Fast Furious and Dangerous

Justin and his crew battles against Johnny and his crew.
What happened in the past between Justin and Johnny is now resulting in a Fast, Furious and Dangerous situtaion. But what happens when one of Justin's crew members has a sister? Will Justin be able to protect her from Johnny? Will the bad boy, leader of the crew, Justin fall in love with a innocent girl? Or will Johnny take her away? Fast cars, hot girls and sexy boys. Crews battling and things becoming very very dangerous in... FAST FURIOUS and DANGEROUS!


6. Part 6- *Johnny's POV* "Good Idea"

Sorry this one is super Short. it's just an idea of Johnny's POV... there might be more of his Point Of Views. so i'm trying it out... BUT THE NEXT PART WILL BE LONGER I PROMISE :)


*Johnny's POV*
"That fucker broke my nose" i said trying to touch it.
"well you did send him that picture of his sister" Brad said.
"He needed to know that i'm coming for her and when i do" i smiled "i'll fuck her so hard, when i'm finished she'll beg to stay with us"
"She won't stay. she's Justin's favorite. She'll go tell him everything" Diamond tole me.
she was the best. When Ashley isn't around, me and Diamond oh boy things get heated up. But Ash is my number one girl.
"Maybe we can do something about that." i said, smiling.
"Justin's havgin a party tonight, like he always does for the weekends. we can turn up with the rest of the crew" Brad suggested.
i'd love to see this new chick Cassie. "good idea" i smiled. "good idea Brad.
i grabbed Diamond and pulled her down on the couch with me. she laughed.
"What if Ashley walks in?"
"She won't be here until dinner time" i told her.
she smiled and we started making out...

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