Breathe me (Secrets keep us close)

“I wish I wasn't always wrong I wish it wasn't always my fault” - Rosemary Bloss

”She has so many secrets, so many scars. I wish I could kiss them away.” - Liam Payne


1. Intro

I went over to the great amount of paper. I looked around the big room, black walls. Black. I took a step closer to the cashier. She was blowing a big piece of gum, almost in my head. I asked for my letter, The Letter. The cashier sent the letter across the table as soon as my finger touched the letter, my scar got opened again. My skin was now so thin everything would go right through. It was weird seeing blood coming out from my body again, and in some kind of sick way.. I liked it. I felt like nothing or no one would be able to hurt me.. but me. Everything was my fault, and I had lived with this my hole life.. So it was okay. I missed the feeling of being free, I couldn't have that feeling yet. Not until I found out what happened, and why?

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