Lets Keep It A Secret - A 1D Louis Fanfic [ON HOLD]

[ON HOLD for a while] Louis has a girlfriend named Rachel, but no one knows about them. Not the boys nor the media, Louis and Rachel wanted to keep the relationship to themselves. Who knew that was easier said then done? They try their best to keep it a secret, but almost get busted a couple of times.


8. Late Night Sneak Out Rachel's POV

Lets Keep It A Secret- 1D Louis Fanfic


Chapter- 8: Late Night Sneak Out Rachel's POV


Rachel's POV (A/N haven’t done her POV in a while)


I had so much fun with Louis today, although acting like we were complete strangers in the movie theatre made me kind of sad, because I really wanted a girlfriend/ boyfriend moment when we were in the movie theatre. I was in my bed, on my laptop, watching random videos on You Tube when I got a text on my phone. It was my brilliant boyfriend Louis.


Hey beautiful! Did you enjoy today? I know I did!



aw! He's so sweet, he called me beautiful. I replied him, and from then on we started a conversation.


Hey babe! Yeah, I had a blast today! I actually ended up playing for an hour on that game I pretended to play on when you guys passed by, it was actually really fun!



Glad you enjoyed today, and haha! You should have invited me! That game did look really fun! So what are you doing right now?



Nothing much, I am actually really bored, I'm  just watching your old interviews on you tube right now, you were really hilarious! And still are!



Thanks babe, and are you really THAT bored that your watching old interviews of me and the boys?



Yeah I am! But it is actually quite entertaining, I miss you a lot, I just want a boyfriend girlfriend moment right now, since we spent most of our day pretending like we were complete strangers. L



Aw. L I could come on over right now if you want?



I would like you to come over, but maybe the boys miss you and I don’t want to be a clingy girlfriend who wants her boyfriend all to herself, you should spend some time with the boys.



You are not clingy, I would have talked to you if you were, and your just not that type of person. Plus I spent the afternoon with the boys already,  and I told them I was asleep, and I am actually really bored right now, I've got nothing to do.



Ok, even though if you were to come over, how would you get out? You told the boys you were asleep, and if they see you leaving, they'll question you on where you're going.



Don't worry, I've got a plan to escape, I'll just go out the window and climb down the fire escape. I'm sneaky you know. ;)



Haha! Ok, good luck with that babe. See you here, whenever you escape and IF you escape, remember its ok if you cant make it, just text me if you cant, I'll understand.



Ok, I love you babe, see you soon, don’t worry I WILL escape.



Hmm. I wonder if he will escape, Louis IS sneaky though, he will probably get out. I'm on a diet, but I can let go for tonight. How about I make a deal with myself, if he makes it here, I can have some type of junk food. If he doesn’t, I'm sticking to fruits and vegetables. I continued to watch random videos on You Tube. I don’t know how long its been, I've been on You Tube for quite a while now, until I heard the door bell ring. He made it! Actually I wont find out until I opened the door. I got up from bed, and set my laptop aside. I headed for the door and opened it, and there stood my boyfriend. I'm having junk food tonight! I smiled at Louis, he looked pretty tired though. I could hear him breathing, and his face was red. He probably ran all the way here.


"Wow Lou, you actually made it, although you look a bit tired. Did you run all the way here? I can still hear you panting." I giggled.


"Yeah, I ran all the way here. I wanted to see my girlfriend and she was missing me, so why wouldn’t I run?" he asked with a smile. Aww! That was so sweet! He escaped the boys and ran all the way over here for me, I really do have the best boyfriend in the world.


"Aw Lou, that’s so sweet, come on inside." I stepped aside to let him in, once he was inside I closed the door behind him. I saw him walk off into the living room and literally collapse on the couch. He was probably that tired. I followed him and sat on the couch beside him, I cuddled up to him and he put an arm around me pulling me close. I love moments like this, it was simple but very romantic.


"So what do you want to do?" he asked me.


"Actually what were doing right now is perfect, I just want to do this and watch some TV, and maybe we could have some snacks too." I told him.


"That sounds perfect, what movie do you want to watch and what snacks? I'll get them." He offered. He already ran all the way here for me, he was probably really tired, and he still wants to do everything for me? That is so nice of him, but I cant let him do that, he needs to rest.


"Oh, no Lou, I'm fine with getting them, you are the guest any way, and you just ran all the way here for me." I protested. I didn’t want to over work him.


"I'm fine Rachel, I'm the boyfriend so its my duty to make my girl happy. Just tell me what you want to watch and eat. And don’t protest, because I already made up my mind that I'm getting it." He told me. Wow he really wants to make me happy at all costs, there is only a handful of people like that in the world, I'm glad my boyfriend is one of them. I huffed, knowing that I wont win with him, when his mind is set, nothings going to change his decision. I gave him a smile.


"Fine, I guess I cant win with you. Lets watch Love Actually and lets eat some popcorn, traditional movie watching food."


