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3. Emily


Niall chased after Emily on the beach trying to get his shirt back. "Emily.!! C'mon babe.!" Niall shouted at her while laughing. Emily kept on giggling and running. Niall finally caught up to her and grabbed her by her waist and threw her in the water. "I'm going to kill you, Horan.!" Emily laughed out. "We'll, Mrs. Horan, you'll have to catch me first." Niall said to Emily as he booked away. Emily got up soaked but laughing. She caught up to him in no time, her eyes sparkling from laughter. She tagged him and tried getting away but Niall grabbed her hand and layed her down on cool sand. "I love you, Emily." Niall cooed to her. Emily grabbed his neck and pushed him towards her and kissed.






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