Fast Furious and Dangerous

Justin and his crew battles against Johnny and his crew.
What happened in the past between Justin and Johnny is now resulting in a Fast, Furious and Dangerous situtaion. But what happens when one of Justin's crew members has a sister? Will Justin be able to protect her from Johnny? Will the bad boy, leader of the crew, Justin fall in love with a innocent girl? Or will Johnny take her away? Fast cars, hot girls and sexy boys. Crews battling and things becoming very very dangerous in... FAST FURIOUS and DANGEROUS!


7. Part 7- Justin & Johnny were once friends...

*Justin's POV*
i heard a knock on my bedroom door.
"come in"
opening it was Dara.
"Hey Justin. the guys tole me what happened"
what the fuck? "Told you what?" i asked.
"About you seeing Johnny and seein Diamond there too." she bowed her head.
i walked over and lifted her chin up. her gorgeous hazel eyes looking into mine. she then began to cry, i pulled her into my chest so she could cry.
"why Justin? why did she have to turn against her family?"
"i don't know Dara" and i really didn't know.
Dara looked at me. "Thanks for being my brother Justin"
"i had no choice" i laughed. "love ya sis"
"love you Justin" and walked out my bedroom. i went over to the window and saw Cassie. she must have left when i told her off. i didn't mean too, but Mick was my oldest friend and i didn't want his sister to be messed up in this. Like my sister Diamond...

Just one day i saw her outside the front with her bags. she got into Johnny's car and they left. Me and Johnny had a past, we were once friends but he then turned.

"What you doing tonight Justin?" Johnny asked.
" How about we go clubbing?" He suggested.
"They won't let us in" I said
"Dude." He took out fake IDs.
"Johnny! Where did you get these?" I took my ID from him.
"A friend of mine. His really good" he smiled. "So that's a yes? To the clubs tonight?"
It wouldn't hurt, trying to go in. If we could go in. As the time closer, i got ready in an all black outfit.
"Come on Justin lets go" Johnny yelled out
I got out the house and into Johnny's car.
"Bitches better watch out for us" Johnny said.
We high five each other, before we drove off.

When we arrive at the club Johnny met up with his girlfriend Ashley.
"Hey babe" she said, kissing him.
"Hey Ash" he said, kissing back.
Ashley then looked at me "hi Justin"
I just smiled. Johnny was protective of Ash, but he wasn't one to shy away if girls come up to him or should I say throw themselves at him.
"Hey sexy. Why don't you come sit and see the show?" A girl said to me.
I didn't have a chance to say anything as she pulled me over to a private couch where another girl was waiting.
"My name is Sofia and this is Sandra"  she smiled, while placing a finger on me.
"I'm Justin" I replied "I should be with my friend"
"Your friend is doing fine by himself" she pointed over to Johnny.
I couldn't find or see Ashley anywhere but thank his she wasn't there watching Johnny make-out with a naked girl. Why would he do that? Ashley is here. I got up.
"Where you going?" They both said.
"Listen you girls are super hot but...." I looked at them. "Come to my house tomorrow night. I'm having a party"
They both smiled and waved as I went looking for Ashley, who was outside.
"What you doing here?" I asked
"I needed fresh air. The music is so loud and the dancers like wow"
We looked at each other and smiled. Suddenly I saw her leaning in and I didn't stop her. Our lips met and we kissed. I held her closer to me as I deepened the kiss. But it didn't last long, she pulled back.
"I'm sorry Justin. It's just I've always had feelings for you but I can't, we can't do this to Johnny I love him to much"
Next thing she did was run back into the club leaving me there...
It's been a week since the kiss at the club. Sofia and Sandra are now like my favorite girls, not like that but we're good friends. Ashley has been trying to ignore me but we bumped into each other the other day, while I was getting a drink in the kitchen.
"Justin I have to say something"
"Alright, say it"
She wants to say omething after a week?
"I love you Justin. I do. And that kiss at the club was"
"Amazing?" I said
She looked down and nodded.
I grabbed her face and kissed her lips.
I pulled away to see Johnny standing there.
"Babe, it's..."
"What the fuck are you doing Justin? Trying to steal my girlfriend? You're a fucking shit you know that?"
"Johnny I didn't...." He cut me off
"Didn't what? Want to steal my girlfriend? Fuck you man! GET OUT!"
"Johnny it's not his fault" Ash told him.
"It doesn't matter. I better leave." I walked up to Johnny. "I'm sorry man, she beautiful I couldn't help it." 
"Ashley is fucking mine, you dick head" Johnny said.
He threw a punch at me and that's what began our fight.

He never spoke to me again until he started a crew. our gangs. Our hate towards each other, a friendship ended because of a girl and of what happened next. Diamond, well I guess she liked the bad boy in Johnny and went after him. But what made it worse was Johnny had sex with Diamond, knowing she was just 2 years younger then us. Making her turn against me, against her family. He wanted to hurt me and he did. Over the years he made Diamond spy on us by making me believe that she was on our side again. But it wasn't true. Now I don't know what will happen if he hurts anyone else, more to the point... To Cassie....

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