Comment your name, hair color, eye color, and favorite boy.


1. Trinity Jorgensen

So here's my own little imagine so you guys get the idea of what I'll be doing:


Niall is texting you and telling you that Louis talks about you in his sleep. 

'Yeah.. He says {Trinity} come back'

'aww my boo bear'

'he really does miss you'

you start crying because you live out in Doncaster while Louis is in America seeing far way more prettier girls than you. But you trust him.. 2 months passed and you got no contact from Louis. You practically forgot about him. Thinking he forgot about you. So your in the kitchen of house you guys called ours when someone grabs you by your waist and kisses you on the neck.. "I missed you so much" Louis coo's in your ear. You turn around and kiss him while your crying.

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