.


"Oh um… I'm  Louis' girlfriend." My mouth once again fell agape and my eyes widened. Oh, my, gosh. Louis has a girlfriend and he didn’t tell us!


"Y-your… your Louis girlfriend?!" I asked not believing what I was hearing. She nodded with confidence. She grabbed Louis' hand and intertwined it with hers.


"Yup! He's my Boobear." Louis turned his head to look at her with a smile, and he gave her a quick peck on the lips. I gotta say, they do look really cute together. I was happy for them, they look really happy with each other, but the only reason I was kind of mad was why Louis kept this from all of us.


"You guys are cute together, and I'm happy your happy to be together, but Lou… why did you keep this from us?" I asked him my voice hinting betrayal. He looked at me sadly.


"I'm sorry Liam, but I just wanted to keep this relationship safe, which meant it had to be a secret, from everyone. Away from the media, and away from One Direction. It killed me to lie to you guys, but it had to be done. I'm  really sorry. I never wanted to lie to my brothers, let alone hurt them." He apologised. I wanted to be angry, but I knew I couldn’t because I totally understood. In the celebrity life, it can be really hard to keep a relationship. There's the gossips, the rumours, and everything. I cant be mad at him for trying to keep his relationship safe.


"Its alright Lou. I know what you mean, its hard to keep a relationship when your in One Direction. I cant be mad at you for trying to keep a relationship safe from the media." I honestly told him. He beamed at me, then attacked me in a hug.


"Thankyou Liam! So your not going to tell the other boys right?" he asked me. I pulled away from the hug in shock. He wants me to lie to the other boys as well? I don’t think I can handle that! I'm  not a great liar, everyone can see through my lies!

"Wait… I'm  supposed to lie to the other boys as well?" I asked him shocked. He nodded his head, his eyes wide in desperation.


"Please Liam! I REALLY want to keep this relationship safe! And you weren’t even supposed to know, but your really stubborn, so I couldn’t do anything about it!" he cried, then he got down on his knees with his hands put together like he was praying. "PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!" he chanted over and over again. Ugh! I really HAD to do this. I obviously had no choice.


"Ok! Ok, I'll do it. I'll keep it a secret." I promised him. He stood up from his knees and crushed me in a hug. He hugged me so tight that it was actually hard for me to breath.


"Uh… Louis… cant… breath…" I coughed out, trying to gasp for air. Louis kept on hugging me, I don’t think he heard me. Rachel looked apologetic, but she also looked like she was trying to hold in her laughter.


"Louis! Your killing him!" she exclaimed. Louis immediately let go of me, and I heaved for air.


"Woops, sorry Liam. Didn’t know I was suffocating you." He apologised, I glared at him.


"Actually I should be the one suffocating you, since you locked me in the laundry room. Why did you do that?" I asked him. Louis glanced at Rachel, his eyes looking as if he were asking something, Rachel shook her head, and Louis looked back at me.


"Oh, um, no reason, just good fun." He smiled. It didn’t look like he was telling the truth, but I pried him enough today, so I just let that one slip.


"Ok, whatever." I rolled my eyes. An awkward silence settled between us, not really knowing what to say next, which meant I needed an excuse to leave now. I looked down, and realised that I was still in my boxers, BINGO! That was my escape route. "Ok, I think I should go and put some clothes on now. It was nice to meet you Rachel." I smiled. Rachel smiled back.


"It was nice to finally meet you Liam." She said. I nodded then went back to my room. I crossed over to my bed, and crawled under the soft blanket, finally getting to take the nap that I want. I laid my head on the pillow, and though about what I just found out today. Louis had a girlfriend and he didn’t tell us, and now I found out, but I have to keep it from the boys. Those thoughts swirled around in my head, until my eyes drooped, and I was sucked into a peaceful sleep.



A/N SO SORRY FOR THE LATE UPDATE! I've just been so busy lately. So… Liam just found out about Rachel, but he's going to need to keep it from the boys. Will Liam be able to keep the secret? Or will the boys pry it out of him just like Liam did to Lou? We'll have to find out in the next chapter! I'll most likely be posting next Friday! Unless, my schedule changes. Thanks so much for reading! Please fan, favourite, like and comment!



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