I Got KIdnapped By 1D!

"Don't even bother, you won't escape, might as well surrender." I noticed that he had a different accent compared to the other guy, he sounded more Irish then British. I didn’t have time to answer because they were all charging towards me, one of them grabbed me, he put one hand on my waist and one on my mouth so I couldn’t scream, I screamed anyway, I didn’t care if it came out muffled, I just wanted someone to hear me. I was thrashing around in his hands, until someone grabbed my feet and were tying them together, I couldn’t move my feet anymore, whoever tied them did a great job. I was still screaming, and I think whoever was holding me got annoyed because he said

"Ni the cloth" I didn't need to be a master mind to know what 'the cloth' meant, they were gonna drug me!


15. The Unexplained

I Got Kidnapped By 1D!


Chapter 15: The Unexplained


Louis POV


I cant believe I just confessed my love to Angel, and the best part is, she feels the same way! I finally have the girl I love in my arms, and not just in my heart. After pouring out our emotions to each other, and shedding lots of tears, Angel and I were now just lying on the bed, enjoying each others company. I lay on my back, with my right hand tucked under my head, and my left arm wrapped around Angel, pulling her close. Angel was snuggled into my left side, her head and left arm resting on my chest. I caressed her hair, feeling the texture of it, it was soft, like touching a feather. This is one of the moments that I would treasure in my heart, it was peaceful and very meaningful and romantic.


"I love you Angel…" I whispered to her. She looked up at me with a smile and a loving glint in her eye.


"I love you too Louis." I smiled at her and kissed her forehead. I still cant believe she's all mine now, that I don’t have to fear anyone taking her from me. We stayed like that for a while, savouring the peaceful and romantic moment. That is until Liam burst through the door.


"Louis! Is Angel awake yet?!" he practically yelled. Angel flinched beside me and she looked up with wide eyes at Liam, I mimicked her actions. "Uh… what's going on here?" Liam asked looking confused and suspicious. Just then the rest of the boys came walking in. Sure… why not make this a party. I sarcastically thought to myself. When Zayn and Harry walked in, I felt Angel tense up beside me, she also started shaking a bit. I rubbed her back to comfort her, she looked up at me with slight fear in her eyes, and I gave her a warm smile, assuring her everything was ok here.


"You know Liam, next time you could knock." I told him, a bit coldly. He interrupted mine's and Angel's peaceful moment! Of course I was going to be a bit angry. He looked at me confused, then he looked apologetic.


"Oh sorry. But I still don’t know what I just interrupted." He said, looking suspicious again. The other boys looked confused, and Zayn and Harry looked a bit… angry? Why would they be angry. Angel moved away from me, she left my arm hanging, and without her in my arms, I felt cold.


"You didn’t interrupt anything, you just scared us by bursting into the room, without any warning." I told him, my voice cold again. Anger flashed through his eyes, but it was only there for an instant, then he turned concerned.


"Angel, sweetheart, are you feeling alright?" he asked her. I looked at Angel to see her reaction.


"I'm fine." She said, her voice soft and weak. She looked so fragile and scared right now. I wanted to comfort her, tell her everything's ok and that there was nothing to worry about. But not in front of the boys, they would know something's up if I did. Harry and Zayn circled the bed, to go over to Angel's side. Angel looked at them with wide and frightened eyes, then she started backing up, closer to me again. Harry and Zayn looked startled and saddened by her actions, but they just kept getting closer, and soon they were kneeling beside her side of the bed. Angel, was once again back in my side, pushed so close next to me, trying to get as much distance as she could between her and Harry and Zayn. Harry reached out his hand to touch her, but she whimpered and started shaking a bit as his hand got closer, so Harry sighed sadly, and pulled his hand back.


"Angel, were not going to hurt you. I don’t even remember hurting you, neither does Zayn. And if we did, were SO sorry. We NEVER wanted to hurt you, we care for you to much to do such an awful thing. Please find it somewhere in your heart to forgive us?" Harry pleaded. Angel didn’t respond, she just cowered some more into my side. I wrapped an arm around her, Harry looked at me as I did so, and I just gave him a glare saying 'back off, your scaring her'. Harry sighed and he looked apologetic, but I didn’t change my facial expression, it stayed the same.


