I Got KIdnapped By 1D!

"Don't even bother, you won't escape, might as well surrender." I noticed that he had a different accent compared to the other guy, he sounded more Irish then British. I didn’t have time to answer because they were all charging towards me, one of them grabbed me, he put one hand on my waist and one on my mouth so I couldn’t scream, I screamed anyway, I didn’t care if it came out muffled, I just wanted someone to hear me. I was thrashing around in his hands, until someone grabbed my feet and were tying them together, I couldn’t move my feet anymore, whoever tied them did a great job. I was still screaming, and I think whoever was holding me got annoyed because he said

"Ni the cloth" I didn't need to be a master mind to know what 'the cloth' meant, they were gonna drug me!


16. The Unexplained (Continued)

I Got Kidnapped By 1D!


Chapter 16 : The Unexplained (Continued)


Louis POV


I walked into the room with my eyes glued on my cellphone, turns out Dani texted me and she wanted me to pass on a message to Liam since he wasn’t answering his phone.


"Hey Liam, I got a text from-" I cut off because I heard punching and kicking. I looked up from the phone and saw the commotion in front of me. Oh. My. Gosh! Zayn and Harry were beating up my Angel, the girl I love. My eyes went wide as anger and raged bubbled inside of me. I immediately dropped the phone to the floor and charged for Harry and Zayn. I put two hands in front of me, one hand focusing on each boy and flung them to the walls. A bang could be heard as they hit the walls, and they grunted from impact. Then I made them burn, I electrocuted them, and last but not least, I lifted them from the ground, then slammed them hard onto the floor, knocking them out cold. I let all my anger out by doing those actions to them, I know it was cruel and that their my friends so I shouldn’t have done that. But they were hurting my Angel and the adrenaline from my anger didn’t let me think straight. After knocking out Harry and Zayn, I rushed to Angel. Tears brimmed my eyes as I saw her beaten and unconscious figure. I gently picked her up bridal style, acting as if she were glass that could break with any harsh movement. I walked over to the bed, and gently layed her down on her side of the bed. Tears fell freely now as I scanned Angel. She was REALLY hurt. She had bruises everywhere that from afar she looked purple and blue, she had cuts and scratches, and there was dried up blood all over her body. I cant believe Harry and Zayn would do this to her. I thought they said they care for her too much to do such a thing?! I thought they said they would never hurt her?! They were obviously lying! They don’t care about Angel! If they did they would have never done this. I will make sure that Harry and Zayn will pay for what they did to her, this crime will not go unpunished. I turned around and saw Liam and Niall were just on sitting on the floor. Staring at me with pity and sadness in their eyes. Why didn’t they help Angel? Why did they just sit there and watch her get hurt?! I wanted to be so angry at them, I was really angry at them! I just want to beat someone, make them feel the pain that Angel probably felt but she felt it 10x worse.


"Liam, what happened? Why was Zayn and Harry beating up Angel? And why were you and Niall just sitting there watching them beat up Angel and watch her get hurt. Why didn’t you help her Liam?!" I screamed at him. But it seems like he didn’t hear me, then the next thing I know Liam's out cold, I look at Niall and he's the same. What the heck? How did they get knocked out?! Nothing happened to them! I let out a frustrated and angry scream. Then I went and punched the wall, leaving a hole behind. I was so angry right now! Angry at Zayn and Harry for hurting Angel, angry that Angel got hurt, angry that Liam and Niall just watched Angel get hurt, and angry at myself, for Angel getting hurt, and for me not being able to save her in time. If only I never left the room, if only I never went to get my phone, this whole thing could have been avoided. It was all my fault! I should have never left Angel alone! I went to the bed and curled up into a ball. I just cried, cried to let all the anger, pain, regret and sadness out.


After about 5 minutes, I was still curled up into a ball crying my eyes out. But then I felt a hand on my back slightly rubbing it. I jumped under the touch, and swatted the hand away without looking up at the person. I raised my hand up to hit whoever touched me, but a hand caught my hand, restraining it from doing so. I looked up and saw that it was Liam who was rubbing my back, with Niall beside him.


"Why didn’t you save her Liam?" I asked, my voice soft and fragile from all the emotions that overwhelmed me. Liam looked at me with pity in his eyes, his eyes sad as if he regretted something.


"I'm REALLY sorry Lou. Niall and I both are. Its just that… we couldn’t." he told me. I looked at Niall and instead of seeing him apologetic, he looked confused.


"What do you mean you 'couldn’t'?" I asked, anger rising in my voice and putting air quotes around couldn’t. "Liam, you and Niall were just sitting on the ground watching the whole thing as if it were some type of TV show! You could have stopped Zayn and Harry, could have helped Angel! Then why didn’t you?!" I asked now angry.


