I Got KIdnapped By 1D!

"Don't even bother, you won't escape, might as well surrender." I noticed that he had a different accent compared to the other guy, he sounded more Irish then British. I didn’t have time to answer because they were all charging towards me, one of them grabbed me, he put one hand on my waist and one on my mouth so I couldn’t scream, I screamed anyway, I didn’t care if it came out muffled, I just wanted someone to hear me. I was thrashing around in his hands, until someone grabbed my feet and were tying them together, I couldn’t move my feet anymore, whoever tied them did a great job. I was still screaming, and I think whoever was holding me got annoyed because he said

"Ni the cloth" I didn't need to be a master mind to know what 'the cloth' meant, they were gonna drug me!


20. Everything's Normal

I Got Kidnapped By 1D!


Chapter 20 - Everything's Normal


Angelina's POV


I just finished eating the delicious food, and right now I was sat on the living room couch watching Toy Story 3. It wasn’t my choice of movie, Liam begged us until we finally got annoyed and decided to watch it. Anyways… I'm  sat on the couch with Louis beside me, an arm wrapped around my shoulders as I cuddled into his side. It felt good. I actually felt so peaceful and so at ease for once in this house. I wasn’t in pain, there was no commotion going on, the boys weren’t fighting, and no one was getting hurt. It just felt like a regular hang out between friends.

Friends… these boys were once my best friends. I still cant believe it. They were my best friends for most of my life and…

I felt my vision go blurry. Ugh! Again with the stupid tears! No, no more crying. I took a deep breath and started blinking rapidly to get rid of the tears that were threatening to escape. Thank goodness it worked. I focused back on the screen and tried to clear my head of those thoughts.


"You alright sweetheart?" I heard Louis' sweet comforting voice whisper gently into my ear. I nodded my head and felt him pull me closer into him. I buried my head into his chest, liking the feeling of being comforted. He kissed the top of my head and caressed my hair, instantly comforting me to the point where I felt kind of sleepy. He always knew how to comfort me. He continued caressing my hair, running his fingers through my soft brown hair, and before I knew it, I slipped into a peaceful sleep.


Louis POV

I could tell there was something bothering her. The way that her body tensed and her breathing going kind of ragged. She was upset over something. But she didn’t want to say so I didn’t push it. Instead I comforted her by caressing her hair, and soon enough, she was fast asleep. I loved it when she fell asleep beside me, I just love seeing her face relaxing and looking all peaceful. It makes me feel like everything was normal and that we didn’t kidnap her, didn’t erase her memory of the past, didn’t lie to her, didn’t hurt her, and all the other awful things we did. But I don’t want to think about that because it just brings tears to my eyes.

I kissed her forehead and continued to caress her hair. I smiled down at my princess. She was so beautiful, and so perfect. I still cant believe she's actually mine, and only mine. I continued staring down at her, until I felt like there was someone watching me. I looked up and briefly saw Harry's green eyes staring at us, until they immediately snapped back to the TV when our eyes connected. I looked at his facial expression and saw that he looked angered. Over what though?


"Harry?" I called to him. He didn’t look at me but answered a simple 'yeah' in response.

"What's wrong?" I saw his jaw tense and his hands curl into fists as I asked him. His green eyes showing fury as he stared intently at the TV, I doubt he was paying attention to what was happening on the screen though.


"Who said there was anything wrong?" he practically growled at me. What has gotten into him? Why is he angry all of a sudden? I turned to look at Liam, and saw that he was staring at Harry confused. He looked at me when he saw me looking at him, and I asked him with my eyes, what was wrong with Harry. He gave me a confused 'I don’t know' shrug in response. I sighed and looked back at Harry, who's eyes were still glued onto the screen.


"You seem kind of… upset." I admitted.


"Well, I'm fine." He hissed through gritted teeth. I raised my eyebrow at him, but he didn’t seem to notice. I looked around again at the other boys, and saw that Zayn and Niall were now also looking at Harry with confused expressions.


"Uh… are you sure Harry-" Niall started but was then rudely cut off by Harry.