"Please Angel?" Zayn pleaded as well, his voice soft and sincere. Angel buried her head into my side, her back facing them. Zayn sighed and placed a hand on her back, slightly rubbing it. What happened next, I didn’t really expect from Angel. Angel completely freaked out, she started screaming like crazy and backing away from Zayn and Harry some more. She jumped off the bed and ran to Liam and hugged him tight, she started sobbing in his chest. Liam returned the hug and he rubbed her back, shushing her in her ear, whispering things that would calm her down. I couldn’t help but feel jealous, I wanted to be the one comforting Angel. I know Liam wouldn’t steal Angel from me because its just weird if he did, because he has a different type of 'love' relationship with Angel. You'll know what that is when you hear the whole story. Zayn and Harry looked shocked, and their facial expressions had guilt written all over it.


"Angel, w-were s-sorry. W-we didn’t meant to frighten you!" Harry apologised. He walked over to where Angel was, but Angel freaked out and she ran behind Niall, who was leaning against the doorway looking at the commotion going on in shock. Niall stuck an arm out in front of Angel, making a type of barrier that didn’t allow Harry to get any closer to Angel.


"Mate I don’t think it would be a good idea to come any closer. She's obviously frightened by you guys, so just leave her alone." Niall demanded, taking authority, not letting Harry or Zayn get any closer to Angel. Harry looked at him surprised.


"But Niall! I just-" Niall cut Harry off before he could continue his sentence.


"Just leave her alone mate. She's scared, it'll take time before she can get comfortable around you guys. I'm  sorry." Harry sighed sadly, nodding his head understandingly. Niall turned around to face Angel. Angel had her face in her hands, sobbing. Niall wrapped his hands around her and stroked her hair, comforting her. "Shhh… sweetheart, stop crying, your fine. No bodies going to hurt you." He shushed her, rubbing her back. Jealousy flashed through my body, and I had the urge to rip Angel from his arms and comfort her in mine. But I knew that Niall only saw her as a sisterly love, and nothing else. Niall scooped her up into his arms, carrying her bridal style, and he carried her to the bed I was on. He gently laid her down beside me. I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her close to my side, and rubbing her back. Once she was beside me, she buried herself into my side, and wrapped her small frail arms around my torso. I felt bad for her, she was obviously scared, I could feel her slightly shaking. Soon enough, her breathing went back to normal, and she stopped crying, only letting out an occasional sniffle. I looked at the other boys, and they seemed to be watching Angel and me intently. It was kind of uncomfortable under their stares, its like I felt their eyes burning holes into my body. I shifted uncomfortably, hoping to send the silent message that I was uncomfortable by their staring, but they didn’t even blink. I knew subtly wasn’t going to get them to stop staring, so I was just going to have to tell them.


"Um… guys… why are you staring at us so intently?" I asked them. That seemed to snap them out of their trance like stares, and they looked at me apologetically.


"Sorry." They said simultaneously, then looked somewhere else. I focused back on Angel, and saw that she has fallen asleep in my arms. She sure does sleep a lot. Her hair was in her face, blocking my view of her beautiful face. I brushed the hair out of her face, and studied her facial features. She looked so angel like when she was asleep, which matched her name, Angel. She looked so peaceful and at ease. I wish she looked like this when she was awake and around us, I didn’t want her to fear us anymore. I kept staring at Angel's sleeping figure, that is until I heard a cry of pain. I looked at the boys and saw that Zayn and Harry were on the ground, clutching their heads, and crying out in pain. Niall was trying to comfort Harry and Liam was helping Zayn. What in the world is going on?!


Liam's POV:


"Um… guys… why are you staring at us so intently?" Louis questioned us. I snapped out of the trance like stare I was giving Louis and Angel, and focused on looking somewhere else. My gaze landed on Zayn, and I saw a hint of pain etched on his features. I looked at him questioningly, why was he feeling pain? I kept on staring at him, until the pain showed even more on his face, and soon enough his whole face showed pain. His breathing quickened, and his hands moved to his head to massage his temples, as if he was trying to subside a headache. He let out a small groan in pain, and he bent over a bit.


"Zayn mate, are you ok?" I asked him concerned. He looked at me, and I gasped when I saw his eyes. His eyes held a lot of pain, but that wasn’t what made me gasp. Red brimmed his pupils, and I watched as the red slowly took over his pupils. What was happening to him? His eyes resembled a similarity with a hungry vampire I saw on TV. I kept staring at his eyes in shock, watching the red spread, taking over his pupils. But he soon snapped his eyes shut, like it was too painful for him to keep them open. He hunched over forward some more, his chest reaching his knees. He held his head, and let out a cry in pain. What was happening to him?! I rushed over to Zayn to check if he was alright.


