I Got KIdnapped By 1D!

"Don't even bother, you won't escape, might as well surrender." I noticed that he had a different accent compared to the other guy, he sounded more Irish then British. I didn’t have time to answer because they were all charging towards me, one of them grabbed me, he put one hand on my waist and one on my mouth so I couldn’t scream, I screamed anyway, I didn’t care if it came out muffled, I just wanted someone to hear me. I was thrashing around in his hands, until someone grabbed my feet and were tying them together, I couldn’t move my feet anymore, whoever tied them did a great job. I was still screaming, and I think whoever was holding me got annoyed because he said

"Ni the cloth" I didn't need to be a master mind to know what 'the cloth' meant, they were gonna drug me!


18. The Story Behind The Kidnapping

I Got Kidnapped By 1D!


Chapter 18: The Story Behind The Kidnapping




"I want to know why you guys kidnapped me, and I'm  not leaving here until I do." She stated firmly.


Louis POV


I was taken aback by her question, where did this come from? I didn’t know how to respond, I just stood there, staring at her, shocked, and slightly nervous. I looked around at the other boys and saw that their expressions were the same. I decided to just try and dodge the question by changing the subject.


"Um… are you hungry Angel? Its been a while since you last ate." I suggested. She looked at me confused


"W…what? Why would you-" then she stopped, her face showing realization. She looked at me intently and I saw anger flash through her eyes.


"Don’t you dare try and change the subject Lou. I want to know why you kidnapped me. You already did kidnap me, and I'm  being held here against my will. The least you can do for me is tell me the reason on why you kidnapped me." She angered. Ugh, it didn’t work. But she is right, she does deserve to know the truth. I looked at the other boys and they looked at me sadly, then nodded. They knew we needed to tell her sooner or later, I was just kind of hoping for later rather then sooner.


"Ok… Angel, are you sure you really want to know? You might hate us right after we tell you, then go and do something stupid, like run off again and almost get yourself killed."


"It wasn’t stupid, its what every other person would do if they were in my situation." She said confidently, with a hint of anger. "Now… I want to know why you kidnapped me." I let out a sigh and ran a hand through my hair in frustration. She wasn’t going to let this go was she? No, of course she's not, she's just as stubborn as I last remembered her.




**Angel 5 years old. Harry 6. Zayn, Liam and Niall 7, and Louis 8.**


Niall, Zayn, Harry and I were at the park, playing mythical dragon slaying. It was this game that we came up with where we were all knights and we would slay dragons and go on cool adventures.


"DIE DRAGON DIE!" Harry screamed as he started waving his arm as if he were slashing a dragon with a sword.

"I'll help you hazza!" I said in a 'super hero' voice. And I dashed off to go help Harry slay the 'dragon'.


"Zayn, help! The dragons going to blow fire on me!" Niall called out, and Zayn went to his aid. We were all having fun playing, that is until we heard a girl crying. We all stopped playing and looked around confused. We saw a girl, she looked around 5 years old, crying in the sandbox. We all ran over to her to see if she was alright.


"Hi there. Are you alright?" I asked her. She looked up at me with red puffy eyes from crying.


"M-my d-dolls m-missing." She stuttered from crying. Aw. She looked so cute and helpless.


"Ok, we'll help you find your doll. What's your name?"




"Nice to meet you Angel. I'm  Louis, and that’s Zayn, Niall and Harry." I introduced each boy.

"And we'll help you find your doll alright?" she nodded.


"Angel! Angel, are you alright?" I boy called out as he rushed over to Angel.


"Liam!" she screamed then ran over to hug him.


"Are you hurt? What's wrong? Why are you crying?" he asked her concerned, whilst he scanned her body trying to see if she had any injuries.


"I'm  fine, I lost my doll again. And these nice boys offered to help me." She said as she motioned a hand to us. The boy walked over to us, while holding Angel' hand.


"Hi. I'm  Liam. Angel's older brother." He smiled. We all smiled back and introduced ourselves, then went to find Angel's doll.


**Angel 8. Harry 9. Liam, Zayn and Niall 10. Louis 11**


"Harry, Zayn!! Give me back my Barbie doll!" Angel whined, as she chased Harry and Zayn around the park to get her Barbie doll back. I laughed as I watched them run around the park. Angel eventually got tired and she stopped running, then she ran over to Liam and I.


"Boobear, Leeyum! Hazza and Zayn wont give me back my Barbie doll!" she said as she crossed her arms angrily. We became the best of friends since we helped Angel find her doll in the sandbox about 3 years ago. We always played at the park, where we first met, it was our official 'friendship spot' that’s what we called it. 


