Fast Furious and Dangerous

Justin and his crew battles against Johnny and his crew.
What happened in the past between Justin and Johnny is now resulting in a Fast, Furious and Dangerous situtaion. But what happens when one of Justin's crew members has a sister? Will Justin be able to protect her from Johnny? Will the bad boy, leader of the crew, Justin fall in love with a innocent girl? Or will Johnny take her away? Fast cars, hot girls and sexy boys. Crews battling and things becoming very very dangerous in... FAST FURIOUS and DANGEROUS!


3. Part 3- Lunch Time at School

Tell me what you think of the story so far :) it will have drama very soon ;) love ya xoxo


I waited for Mick at my locker so we could head to the caferteria for lunch.
"Oh look, it's the newbie"
Suddenly i was pushed into my locker. It was Justin's girlfriend? Ex? Nikki.
"Stay away from Justin, you slut" She said.
she pushed me hard this time and i fell to the floor.
"Such a waste of space, Just stay away from him"
we all turned our heads to see Justin walking up to us.
"NIKKI! What the hell are you doing?" He finally reached us. He helped me up.
"But baby, she was so close to you. i don't like that"
"Just stop Nikki! You and me... we're over! you fucking made that clear when you slept with Johnny!"
she was getting angry now, i can tell.
"If you ever lay a hand on her again, you'll be sorry Nikki."
i could tell Justin was not a person to cross. Friend or girlfriend. what's his problem?
"What's going on here?" Mick asked.
"oh me and the newbie were just talking" Nikki said.
"That newbie is my sister Cassie. If you harm her Nikki---"
"I've alredy made it clear to her Mick." Justin now eyed Nikki. "She won't hurt Cassie"
"Come on Cassie, lets go eat"
Mick, Justin and i walked away from Nikki and her friends.
"First day and already i have a hater"
"Don't worry sweetheart. you have me" Justin assured me.
I rolled my eyes at him.
We headed for the cafeteria. i grabbed my food and followed Mick where he normally sat with his friends.
"Guys this my sister, Cassie" he introduced me. "This is Ryan, Luke, Za, Twist and you know Justin"
"Hey gus" i said to them all.
"Mick, your sister is gorgeous"
i blushed. "Thanks"
"Luke don't say that in front of me" Mick said.
As i sat down, i saw Justin who was... angry? i don't know.
"So tonight, will you be coming to the party Cassie?" Luke asked.
"I don't think that would be a good idea guys." Mick quickly said, before i could respond.
"Man, come on! she can come if she wants too" Ryan told us.
"I don't want her get.... You know?" he lifted his eyebrows up and down.
i guess they knew what he was talking about, cause the all nodded.
"I want to go" i said.
Justin looked straight at me and i to him. what is so wrong with me going? i live next door anyways.
"Cassie you're not going" Mick told me.
why was he so against it? i turned to him.
"But why? i'm 17"
"She can come. she'll be safe Mick"
Did i just hear Justin telling Mick that i can come?
"Alright." Mick said back.
his voice sounded like he defeated in a battle. i turned back to face Justin, to say thank you but he was on his phone and he looked mad.

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