"Zayn! Zayn, are you ok?" I panicked. He didn’t respond, he just simply shook his head and let out another cry in pain. He hunched over some more, and soon enough he was lying on the ground crying out in pain and holding his head. I was kneeling beside him, panicking and asking if he was alright, I know it was stupid to ask, because he clearly wasn’t alright, but I was panicking right now! I wasn’t in my right mind.


"Niall! Niall, Zayn needs help!" I yelled for Niall without taking my eyes off Zayn. But Niall didn’t come, and I looked up to see what was keeping him from coming. Only now did I realize that Harry was the same as Zayn. He was on the ground crying out in pain, whilst holding his head, and Niall was beside him comforting him. I looked at Zayn and Harry, and they looked like they were in pure agony. The poor lads, what was happening to them?


"Zayn, please tell me what's wrong with you." I begged him. He opened his eyes, and he looked at me.


"Head hurts…a lot…what's happening?" he said then his eyes snap shut again, and he started moaning in pain. So he didn’t know what was happening either, all he knows is that his head is hurting.


"Niall! What are we going to do?! What's happening to them?!" I asked, panicking again. Niall heard me and he looked up at me. He looked concerned, confused and scared at the same time.


"I have no idea Liam. What's happening to them?!" he asked, panicking as well. I looked at Zayn, unsure on what I should do.


"Niall, Liam, what's happening to Zayn and Harry? Why are they like this?!" Louis asked, he had gotten off the bed, and now he was standing in front of us, looking at Harry and Zayn in horror.


"I don’t know Lou. I don’t even know what's happening to them! All I know is that their heads are hurting!" I exclaimed. Then soon after, the cries of pain stopped and it all went quiet. I looked down at Zayn and saw that he was out cold. What the heck?! How did he go out cold? I thought he said his hurt was hurting a lot?! You cant get knocked out by so much pain can you? I have no idea what to think right now, my mind is everywhere. Niall, Louis and I looked at each other in confusion.


"What happened to them?" Niall asked. Which was probably the question we were all thinking, and desperately wanting an answer to.


"I have no idea. Zayn said his head was hurting a lot, and now he's out cold. How can they both get a major headache then go out cold?" I asked. Niall and Louis looked at me and shrugged. I leaned down and put my ear to Zayn's chest to listen for his breathing and beating heart. And thank god I heard it, which meant that he was alive. Niall mimicked my actions, and he gave a sigh of relief when his ear was on Harry's chest.


"Its alright, their both alive." Niall assured us. I tried to think of a reason on why they could have acted like this. Then my thoughts wandered to seeing Zayn's eyes slowly turn red. What could that have been about? Should I tell the boys about it? Of course I should! Its something weird that shouldn’t happen and we need to find as much answers and reasons as possible.


"Uh… boys?" I asked, grabbing their attention. They both looked at me, their eyes full of concern and worry.


"Yeah Liam?" Louis urged me on.


"Um… when Zayn was holding his head in pain, I asked him what was wrong, he looked at me and I saw… his eyes, they were…" I faded off, not really wanting to say it.


"Just spit it out Liam. We need answers." Louis told me.

"They were slowly turning red." I swallowed. I heard them gasp, and when I looked at them, their faces showed pure shock.


"T-they, they were… R-red?" Niall stuttered out. I nodded, and he looked down in disbelief. "How could they be red?" he whispered under his breath, he said it so soft, I don’t think we were meant to hear.


"What can that mean…?" Louis wondered. I shrugged.


"I have no idea. But I want to find out. It can be the key thing to finding out what's happening to them." I informed them, they nodded in agreement. Silence settled between us, but was interrupted by someone calling Louis.


"Louis?" the voice sounded so soft, and feminine like. That’s when I realised it was actually Angel calling for Louis.


"I'm here love." Louis said as he crossed over to the bed to comfort her. Louis sat on the spot beside her, and Angel snuggled into his side, as Louis wrapped an arm around her. They do look really cute together, but I'm  not allowing it. I specifically said at the begging, that no one was going to be romantically involved with Angel, and I'm  sticking by what I said. Angel raised her head from Louis' side and she looked around the room. Her eyes landed on Harry and Zayn on the ground, her eyes went wide.


"Louis… what happened to them?" she asked.


"We have no idea love." Louis responded. Angel seemed so calm right now, it probably had to do with the reason that Harry and Zayn were out cold and not awake. "I'll be right back ok, I'm just going to check the car outside, I think I left my phone there." Louis announced as he exited the room. Angel lay on her pillow and closed her eyes. My eyes wandered back to Zayn, what happened to him? I continued staring at him, and soon enough, his eyes shot open. I focused my attention on him, and I hovered over him on the ground. His eyes weren’t red, they were back to their dark brown, maybe I imagined it.