"C'mon boys, give back Angel her doll. You know how protective she is over that." Liam ordered them. Harry and Zayn stopped running, both their heads were down 'in shame' as they walked over to us. Harry 'shamefully' gave Liam Angel's doll, and he handed it to Angel who squealed in delight, and ran over to Niall who was playing in the sandbox.


"Nialler! I got my doll back! We can make the sandcastle now for queen Cheryl!" I could hear her squeal with excitement. The boys and I laughed as we walked over to the sandbox to join them.


**Angel 12. Harry 13. Liam, Zayn and Niall 14. Louis 15.**


The boys and I just discovered that we had powers. We don’t know how we got them, but we just do. We called Angel and told her to meet at the park, our usual spot and that Liam was here already with us. The boys and I were testing out our new powers, seeing the different things we can do with them.  


"Hey boys!" Angel called out as she ran over to us. I noticed that she brought her little sister with her as well.


"Hey Angel! Why did you bring your sister with you?" I asked her.


"Because my mom and dad said I needed to, and that it should have been LIAM to bring her, and not me. But he just dashed out of the house." She said pointing a finger at Liam. Liam gave her a sheepish smile.


"Woops, sorry. Guess I forgot." He said with a shrug. Angel chuckled.


"Its fine." Upon seeing Liam, the cute little 4 year old squealed saying 'Liam!' then ran over to him. Liam opened his arms, welcoming her, and she jumped into his arms with a giggle. 


"Well… looks like I know who's Daisy's favourite sibling is." Angel mumbled. Liam laughed.


"She likes me better than yo-ou!" he cheered. Angel crossed her arms and stuck out her tongue at him. Liam stuck his tongue out at her as well. And we laughed at their childlike ways.


"Whatever! Anyways, what is this cool thing you guys can do? And what is that exactly?" she questioned. A huge smile spread across our faces. And in unison we said.


"WE HAVE POWERS!" she looked at us dumbfounded, then burst out laughing.


"Yeah, right. And my boyfriend is Batman." She chuckled.


"Were not joking Angel. Were serious." Harry told her seriously. She stopped laughing, and she looked at us curiously.


"Really? Then you wont mind showing me some proof." She challenged. We all nodded and smiled.

"Who's up first?" Harry ran in front of her, eager to show her his power. He focused his hands out in front of him, and focused it on Angel. Angel looked at him weirdly, then soon enough her feet left the ground and she was floating up. She looked at Harry in amazement.

"OH MY GOSH!! Harry!! This is so cool!" she exclaimed, her face showing amazement. Harry looked at her with a proud smile, then set her back down on the ground.


"Yeah, my power is levitation, I can lift people and objects." He explained. Then next up was Zayn, I smirked knowing what his power was, and since he secretly fancied Angel, this should be good.


"What's your power Zayn?" Angel asked. Zayn smirked at her, then gave Liam a look that said 'I'm  about to do something bad.' Liam looked at him weirdly, then as if realizing what he was about to do, he gave him a warning look.


"Zayn, don’t you dare." Liam warned. Angel looked at Liam questioningly, but then focused back on Zayn and looked him in the eyes. Woops, wrong move Angel. "Angel don’t look him in the eyes!" Liam screamed. But it was already too late, Zayn locked eyes with Angel.


"Angel, I want you to kiss me, and you wont stop until I pull away. And when I do pull away, you'll instantly fall asleep and wont remember anything about the kissing." He ordered her. Angel nodded, then leaned in to kiss Zayn. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and Zayn put his hands on the small of her back, pulling her closer to him. The other boys laughed, as Liam fumed with anger. He didn’t like anyone touching his younger sister. Zayn and Angel continued kissing, and we could tell that things were about to get heated because Angel jumped, and she wrapped her legs around his waist, as Zayn buried one hand in her hair, as his other hand held Angel up.


"Ok Zayn, that’s enough." Liam commanded. Zayn finally pulled away. Angel fell asleep instantly and Zayn caught her before she could hit the ground. He picked her up bridal style and placed her on the ground. Liam ran over and shook her awake.


"Angel? Angel wake up." He shook her gently. Angel's eyes flew open and she looked confused.


"What happened? Did I fall asleep?" she asked dazed. We all laughed at her and she gave us a questioning look.


"Actually I hypnotised you to sleep." Zayn explained. She looked at him bewildered.


"Whoa! So your power is hypnotization?" she asked amazed, he nodded. Daisy ran over to Angel and she jumped onto her lap.


"You and Zayn…" she made a kissing face and noises. "Kissy-wissy!" she exclaimed. All the boys looked at Zayn with an expression that said 'your in trouble now'. Zayn looked wide eyed at Daisy, he pulled her off Angel's lap and put her in Harry's arms, Harry looked at Daisy then at Zayn confused.


