Breathe me (Secrets keep us close)

“I wish I wasn't always wrong I wish it wasn't always my fault” - Rosemary Bloss

”She has so many secrets, so many scars. I wish I could kiss them away.” - Liam Payne


2. The beginning

I sat in the train. I took my phone up from my purse. 5 AM. They said I would be at my apartment at 6 AM. I forced myself into the eating cabin. There was only one menu. Salad, a white slice of bread and a juice brick. Not what I wanted, specially not in the morning. But everything I got was better than, the oatmeal I got at home. The seats were green and on top of every table there was a plastic flower. I looked at my right side pushing my hair to the side and looked at the old lady sitting alone. I went over to her, she shouldn't be sitting alone, and neither should I. I looked into the womens eyes as I took my hand to greet her. “My name is Rosemary” I said politely with a little smile, that disappeared fast again. “My name is Auburn Elizabeth Payne” She said with a rusty voice, taking her hand up to reach mine. Her hand was shaking and she couldn't face my eyes, cause her neck didn't have enough power to look up. Just by looking at her I knew her time soon was over, but then I thought of myself, I had a long time, but what should I do with all this time? I was sure that she would use it a lot better than me. I took my plate up to the cafeteria, and then I went over to say goodbye to Auburn. I gave her a small hug, and then I walked into my sleeping cabin again. I silently stepped on each ladder step, so I didn't wake up the five others in my cabin.

The next morning we finally got to the Brighton station. I took my big brown old suitcase, and went outside on the cold and wet asphalt. My socks began to get wet, because there were holes in my sneakers.

It was a long and rough way to go, for such a small and fragile girl as me. I opened the door into my new apartment. Everything was made of wood, and the chairs were about to rot. There were a big hole in my sheets, but the actual bed was fine. It was hard to believe that this was better than my old house. The family supporters must not have any taste. I took my old Nokia and started playing snake. It was now 5 pm, and I were already tired. It would be my first day at school tomorrow. I took a quick shower. The water always went from burning hot to dying cold. I wrapped a towel around my body as I took my only clothing out into the shower, so I could clean it later. I saw a male calling from the street “Do you want a job, get a job here.” I ran down to the front door of the apartment building, still just wearing a towel. I looked at the male and told him I was interested. “Okay then, lets go up into your apartment and discuss the rest. As I was looking around on the street I saw every one looking down at me, and teenagers pointing fingers at the man and then made sad eyes. I didn't know why, but then I got up to my place, and unlocked the door. I sat down in the old brown sofa, as the male locked the door. He slowly went over to take a chair and sit in front of me.

“So, this job isn't a regular job” he started of saying, and I lay my head at an angle to show him that I did not understand what he meant. “And this is not the kind of job interview every one get to, and we do not use males.” I looked at him even more confused. He started touching my leg gently, as he started to kiss me. I pushed him away, as he just told me “This is a part of the job interview, I need to see if you are good enough!” he looked at the ground and could see I were a bit scared. “The job is to be a prostitute.” He said and I fast raised from the couch and escalated him out. He just turned me around and said. “This is a opportunity that you can't miss! You get great cash, and you get filled in your needs.” I then went over to the couch again and gave him a sign to come and join me. And then the job interview began again.


He took is bag, and his contract that said I had to be a prostitute for his “company” for at least a half year, and my first job already began at Friday. In a total strangers house.

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