"Zayn? Are you alright mate?" I asked. He sat up, looked around the room, and his eyes landed on Angel. I saw as his expression turned devil like, as if he were planning something evil. His face looked evil, it didn’t look like he had a kind nature at all. I moved back from Zayn, slightly frightened by how he was acting right now. "Zayn? What's going on with you?" he didn’t respond he, turned to me and looked me in the eyes. "Stay here, and don’t move." He ordered me. For some reason I nodded my head, like someone else was controlling my mind, and I found myself unable to move. He got off the floor and walked over to where Angel was sleeping. I saw Harry was awake too and he joined Zayn's side. They hovered over Angel for a while, probably waiting for her to notice they were there. Angel opened her eyes a bit, and when she saw them, her eyes shot open and she started backing up until her back hit the beds head board. Angel looked so frightened right now, her eyes were wide in fear and she was visibly shaking.


"Hi Angel" Harry said. Although it didn’t sound like him at all. His voice was cold, evil and creepy. He sounded like a murderer right now, talking to his victim.


"H-Harry… Z-Zayn…" Angel stuttered, truly afraid. I wanted to help her, but I couldn’t move, its like someone else was controlling me and I couldn’t do anything about it. I looked at Niall, and he was the same, he looked like he was struggling to get away from whatever spell they put on us. Niall and I made eye contact and I saw the struggle in his eyes, it looked like he was having a battle with himself. I looked back at Zayn, Harry and Angel and saw that Harry and Zayn were getting closer to her. And then the unthinkable happened. Zayn grabbed a handful of Angel's hair, and he pulled on her hair hard, flinging her to the floor. Angel cried out in pain on the floor, holding the side of her head where Zayn grabbed a handful of her hair. Tears started coming out of her eyes, and her face showed pain and fright. Harry walked over to her and he kicked her hard in the gut. Angel cried out in pain and clutched her gut, tears falling freely down her face. Zayn and Harry continued beating her, while Niall and I just watched, completely helpless. Why are they doing this?! I thought they said they cared for Angel and that they never wanted to hurt her! I kept watching as they tortured Angel, as if they didn’t care that she was hurting so badly. They kept kicking her, punching her, yanking her hair, slapping her in the face and a lot of other awful things. I looked at Niall, and he looked so angry. He was trying so hard to break free of the spell, trying hard to fight against the spell so that he could help Angel. I wanted to so badly tune out the cries of pain Angel was making. It was hurting me to hear her cries full of pain and agony. Where was Louis?! We could really use his help right now! I watched as they kept beating her, tears were brimming my eyes watching Angel in so much pain. Zayn and Harry showed no surrender, no sign of stopping anytime soon, it looked like they were planning to beat her to death. Harry picked her up, and he threw her across the room. Angel's back hit the wall hard, and she fell down to the ground with a loud thump. Angel was now on the ground, lying on her back. Her eyes were closed, meaning she was probably knocked out cold from the strong impact. I thought that Harry and Zayn might stop, seeing as that she was already knocked out, but nope. They walked over to her and continued beating her.


After agonizing minutes of watching Zayn and Harry beat the life out of Angel, Louis finally walked in. He walked in while texting on his phone.


"Hey Liam, I got a text from-" he cut off when he saw what was going on. His eyes went wide with shock and rage, then he dropped his phone on the floor and charged for Harry and Zayn. He put both his hands out in front of him, one hand on each boy, then he flung Harry to the left wall and Zayn to the right. Both boys hit their backs to the wall, and grunted from the impact. Louis still had a hand on each boy, and soon both boys were crying out in pain. There was a sizzling sound that could be heard, as if there was a pan frying somewhere. But I knew that Louis was using his powers to burn Harry and Zayn. Then he electrocuted them, because they started shaking violently. And finally, Louis lifted them off the ground, then had them crash hard to the floor, knocking them out cold. Louis was breathing harshly, his face showed rage. Then when he saw Angel on the floor, he rushed over and scooped her up into his arms, carrying her bridal style, then gently lying her down on the bed. Louis looked at me with tears in his eyes, I wanted to go over there and comfort him, but found that the spell was restricting me.


"Liam, what happened…" Louis kept on talking, but his voices started echoing and it sounded as if his voice was getting further and further away. My vision started getting blurry, and soon, I was engulfed in darkness.


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