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4. Amber



Amber and her best friend were going to a One Direction concert. "OMG.! I can't wait to see Harry perform.!" Ambers best friend said while putting on make up. "I can't wait to see that sexxy little Irish boy, Niall." Amber giggled. They finally made it to the front entrance of the stadium, how exciting.!!


"I kinda wanna find a girlfriend tonight." Niall said sheepishly. "We have tons of good lookin fans so pick one out." Zayn said cooly. Everyone knew that Niall wanted a good girl. The lights went out and the lads showed up on stage. Niall caught eye of Amber and whispered over to Zayn, "I want her." And pointed towards her..


Niall Freakin Horan was pointing at Amber. "Can you come up.?" Niall said over the mic, over the thousands of screaming fans. Amber walked up on the stage. "Will you be mine.?" Niall said with a smile. Everyone went quiet. "Of course." Amber said and with all her courage kissed him.




I like to make de imagine geeky and romantic (x

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