"Ok Daisy how about Harry takes you flying?" Zayn asked to distract her from the whole kissing thing. Daisy squealed excitedly and nodded with a big smile on her face. Soon Daisy was flying up into the air. But the next thing that happened was the most unforgettable. I was playing with my wind power, trying to make a small tornado appear on my hand, and I didn’t notice how much wind I was bringing. Soon Daisy was flying else were, away from us. Harry released his focus on her on instinct to go run after her, but that was a big mistake because an ear piercing scream filled the park followed by a loud thump. We all turned around to see Daisy lying lifelessly on the ground.


"Daisy!" Liam and Angel screamed at the same time. They both ran over to Daisy, and kneeled down beside her trying to see if she was alright. Liam started shaking Daisy lightly, trying to get her to wake up.


"Daisy? Daisy?! C'mon love wake up." Liam cried. Tears streaming down his face. We immediately called 911 and Daisy was rushed to the hospital, Angel sat in the ambulance with her and Liam,  Zayn, Harry, Niall and I went to Liam's house to tell his parents about the incident. We said she fell off a tree because she was trying to climb it, and his parents started freaking out. His parents hopped into a car and we followed in. but since it was only a 5 seater car only I, Liam and Zayn could go. Harry and Niall had to stay behind, but they said they were just going to take the bus or something. The drive to the hospital was pretty frantic, Mr. and Mrs. Payne were frantic calling different people about the incident and to meet us at the hospital. But when we were crossing a bridge, Liam called their attention to ask about something. Mr. Payne turned around angry that he interrupt him when he was doing something important, and whilst he was saying that, he didn’t know that we had moved to side and we crashed into the side of a bridge, then dove into the lake bellow. We crashed into the water and the car was filling up with water fast. Liam, Zayn and I immediately unbuckled ourselves, and I used water force to smash one of the windows open. Zayn, Liam and I got to swim out, but Mr. and Mrs. Payne were still stuck in the car, already unconscious from crashing into the side of the bridge. Liam swam to his mom's side of the car, pounding hard on the window trying to get it open. I was going to go help him with my power, but felt that the air was running out in my lungs, so I swam to the surface to catch  my breath. I was about to dive in again, but Zayn and Liam had already resurfaced. I was still going to go, but Liam stopped me.


"Don’t Lou, its no use… their already out of breath, lets just go." He said, his voice hard. Trying to hold back tears.


"But Li-"


"NO LOU. I said lets go." He said again, slightly angry. But I didn’t fight him, I know he must be hurting so much right now.

"Oh and another thing… no one tells Angel, we need to find an adoptive parent and hypnotise them to make them think that their our real parents. Ok?" Liam asked. We looked at him surprised. He snapped his fingers in our faces grabbing our attention.

"Alright? Lets go." We just nodded, not really knowing how to respond to this. We walked to the hospital which wasn’t so far away. We walked into the hospital and asked for Daisy Payne. They told us which room she was in, and we walked over up to her room. As we were walking to her room, we came across a room that had a girl lying still on the bed, whilst her parents cried beside her. Liam nodded, signalling these were the parents we were going to hypnotise. We walked into the room, and the parents looked up at us.


"Are you Ashley's friends?" the mother asked us standing up, to greet us. We looked at each other as if saying 'what should we do', then we just nodded. The mother came up to us, and hugged each of us separately.

"I'm  so sorry, but she's gone." She cried. The father stood beside the mother and he comforted her. We gave her a sympathetic look then closed the door. Zayn stepped up and he looked both the mother and father in the eye.


"You will forget about Ashley and instead you will be the parents of two girls named Angelina Payne and Daisy Payne, but instead of Payne, their last name will be your last name. Your daughter Daisy is in the hospital because she was injured and we are going to go see her now." Zayn commanded. They both nodded, then snapped out of the trance they were in.


"Where's Daisy?" the mother asked concerned.


"Were going to see her now, follow me." Liam said and we walked to Daisy's room. When we walked in, we saw that Harry and Niall have arrived, and they were both comforting a crying Angelina. Liam rushed over to Angel as soon as we walked in.


"Angel sweetheart, what's wrong?" Liam asked her concerned.


"D-Daisy… G-Gone." She stuttered, then hugged him tightly as she cried into his chest. Liam's eyes were bloodshot, and already tears started forming in his eyes. He turned around to look at Daisy, then burst out crying.


"Oh. My. Gosh. Daisy!" the mother of Ashley cried then ran over to Daisy, as well as the father.


