Lets Keep It A Secret - A 1D Louis Fanfic [ON HOLD]

[ON HOLD for a while] Louis has a girlfriend named Rachel, but no one knows about them. Not the boys nor the media, Louis and Rachel wanted to keep the relationship to themselves. Who knew that was easier said then done? They try their best to keep it a secret, but almost get busted a couple of times.


5. Hiding From The Boys and Sneaking Behind

Lets Keep It A Secret- 1D Louis Fanfic


Chapter- 5: Hiding From The Boys and Sneaking Behind


Louis' POV:




"Sure love, we could go over there right now." We started walking again, until we got to the Starbucks, the same Starbucks we met up at after my gig. We walked in, and you'll never guess who we saw, OH BOY!




The boys were there sitting at the far back booth, the same booth that Rachel and I were sat in the time we met up here. They were just talking amongst themselves while sipping their drinks, they looked up when they heard the bell ring once we walked through the door. Great, just great. I immediately lightly pushed Rachel to the ground so that the boys wouldn’t see her, there was booth blocking their view of the bottom half of the entrance door, so that’s where Rachel hid.


"Oh hey Lou, what are you doing here?" Harry called out.


"Ya I thought you said you had plans with someone today." Liam joined in. "Actually I thought I saw a girl with you." Oh shoot!! They CANNOT know about Rachel. I looked down at Rachel, asking her with my eyes if I could go over there, she nodded and whispered.


"Make them unsuspicious, then come up with an excuse to go out, I'll go out, then casually go in, look as if I came here by myself, I'll sit at the booth next to yours and listen in to your conversation ok?" I nodded my head in response and walked over to the boys booth. They all stared at me, it made me a bit uncomfortable actually, so shifted in my seat and cleared my throat.


"Hey boys!" I greeted them cheerfully.


"Hey, so I thought I saw you with a girl when you walked in." Liam started.


"Huh? What girl? I'm not seeing a girl, I came here by myself. Are you alright Liam? Your seeing things, its weird." I told him. Liam gave me a weird look, then he gave me a look that said 'I don’t believe you'. Great he's getting suspicious. I just shrugged it off and looked at the other boys.


"So what have you boys bee up to?" I asked them.


"Actually we had a pretty good day at the club. We danced a lot, and did other things that we shouldn’t tell you or Liam." Niall snickered. Harry and Zayn started laughing, and Niall joined along. Liam and I gave them a questioning look. They looked at us and just started another round of laughter. Just then the door dinged, and I saw Rachel come in and go to the counter and order herself a Hazelnut Frappuccino. I laughed at that, she sure loves Hazelnut Frappuccinos, she heard me laugh, she turned around and gave me a slight smile, something I would see, but no one else would. I watched her as she went to the booth in front of ours. I didn’t realise that Zayn, Harry and Niall finished their laughing fit, and all the boys were looking at me.


"Louis, what were you laughing at?" Zayn asked.


"Huh? Oh…. Uh, I… uh, just remembered something funny, you know me, I just laugh randomly from time to time. Haha." I told them, a little unconvincingly. Uh! I was supposed to make them unsuspicious. Instead I'm doing the exact opposite. They gave me a weird look, but then moved on.


"So Lou, we still have the rest of the day, do you want to like watch a movie with me and the lads or something?" Harry offered. I was about to answer, but then I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.


"Sorry, one sec." I told them then checked my phone. It was a text from Rachel.


'Lou, just go with them so they won't get to suspicious onto why you cant go with them. I'll sneakily follow you guys to the theatre ok? Just text me which theatre and what movie you guys are seeing. See you there. Trust me I'll be fine, go ahead!'

From: Rachel


I saw Rachel's head peak out from the booth in front of us, she looked at me then winked. I smiled at her and nodded me head. She smiled back, I realized I wasn’t alone and looked at the other boys, scared that they might have seen our quiet exchange. Thank goodness they didn’t, they were too caught up in their own conversation about the club. Harry, Zayn and Niall were smiling and laughing about their time at the club, while Liam scolded them about being safe. (A/N if you know what I mean. ;) ) I let out a sigh of relief.


"Sure I can come, what movie are we going to see? And which theatre are we going to?" I asked them. They stopped their conversation and looked at me.


"Oh, uh where going to the Theatre close to here, Media Theatre (A/N Made that up!) and, I don’t know what movie were going to see what do you want?" Niall asked me.


"So were going to MEDIA THEATRE?" I said out loud, making sure Rachel could hear us. The boys gave me a weird look that said 'Are you mental?'. I got a text, so I took my phone out and saw it was from Rachel.


'Lou shut up! I Heard Niall the first time you know, I'm not exactly deaf. The boys are getting weirded out by you and suspicious, dial it down.'

From: Rachel


I laughed at that. I was probably freaking them out. But hey! I'm  Louis, the tommo, Tomlinson! Don’t I always act like this?


"Uh, Yeah, Lou were going to Media Theatre." Niall said. Still having that weirded out look on his face. "So what movie do you want to see?" he asked.

"I'll search for a good movie to watch on my phone." I told them. I pulled out my phone, but instead of searching for a movie, I texted Rachel.


'What movie do you want to see?'

From Louis


I sent the text. But then realized, what if her phones not on vibrate and it rings, then she sends a text back and my phone vibrates. It would look a bit dodgy. My worries were put to rest when my phone vibrated, and I never heard a ringing of a phone. Rachel replied.


'I actually really wanted to see Scary Movie 5, it looks really good and funny. But its yours and the boys choice, whatever you choose its fine with me, as long as I'm with you. ;)'

From: Rachel


I smiled at that, Scary Movie 5 actually sounds really good to me. (A/N I actually really want to see that movie, it looks really funny and really good.)


"Do you guys want to see Scary Movie 5? It sounds really good. And I think we'll have a laugh." I suggested to them. Their faces lit up.


"Yeah! We should totally watch that movie! I watched the trailer and it looks so funny! I laughed so hard when the girl came out of the box and she was like 'a dolla makes me holla, honey boo boo child.' I laughed my a$$ off!" Harry exclaimed, imitating the way the girl said 'a dolla makes me holla, honey boo boo child'. I must say that was really funny. The boys and I cracked up and I even heard Rachel giggle at that. I felt my phone vibrate, indicating I got a text.


'Haha! The way Harry said that was SO funny! I couldn’t help but giggle. :D'

From Rachel


"Ok then its settled, were going to watch Scary Movie 5." I told them. They all nodded. "So do you guys want to go now? The next screening of that is at 4:15 its already 3:30, we should start walking to the theatre, it will at least take us 15 minutes to walk there, then buy a ticket and get snacks. Oh and we have to go undercover, I don’t feel like getting followed by paparazzi." They all nodded, put their hoods up, and glasses on, then stood up. I let them all go first, then I followed behind. I opened the door, but before I went out, I glanced at Rachel, and saw she was looking at me. I smiled at her and gave her a wink. "See you there." I said to her, then walked out. My phone vibrated, and I saw I got a text from Rachel.


'See you there. ;) I'll follow after 2 minutes so it wont look like I'm following you.'

From Rachel


I smiled at that, and caught up to the boys.

The whole time I walked with the boys I kept thinking, I hope she wont get seen, I hope she wont get seen.


A/N ohh! I wonder how that whole secret movie things going to work out? Will the boys get suspicious? Will they spot Rachel? Who knows… oh right I now! Hehe! Ok I'll post, probably  next Friday. I hope you guys like the chapter! Please Like, Fan and Comment me what you think!



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