Lets Keep It A Secret - A 1D Louis Fanfic [ON HOLD]

[ON HOLD for a while] Louis has a girlfriend named Rachel, but no one knows about them. Not the boys nor the media, Louis and Rachel wanted to keep the relationship to themselves. Who knew that was easier said then done? They try their best to keep it a secret, but almost get busted a couple of times.


6. Complete Strangers

Lets Keep It A Secret- 1D Louis Fanfic


Chapter- 6: Complete Strangers


Louis POV


We finally made it to the theatre. That was a pretty long walk, my feet are kind of tired already. Thank goodness no one spotted us. During the walk, I kept on glancing back when the boys weren’t looking at me, to check if Rachel was still there, and every time I would do that, I would see her smile at me. I would smile back, then turn around so that the boys wouldn’t see me looking at her. When we got there, the theatre was pretty busy, and it seemed like everyone was going to Scary Movie 5. We bought 5 tickets to Scary Movie 5, then went to the snack bar. The boys were all ordering their own snacks, and I told Harry to just order me a popcorn and drink. I stood, behind the boys, watching Niall order everything in sight. I saw the main doors open, and I saw Rachel walk in. she looked at me, smiled, and proceeded to the ticket booth to buy herself a ticket. By the time, she got her ticket, the boys were done ordering their snacks, and they all had a popcorn, a drink, and certain type of candy. Zayn had skittles, Harry had nibs, Liam had a chocolate bar, and Niall had every candy on the rack. I rolled my eyes at Niall, and he just shrugged his shoulders. I took my popcorn and drink from the counter, and got myself a Twix bar. When I turned around, I bumped into someone, and realised it was Rachel.


"Oh… sorry, I didn’t watch where I was going." I played it cool, not wanting to make the boys suspicious.


"No it was all my fault, I should have moved out of the way so you could pass." She replied. 'See you inside, save me a seat.' She mouthed. I smiled and nodded at her.


"Lou! You coming?" Zayn called out to me.


"Yeah! Be right there." I called back. "Got to go." I told her. She nodded and winked. Her back was to the boys, so they couldn’t see the secret actions she was sending me. I smiled and ran up to the boys.


"That girl was cute, good thing she didn’t fan girl, she seems like the kind of girl you would date." Harry told me. You have NO idea. I said in my head and chuckled out loud.


"Yeah, I guess." Was all I replied. We walked to the movie theatre. And saw the commercials playing. I was so grateful that it was dark, so no one would recognise us. The whole theatre was almost full, but thankfully there was 7 seats left at the bottom row of the movie theatre. That way, no one would see our faces, and there is enough for all of us. I sat at the end of the row, near the aisle, but left a seat for Rachel. We watched the commercials for a couple more minutes, then the opening screen showed, signalling us that the movie was about to start, and to turn off our phones, and telling us all the rules of the movie theatre. The doors opened once more, and in walked Rachel, I glanced at Harry, seeing if he recognized her, and thank goodness he didn’t. Rachel walked in, scanning the rows, checking for a seat, until she spotted me. She looked at me, then the other boys, and she didn’t smile or wink. I looked at the other boys and saw they were all looking at her. That’s why she didn’t smile or wink. She approached our row.


"Hi, is this seat taken?" she asked, acting as if we were complete strangers. I turned my back to the boys and faced her.


"No not at all, you can take it." I told her. I smiled and winked at her, and she just smiled back, showing she was grateful for the seat, and nothing else. She took a seat beside me, and I saw the other boys were already focused on the screen, eating their popcorns and snacks. During the movie, I would slip my hand into Rachel's hand in an interlocking hand hold, and our hands would be in the space that separated our legs, so that the boys wouldn’t see. I would rub my thumb over her hand, once in while to comfort her. The whole theatre would erupt in laughter during the funny scenes, and Rachel and I would glance at each other laughing. About 2 hours through the movie, Rachel got up, and mouthed to me 'snack bar' I wanted to follow her so that we would have some alone time.