"Liam… who are they?" Angel asked him. Liam looked at her sympathetically then pulled her out into the hall for privacy. Zayn and I followed them.


"Zayn? Do it please." Liam pleaded him. Zayn nodded, and he walked up to Angel.


"What's going on?" Angel asked nervously. Zayn ignored her question and looked her in the eyes.


"Those people in there are your parents, and always have been. You remember that Daisy died because of heart failure, and nothing else." Zayn was going to stop but Liam continued, tears streaming endlessly down his face.


"You don’t have another sibling only yourself now that Daisy's died. You will go back living your life normally, and you wont remember us at all. You are now going to sleep, because this day has exhausted you." Liam concluded, as he cried. Zayn and I looked at him shocked, but Zayn still copied his words, and soon Angel was asleep in Liam's arms. Liam brought Angel into the room and set her down on a chair in the hospital room. Liam told Zayn to hypnotise Ashley's parents as well to make them forget about us, and to explain how their new life will be like with Ashley. We left the hospital, all of us feeling guilty, as tears rolled down our faces.




"Every single day that’s passed after that, we've been feeling even more guilty and there hasn’t been a day where we haven’t thought about you. We missed you so much that it was just too much for us to bare, and we needed you back in our lives. Were really sorry Angel." I said as we finished explaining to her the real reason on why we kidnapped her. She stared at us, her eyes wide and her mouth slightly agape. She just stared at us in shock, like she didn’t know what to say. We couldn’t blame her, this was a lot to take in.


"Angel? Please say something." Liam pleaded her.


"Angel?" I asked trying to see if I could get any response from her. But she didn’t say anything, she just stared down at the bed, her eyes still wide. The boys and I exchanged worried and uncertain looks, we didn’t know what to do, for all we know, she could have gone into a state of shock and stayed like that. Finally after what seemed like forever, Angel finally responded.


"My whole life's been a lie…" she said in a whisper. I wanted to say something that would reassure her that it wasn’t. But as I come to think about it, I cant help but think that it actually has been. She doesn’t know anything real from her past, she doesn’t have real parents, she didn’t know she lost her best friends, and she didn’t know about her brother… I looked at Liam, and he seemed to think the same thing, I could see it in his eyes.


"Not everything's been a lie… you got to experience school, and friends, and you still do have parents… their just not your biological parents." Liam persuaded her softly. She looked up at Liam and I could see tears glistening in her eyes, and the hurt and anger in them.


"NO Liam. My WHOLE life has been a lie! My parents weren’t even my real parent! I didn’t know I had a brother! I thought my sister died of heart failure! I never knew ANYTHING about my past! And it turns out the guys who kidnapped me were actually my best friends AND my brother!!  And not to mention that the guys who hurt me were my best friends… I CANT BELIEVE THIS!! Nothing makes sense anymore, nothing is real anymore! They've all been lies!! My whole life has actually been lie! I might as well have been dead for the past 16 years I've been alive! Because that’s what I feel right now, dead! I don’t know what's real and who’s real anymore! Is my best friend Emma real? Is Josh the guy that I got invited to his party real? Or maybe you guys hired them to spy on me and lure me in to the perfect spot and time to kidnap me? My whole life has been a lie…" she completely exploded. Then she pulled both knees up to her chest, crossed her arms on her knees, and buried her face into her arms, sobbing vigorously. We looked at each other guiltily, we knew that she was going to react somewhere along the lines of how she just reacted, but still seeing it in reality, really stung. Niall looked at Angel like he was about to burst into tears himself. Then he walked over and sat on the bed beside her. He placed a hand on her back and started rubbing her back slightly. I'm  surprised she actually didn’t flinch away from contact.


"Sweetheart… were still here for you. And we love you no matter what. I know it may seem like lies coming out of my mouth right now, considering the circumstances, but it is the truth whether you believe it or not. We promise NEVER AGAIN to hurt you and lie to you like we did. We are SO SORRY, and we feel even more guilty now. We love you Angel, we always have and always will." Niall concluded. A single tear drop rolled down Niall's face. I felt like bursting into tears myself right now.


"Please… Just leave me alone…" Angel sobbed. We all looked at each other and nodded, she obviously needed some space right now. We all got up and started exiting the room, each of us giving Angel one last look before we left. I was the last one to go, and before I closed the door behind me I said


"I love you Angel." And with that I closed the door behind me.


A/N THE BIG REVEAL!! woah! Isn’t that a shocker?! That was A LOT to write! Hope you guys liked it! It was kinda hard to explain the past. Thanks for reading! Please Like, Favourite, Fan and Comment! I'll be posting next week! :D



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