"That’s perfect, coming up my lady." He said with a smile. I giggled and he went into the kitchen. When he was gone, I got up from the couch, searched for Love Actually and put it in before he could return. I sat on the couch with a smile on my face, a smile that said 'I did something I wasn’t supposed to', like a little kid would smile after disobeying his parents. Louis came back in, he saw the TV and his face was in shock, my smile just grew bigger.


"Rachel! I told you I could do it." Louis laughed. I giggled along.


"Sorry, I just couldn’t help it, I wanted to see your reaction. Since you surprised me with paying for all my candies when I could have perfectly paid for them myself, and I didn’t want you to spend your money on me. I got you back by putting on the movie that you wanted to do yourself. Now were even!" I smiled. It was true, I did want to get back at him, but I didn’t know how, this is the best I can do.


"Wow your evil. I didn’t know my girlfriend was the revenge type." He joked.


"There's a lot of things you don’t know about me." I winked at him. He rolled his eyes and shook his head, I just laughed. He sat on the couch and pressed play on the movie. Half way through the movie, I was cuddled up to Louis, eating the popcorn, until his phone rang, he answered it without checking the color ID.


"Hello?" Louis answered.


"LOUIS TOMLINSON!! WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE YOU??!! AND WHY DID YOU ESCAPE FROM YOUR ROOM???!!" An angry voice yelled from the other side of the phone, yeah, that’s how loud the voice was. Uh, oh, that might be the boys.


He looked down at me, with a apologetic/ scared expression. I gave him a concerned look.


"Um… I…. I'm out?" he answered/ asked, it didn’t seem like he was certain, of course he wasn’t, what was he supposed to answer? 'I'm here with my secret girlfriend that I've been keeping from you.'? No! Of course not. But that answer probably made the boys even angrier.


"OUT??!! YOU ARE OUT??!! WHERE COULD YOU POSSIBLE BE? HUH?! AND WHY ARE YOU NOT TELLNG US??!!" the boys yelled, it sounded like Liam. Oh no! they are really angry, Louis probably shouldn’t have escaped. Now I feel kind of bad, he's going to get in lots of trouble because of me.


"Uh…. So, whats up boys?" Louis asked. Really Louis? They are mad to the point of exploding and you reply with that? They are so going to kill you.


"WHATS UP? WHATS UP??!!! YOU ASK US WHATS UP??!! I'LL TELL YOU WHATS UP, WE COME INTO YOUR ROOM, WANTING TO TALK MORE ABOUT BAND SCHEDULE, WHEN WE SEE YOUR ROOM EMPTY, AND YOUR WINDOW OPEN!! YOU DIDN’T EVEN LEAVE A NOTE OR ANYTHING!!! WE WERE SO WORRIED! THINKING YOU GOT KIDNAPPED OR SOMETHING, BUT NO!! APPERENTLY YOU ARE JUST 'OUT'" I think it was Zayn who shouted that. See I told you they were going to be even more mad. Actually this whole conversation was kind of amusing, I wonder how the boys would look like right now.


"Am I on speaker? Why are you all answering?" Louis asked. His face looked really amused though, it seemed like he really wanted to laugh but he just held it in. I think he was annoying the boys on purpose, I couldn’t hold in my laughter, I just let out a giggle not wanting to be heard, the last thing he needed was the boys hearing me, then they would start asking questions on where he was and who the mysterious girl was. But I could just imagine how the boys would look right now, their faces were probably red from anger, and there was probably steam coming out of their ears, like in the cartoons.


"EEERRRGGGHHH!!! LOUIS!! YOU ARE IMPOSSIBLE! JUST GET YOUR BUM HOME NOW! BEFORE I TRACK YOU DOWN AND DRAG YOU HERE! YOU HERE ME TOMMO! NOW!!" it sounded like Niall who yelled. Oooh, if Niall was mad, then the others are probably boiling, Niall was never mad, he was always so nice and carefree, he was hardly ever mad. Atleast I learned that information from Louis, because I never actually met Niall.


"Ok, ok, I'm coming home. Geesh!" Louis laughed, probably not being able to hold it in for any longer. I laughed along with him, that was a very funny and entertaining phone call. He ended it before the boys could respond, they'll probably would have just yell louder anyways annoyed at what he said.


"Sorry babe, got to go, before they 'track me down and drag me there.' I'm probably going to die tonight." He said apologetically. I totally understood, so he didn’t need to apologise, I was just glad he came for me, even thought he wasn’t allowed to and it was just for a little while.


"Its alright Lou, I had fun any way. Go home before they completely explode." I told him understandingly.


"Thanks for understanding babe. Bye!" he kissed me goodbye and ran out the door. He was in a big rush he forgot to close the door, I got up from my spot on the couch and closed the door. I went back into the living room, turned the TV off, and put the popcorn away. I headed back to my room, brushed my teeth and lay down in bed. 'I wonder how Louis' doing now with the angry boys.' Was the last thing I thought before I fell asleep.


A/N so what do you think? I was supposed to continue Louis POV but realised I hadn’t done Rachel's POV in a while. Please fan, comment, favourite and like! THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR READING



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