I Got KIdnapped By 1D!

"Don't even bother, you won't escape, might as well surrender." I noticed that he had a different accent compared to the other guy, he sounded more Irish then British. I didn’t have time to answer because they were all charging towards me, one of them grabbed me, he put one hand on my waist and one on my mouth so I couldn’t scream, I screamed anyway, I didn’t care if it came out muffled, I just wanted someone to hear me. I was thrashing around in his hands, until someone grabbed my feet and were tying them together, I couldn’t move my feet anymore, whoever tied them did a great job. I was still screaming, and I think whoever was holding me got annoyed because he said

"Ni the cloth" I didn't need to be a master mind to know what 'the cloth' meant, they were gonna drug me!


11. She's Gone!

I Got Kidnapped By 1D


Chapter 11 - She's Gone!


Louis POV


My eyes fluttered open and I came face to face with the wall, I expected to see Angel right beside me, but realised I must have rolled over and faced the wall instead of her. So I closed my eyes and rolled over again, I opened my eyes and came face to face with… an empty space on the bed. I shot up, and looked around the room. Did she fall off the bed or something? I moved over taking the spot she was supposed to be in and glanced at the floor, there wasn’t anyone there. I lowered my upper body over the bed, so my head was touching the floor, and looked underneath the bed, she wasn’t there either. I started panicking, but tried to keep calm because when I panic, I don’t think straight. I stood up and sat cross legged on the bed, I took a couple breaths to calm myself, then decided to get off the bed and search where she could have wandered off to. I realised it was a little cold in the room, and there was a breeze coming in from somewhere. That was odd, I don’t remember turning on the AC. I tried to focus on where the breeze was coming from, and realised it was coming from the open bathroom door. I walked into the bathroom to find the bathroom window wide open. I started panicking again, I don’t remember opening the window. The window was big enough for Angel to fit in, and she was missing at the moment. So I put 2 and 2 together, and came up with… she escaped. Oh. My. Gosh. She escaped. The realization hit me like a ton of bricks being thrown at my face. I need to tell the boys!! Who knows where she's gone, the forest stretched for miles and miles, we were in the middle of no where!! For all I know she could be hurt right now, or kidnapped by some stranger (well, except for us), or worse… she could be dead. I started to hyperventilate, and my mind was racing on the possibilities of what could have happened to her. I wasn’t thinking straight at all, I was too busy freaking out.


LOUIS!! Calm down! Your  'freaking out' attack is not helping this situation at all. You need to take a breather and go tell the boys what's happening. The longer you wait, the longer Angel will be out there in the unknown, possibly in  danger. My conscious screamed at me. It was right though, I'm  not helping this situation at all, the more I stand around freaking out, the more Angel could be trapped in  a dangerous situation. So I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and calmed down. I opened my eyes again and focused on what I really had to do, which was tell the boys. So I dashed out of my room and ran down to Liam's room first, he was the one in charge and most likely will know what to do. I literally burst into his room, flinging the door open, not even bothering with knocking. The door made a really loud BANG sound as it hit the wall, and it startled Liam. He shot out of bed, and did a karate chopping pose. It was really funny actually, I would have laughed under normal circumstances, but there was an emergency at play right now.


"LOU! WHAT THE HECK! YOU GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK!!" he screamed at me and put his hand over his heart, as he realised it was me.


"Sorry Li, but we have a BIG emergency!" I told him as calmly as I could.


"What could be such a big emergency that you would have to give me a heart attack?" he asked, annoyed.


"Angels gone." I said. He looked at me with wide eyes, his mouth agape. Then he burst into laughter. What the heck? Why in the world is he laughing when Angel's escaped?


"Hahaha!! Nice one Lou! You almost got me! But you've got to be better than that to cause me a real heart attack."  He said laughing. I looked at him with a puzzled expression. He stopped laughing, he turned serious and he just stared at me. Like he was searching for some sign that I was joking, but I wasn’t, I wish I were.


"Your not joking are you?" he asked seriously. I shook my head.


"No I'm  absolutely 100% serious! Li, we need to find her! I don’t know where she could be! Were in the freakin middle of no where! She could be in danger right now for all I know! What am I going to do Liam?! I cant stand the thought of Angel in danger! We have to find her!!!" I poured out everything I was thinking, completely freaking out right now. I started hyperventilating. I cant stand the though of Angel hurt, I really cant. Liam placed his hands on my shoulders and forced me to face him.