"Louis, please calm down. Just let Niall and I explain. Please." He pleaded.


"Explain what? Wait, what's going on? How did I end up asleep on the floor? Lou, why are you crying?" Niall asked, confusion written on his face. Oh come on! We cannot deal with another memory loss! Zayn and Harry already don’t remember doing anything to Angel before, and now Niall doesn’t remember anything that happened. Are you kidding me?! How in the world is everyone losing their memories?!


"Niall remember? When Angel was getting beat up by Zayn and Harry?" Liam tried explaining. Niall's eyes grew wide in shock upon hearing Zayn and Harry beating up Angel.


"THEY DID WHAT?! I thought they said they cared for Angel!" he exclaimed, almost as angry as I am, but mostly shocked.


"Niall how can you not remember? What's the last thing you remember?" Liam asked.


"Um… well Zayn and Harry had a bad headache and then they passed out. Louis left the room, and then… that’s all I remember. I don’t remember passing out though, and Zayn and Harry never woke."

Niall explained. Liam's brow furrowed in confusion.


"What? But, you were awake. And remember Zayn and Harry put some type of spell thing on us that didn’t allow us to move?"


"No… Liam your talking crazy now. But the weird thing is, I don’t remember passing out…" Niall trailed off, deep in thought, probably trying to remember something.


"Liam, can you please explain to me what weird spell thingy Zayn and Harry put on you guys? And what happened?" I asked Liam. Liam gave me a whole summary of what happened. From Zayn and Harry waking up, to Zayn acting evil like and telling him not move, to Zayn and Harry beating the life out of Angel, then to him passing out. None of that made sense though. Harry and Zayn seem out of character. They would NEVER do that. I've known these boys for 5 years, and Harry and Zayn are NOT as cold hearted as they acted. I think something else it at play here, that none of the events that happened are just by coincidence. Suddenly we heard groaning, and saw that Harry and Zayn were waking up. They both sat up, looking sore. They looked around the room in confusion.


"Uuuuggghhh. What happened? And why does my whole body ache?" Harry complained, as if he was waking up with a hangover.


"Ugh… my head feels like a thousand bricks bashed me on the head." Zayn groaned, holding his head and wincing slightly.


"Boys, do you remember anything that happened?" I asked them, hoping they'd say no so that meant that it actually wasn’t their intention to do that to Angel.


"No… all I remember is that my head started hurting A LOT and then I blacked out." Zayn explained. Hmm. Wonder what could have happened to them? Niall, Harry and Zayn all have memory loss of the events that occurred, but Liam remembers? Weird…


I was interrupted from my thoughts by someone crying and wincing. It didn’t sound like the boys though, because this voice sounded more feminine like. I looked beside me and saw Angel was stirring, and her face was scrunched up in pain. She had some tears coming out of her closed eyes, and her breathing was ragged. I moved over closer so that I could rub her back and comfort her. But when I touched her back she jumped in fear and her eyes shot open.


"P-Please… d-don’t hurt me." She pleaded, her voice soft and fragile. I couple tears fell from my eyes seeing Angel in her fragile and broken state. I sniffed back the sob that threatened to come out.


"Its alright Angel. Its just me." I assured her. Her head tilted up slightly to look at my face to make sure it really was me.


"Louis?" she questioned, her voice full of hope.


"Yeah sweetheart, its me." I comforted her. I touched her back slightly, but she winced in pain.


"Louis, it really hurts…" she cried, a few more tears fell from her eyes.


"Where does it hurt love?" I asked, scanning her over to see where it hurt.


"Everywhere." She said, her voice full of pain. I didn’t like seeing her like this. Seeing her so broken and hurt. I wanted to hurt Harry and Zayn, make them feel how Angel felt. But I really cant, because it wasn’t in their control, at least that’s what I feel. And they don’t even know what happened anyway.


"Oh. My. Gosh!! What happened to Angel?" Niall exclaimed when he saw her state.


"What happened? Is she ok?" Harry asked, his voice showing concern. Its funny how he's concerned for her when he was actually the one who made her like this. I felt Angel tense when she heard Harry talk.


"Niall can you please heal her? Shes really hurting right now." I asked Niall. He nodded and made his way over to Angel's side of the bed. He stared at her for a while, and his eyes grew wide in horror.


"Oh, my, gosh. She's really hurt isn’t she? She looks all purple and blue." He commented. I nodded sadly, and urged him to go on. Niall placed a hand on Angel's arm, and she slightly freaked out under his touch.


"Its alright Angel, its only Niall. Hes going to heal you so that your not hurting any more ok?"