"I said I'm. Fine. Alright? Stop questioning me." Harry all of a sudden snapped. Shooting daggers at all of us as he stormed out of the room. We could clearly hear his footsteps making his way upstairs, and slamming his bedroom door shut, quite loudly.

Once he was gone we all looked at each other in confusion. What's with the sudden mood swing?


"What do you think has gotten into him?" I asked Liam as he sat on the couch beside me where Harry was before. Liam let out an exasperated sigh as he massaged his temples.


"I honestly have no idea."


"He's not being mind controlled is he?" Niall piped up. I thought about that for a second. What if he was? But if he was, then Zayn would be mind controlled too right? But Zayn wasn’t angry, he seemed completely fine. And if Harry WAS being mind controlled, he would've done some damage. But he didn’t, he was just… well… angry, all of a sudden. I shook my head at Niall.


"I don’t think so. Usually when he's being mind controlled he always does some kind of damage, and Zayn would be mind controlled as well." I explained. Niall nodded thoughtfully. Just then, Carolina came strolling into the kitchen.


"Hi guys." She yawned groggily as she plopped down onto the couch beside the one I was seated on. A chorus of 'hi Carolina's went around the room and I saw Niall's expression light up when he saw her. He got up from where he was seated, and casually sat beside her on the couch. They didn’t cuddle or anything, they weren’t even touching. They just sat beside each other, on opposite sides of the couch and would often steal a glance at the other, when the other wasn’t looking. It was really funny actually. Seeing two people who obviously liked each other a lot, not have the courage to say something although the feeling was mutual. I really gotta set these two lovebirds up sometime, they are obviously suffering and need a little motivation. I decided to at least get them to sit closer together, but first I should at least put Angel in her own bed so that she'd be comfortable while sleeping.


I scooped up Angel into my arms, carrying her bridal style, and made my way upstairs and into her bedroom. I gently laid her down on her bed, tucked her in, then placed a soft kiss on her forehead before I left the room. Now… time to get Niall and Carolina to sit closer together. I went into my room, grabbed a bid duffel bag, and stuffed it with pillows. Then went back downstairs with the duffel bag in hand.


"Hey Niall, can you scooch over please? Closer to Carolina so I can put my bag here." I told him as I placed the bag on the seat beside him. And since the duffel bag was so big, it took up some space on his leg. He gave me a confused/ annoyed look and I just flashed him a smile. He moved about an inch closer to Carolina, so that the duffel bag wasn’t touching him anymore. They weren’t touching shoulders yet though, a person could still sit in between the space that separated them. I gave out a little inaudible groan, and shoved the duffel bag closer to Niall so that part of it was on his leg again. He looked down at the duffel bag in annoyance then back up at me, shooting daggers obviously. He moved a little bit closer to Carolina, but yet they STILL weren’t touching. Grrr…

I decided that enough with the subtlety act, cuz all its going to do is annoy the heck out of me. I placed my hands on the side of Niall's left leg, and pushed him so that he bumped into Carolina who blushed instantly at the skin contact.


"I'm  sorry." Niall said apologetically when he bumped Carolina. I smirked at myself and stared at the two who was staring at each other with wide eyes.


"Much better." I said triumphantly. Niall snapped his attention back to me when I said that, and he shot me a look that said, 'what the heck are you doing?!'. I winked at him as I gave him a cheeky smile, and turned back around to sit by Liam who was looking at us in amusement.


"It did look like he needed a little push." Liam laughed quietly so only I could hear.


"I know right?" we both chuckled as we glanced at the two lovebirds who were now chatting away into their own little world. Or maybe flirting away? Either way its still process. I felt someone plop down on the seat beside me and I saw it was Zayn.


"Playing cupid Louis?" he asked with a smirk. I laughed.


"Yeah, Niall needs his princess. She's sitting right beside him, and he wasn’t planning on making a move anytime soon, other than blushing and staring at her when she wasn’t looking. So I had to do it myself." I smiled. Zayn chuckled and nodded. We continued watching Toy Story 3 as Niall and Carolina talked. Everything was normal, yet I had this nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach saying that I need to check on Angel. But I just ignored it thinking I was just paranoid for no reason.

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