"Lou, Lou. Calm down. We'll find her ok? I promise. We'll find her and she'll be safe and sound. Just take a deep breath and calm down, the last thing we need is you passing out from hyperventilating." He told me. I nodded, closed my eyes, and took a deep breath.


"All better?" he asked me.


"All better." I nodded.


"Good, now lets go inform the other boys so we can all go look for her ok?" he ordered me, and I nodded. We both walked out of his room, and he went to Niall's room while I walked into Harry's. Harry was sound asleep on the bed, his blankets pulled up to his chin, and he was snoring lightly. He looked really cute actually, I know I'm  not supposed to be saying this since were both guys, but I don’t mean it that way. I mean like baby cute, as in cute like he's my little brother. I quietly approached Harry, not wanting to startle him like I did with Liam.


"Haz." I whispered as I shook him lightly, he snorted and rolled over. So I walked over to the other side of the bed.


"Harry… wake up sleepy head, we have an emergency." I sing-songed. I was being surprisingly calm considering my panic attacks earlier.  He groaned, and rolled over again. I sighed in frustration. Ugh!! This boy will never wake up! I decided, heck with the gentle approach. I need to wake this boy up, and its definitely not going to be gentle. So I went to the foot of his bed, and gripped the blanket with both of my hands. I pulled the blanket right off of his bed and body, and at the same time I screamed.

"HARRY GET UP!!" he woke up with a startle, and shot right up. He looked around the room, his eyes wide. When he saw me though, his cheeks turned a slight shade of red, as if he were embarrassed, then he turned annoyed.


"Ugh!! Lou! What is it?!" he questioned annoyed. I was still wondering why he blushed embarrassed though. I got my answer when I looked down at the bed to see Harry's naked body. When I say naked, I mean COMPLETELY naked. My eyes grew wide, and I quickly covered my eyes from the sight in front of me.


"Gosh Harry!! Why don’t you sleep with any clothes on?!" I asked in shock, with my hands over my eyes.


"I'm  not the one who came barging into the room and woke me up with a hear attack! And plus, you never know, I might be… indecent." he shot back. Eh, he had me there.


"Fine, whatever. But hurry up and get dressed because we have a big emergency." I told him on the verge of panicking again, remembering the emergency. I could hear him get off the bed, open a drawer and dig through it.


"What big of an emergency do you have that it has to be dealt with right now, in the middle of the freaking night?!" he asked annoyed. Wow, people seem to be really annoyed when you wake them up in a startle. I removed my hands from my eyes to see if he was decent. And thank god he was.


"Angels escaped!" I told him. Now he had a horrified look on his face.


"Come again?!" he asked like he wasn’t believing what I was telling him.


"Exactly what I said, now come on, we don’t have much time, we need to go find her. The longer we wait, the more she could be in danger, and I just cant stand the thought of her hurt haz!" I freaked out again. My voice cracked, as tears threatened to spill out of my eyes.


"Ok calm down Lou, I'm  as scared as you are for her safety ok? We'll find her, don’t worry." He assured me. He walked over to me and gave me a comforting hug and rubbed my back. So this is how it felt like when I rubbed Angel's back, it felt really good and comforting. I hugged him back, and buried my head in the crook of his neck. I wanted to cry so badly, but I was trying to hold it in, I don’t want to cry and be seen as a weakling.


"Its ok Lou, you can cry if you want. Its only me in this room." He said as if he were reading my mind. Wow, Harry can really read me like an open book. So I just gave up and let all my tears out. I sobbed into his neck, wetting his hair and shirt with my tears. He continued to rub my back until I calmed down. I my sobs finally calmed down, and I stopped crying. I pulled away from his hug and wiped my face of my tears.


"Thanks haz, I kind of needed that." I admitted sheepishly.


"You don’t need to be embarrassed Lou. I would react the same way if I were in your situation. Its hard thinking someone you love is in danger." He assured me. Wait did he just say, 'someone you love.'? Does he know I love Angel? I was about to protest, but then the other 3 boys came rushing into Harry's room.


"Ok you guys ready to go?" Zayn asked, looking flustered. We all nodded and headed for the door. As I stepped out into the forest night, all I could think about was, 'god I hope she's ok.'


A/N sorry this was kinda a short chapter. I didn’t have that much time to write. But I wanted to update early cuz I just got some great feedback from you guys. THANKS SO MUCH! Anyways, please like, favourite, comment and fan if you liked it!



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