"How can he heal me?" she asked confused. Oh right! She doesn’t know about our powers, well, I'll tell her about our powers another time, right now, I'll just tell her about Niall's.


"Well it’s a long story love. I'll tell you another time, but right now, you need to be healed." I told her. She nodded her head, but then winced at doing the action. Niall placed his hand on her arm and closed his eyes in concentration. Angel's breathing quickened and she started groaning and wincing. But then soon enough she stopped and she let out a sigh of relief. After about 2 minutes or so, Angel was all healed. She was now sitting upright on the bed, scanning her arms over in bewilderment. All her cuts and bruises were gone, and she looked healthy and normal.


"Thanks so much Niall! She looks so much better now." I thanked him. He smiled at me as in a silent your welcome. Angel looked up at him and she smiled at him too.


"Thanks Niall." She said silently, then attacked him in a hug. Niall looked shocked at first, but then wrapped his arms around Angel's body, returning the hug. When she pulled away she sat back on the bed smiling up at Niall.


"Ughhh… my back hurts." Harry groaned. The moment Harry talked the smile faded off of Angel's face, and I saw fear flash through her eyes.


We needed to get Angel out of here so that we could figure out this whole situation.


"Um… Niall. Can you take Angel to see Carolina. I'm  pretty sure it'd cheer her up to talk to another girl." I saw Niall's face light up at the mention of Carolina.


"Oh yes. I would like to see her. I haven’t seen her since we were in the woods because…" she trailed off. Knowing that what she was about to say wouldn’t be pleasant for us to hear. So instead she just dodged it and said: "I would like to see Carolina."


"Sure. Come on, I'll take you to her." Niall smiled and held out his hand for Angel to take. She looked hesitant at first, staring at Niall's hand whilst biting her lip. But she did take his hand anyway, and they exited the room. Once they were gone, I looked at Liam. He seemed to know why I let Angel leave, so he started off by asking the question that was on everyone's mind.


"So… what exactly happened?" Liam asked. Everyone shrugged and shook their heads, not knowing the answer to that question.


"Wait… I think I might have an idea, Liam do you have your laptop with you?" I asked Liam. He nodded, looking at me questioningly. He just stood there looking at me.

"Well… do you mind getting it for me?" I asked.


"Oh! Sure, ermm… I'll be right back." He said as he exited the room. I shook my head and rolled my eyes. Even Liam can sometimes have a dumb moment.

So it was only Harry, Zayn and I left at the room. I looked at the two them and saw that they were looking down at themselves in pain.


"You would never hurt Angel right?" I asked out of the blue. Both Harry and Zayn's head snapped up, looking at me confused.


"Were you talking to me?" they both said simultaneously, then looked at each other after they said it at the same time.


"Yeah. You wouldn’t, right?" I urged on. They both nodded their heads vigorously, trying to well prove that they wouldn’t hurt Angelina.


"Lou you know I would never hurt her. She's like a sister to me. And after what happened to Daisy…" Harry trailed off.


"I know." I cut him off. My throat getting tight and a lump forming as tears brimmed my eyes. I cleared my throat and composed myself so that I wouldn’t cry. The 2 boys just looked at me concerned, I knew they knew.


"Lou… are you-" but he was cut off by Liam running into the room, holding up his laptop.


"I got it!" he exclaimed, then set the laptop down on the bed. Saved by Liam, thank goodness. I crossed over to the bed and turned on the laptop. I went onto Google and typed in: Mind Control.

A couple results showed up, and I clicked on the first one.


Mind control (also known as brainwashing, coercive persuasion, mind abuse, menticide, thought control, or thought reform) refers to a process in which a group or individual "systematically uses unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to do as the manipulator pleases. Usually when mind controlled, the victim's 5 senses are over powered by the manipulator. The vicitm wont have control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions and decision making. The mind controller, can make the victim do whatever he/she pleases. And in most cases, the victim wont know what is happening to him or her,and will most likely lose their memory to what they did when they were mind controlled. (A/N Credits to Wikipedia, got that first paraghraph from there. But edited into my own words.)


Oh. My. Gosh. Zayn and Harry were being mind controlled.


A/N hey guys! I just wanted to say, I'm  SO, SO SORRY for not updating. I've been so very busy and I try to update but then something else pops up and I don’t even get to turn my laptop on. I haven’t had much free time but atleast now things have kind of calmed down. I'll try to post as much as I can, but I really am sorry for not posting in a while. I might be able to post 2 chapters this week, I'll try for Thursday if I can post. So you just found out what's really happening to Zayn and Harry. But I wonder who will be the one controlling them? And how is that person even controlling them??

THANKS SO MUCH FOR READING GUYS!! Please Like, Favourite, Fan and of course… COMMENT!! I wanna know what you thought. :D


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