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8. Gabby


Gabby just watched her best friend, Liam Payne, perform on stage, but she had a secret.. She fell for Liam.. And Liam fell for her. Liam donest know Gabby fell for him and Gabby doesn't know Liam fell for her. "Good Job.!" Gabby congratulated Liam as he walked off stage. Liam couldn't stand seeing her every day and knowing that Gabby isn't his. "Gab-" Liam got interrupted by stage manager. "Your on in 5." Liam rolled his eyes but then he got an idea.. "Hello marvelous fans.!" All the boys said while walking back on stage. "Now, I have a surprise for everyone right now." Liam Said. Everyone got quiet. "Gabby, come out here." Liam said as Gabby walked on stage scared. "Yes.?" Gabby said to Liam. "I want you to be mine." Liam smiled at her. She nodded her head and kissed him. 

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