One Thing

The story us based on the song "one thing" by one direction.


1. met in the summer

People always wonder what songs are based on. I can't answer the question unless its about one thing. This is the story....

Harry's P.O.V

It was 2009 and I was going to a sleep away camp. The camp is supposed to be really cool and when I got there it looked really cool. Then  I saw this girl... She was beautiful. It was love at first sight. Until I realized that she didn't even notice me. I've been told I had a great voice so to get her to notice me I will write a song for her. I was writing it for the whole summer but I never got to sing it to her. Then I tried out for the x-factor and became famous but I never forgot about her. Then I was telling the boys everything and I sang the song for them.

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