"Boys, I'm  just going to get another drink ok? Be right back." I whispered to them, they nodded in response then focused back on the movie. I got up from my seat and headed for the door. I opened the door and the bright light of the lobby hit my eyes. Ahh! That theatre was really dark, and this light is really bright, not a good match. I shielded my eyes from the bright light and once my eyes adjusted to the light I walked to the snack bar, where Rachel said she would go. I saw her, ordering herself a couple packets of different candies. I ran up to her, signalled the old cashier man my credit card, he noticed, clicked a couple of buttons and pointed to the card machine, and just when she was about to pay, I slid my credit card through the machine, paying for everything she bought. She looked up in surprise. And I just smirked at her, knowing she hated it when I paid for her stuff.


"Louis! You already spent 200 pounds on me, I could have paid for a couple of candies." She exclaimed. She was so cute when she was angry.


"Sorry love, I just love teasing you, you look so cute when your mad at me!" I told her. She blushed and smiled at me.


"Your lucky your cute, otherwise I would be really angry at you right now." She told me, playfully angry. (A/N Dunno if that made sense, but you know what I mean.) she collected her candies, and put it in her purse. When she looked back up, I attacked her in a surprise kiss. At first she was shocked but then immediately responded. We continued kissing, until we were both out of  breath. We pulled away, and looked at each other lovingly.


"You don’t know how long I've waited to do that. I couldn’t do that in the theatre for obvious reasons." We both stared at each other, until I realised we were not alone. I looked at the cashier and saw he had wide eyes. Talk about A.W.K.W.A.R.D.


"Uh, sorry, I forgot we weren’t alone." I explained to him. He just nodded, and awkwardly walked away. I looked back at Rachel, and we both burst out laughing.


"Oh. My. Gosh! The poor old man, he was probably scarred for life! Your fault Lou!" Rachel laughed.

"Sorry! I couldn’t help myself! Its not my fault I have a gorgeous girlfriend who I just want to kiss all the time!" I laughed. She looked at me with loving eyes.


"Aww! Thanks Lou!" she smiled.


"No problem, come on, we'd better go back, the boys might get suspicious." I told her, she nodded, and we walked back. I stopped her at the door. "I'll walk in first, you wait a couple minutes, then come in, so that it doesn’t look like we came in together, if we did, it would look SO suspicious." She nodded, and I walked in, and took a seat at the row the boys were at.


"Lou, where's your drink?" Harry whispered from beside me. Oh no! I was so caught up in kissing Rachel, I forgot to buy myself a drink! Quick! I need a lie! Come on Lou! You've done lots of improvisation before, you should be able to answer this convincingly. I prep talked myself.


"Oh, there wasn’t anything I wanted to drink, the only drink I wanted was sold out, so I decided not to buy one." I told him. Good job Lou! That sounded convincing and true enough.


"Oh, ok, you can share some of mine, if you get thirsty." Harry offered.


"Thanks Haz!" I smiled at him, he smiled back. (A/N Larry Stylinson ;D) we focused back on the screen, and soon enough Rachel walked in, and took her seat beside me. I, once again, intertwined our fingers together, but hid it from the view of the other boys. When the movie ended, Rachel quickly got up, not wanting to be spotted by the boys. But unfortunately, the boys got up quickly too, not wanting to be spotted by anyone. Rachel seemed to notice the guys getting up too, and she started walking faster, good thing the guys didn’t notice. Rachel fast walked/ sprinted to the arcade area of the theatre lobby. She went to one of the games trying to look like she's playing. I laughed at her, she seemed to notice, and she looked up and giggled, then she stuck her tongue at me. I shook my head laughing, and stuck my tongue back out of her. I looked at the other boys, and they were too busy talking about the movie to notice our quiet exchange. We walked past the arcade area, where Rachel was at, I winked at her and waved goodbye, she did the same, and the boys and I exited the theatre.




A/N hey guys! Thanks for reading! I hope you guys liked it! I decided to post early since im that nice! :D I included some 'close-call' parts for Louis and Rachel for you guys, just to add some action. I'll post next Friday, if not I'll comment when I'll post, but it'll probably be on a Friday. Please Favourite ,  Like, Fan and Comment! Thx!!



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