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6. Samantha {Sam}


"Sam.! I'm sorry, I love you.." Liam said as he gave Sam puppy dog eyes. They just got into a fight. "Liam.. It's the 43rd time." Sam confronted Liam. "I'm sorry.. But I just-" Liam said as he started to cry. Sam walked over to Liam and gave him a heartfelt hug and a peck on the lips. "Fine," Sam sighed, "I'll let you keep your 43 little mic CDs. But no more.!" Liam swung Sam around and then kissed her. "Thanks babe.!" Liam said all happy. "I have a little surprise for you though." Liam said while blushing. Sam followed Liam into the backyard and saw streamers made of little mix CDs. "Liam.." Sam started. "Will you marry me.?" Liam said. Sam started to cry when she said yes.. "But what's the CDs for.?" Sam asked. "I wanted to make my proposal different.." Liam smiled.

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