Fast Furious and Dangerous

Justin and his crew battles against Johnny and his crew.
What happened in the past between Justin and Johnny is now resulting in a Fast, Furious and Dangerous situtaion. But what happens when one of Justin's crew members has a sister? Will Justin be able to protect her from Johnny? Will the bad boy, leader of the crew, Justin fall in love with a innocent girl? Or will Johnny take her away? Fast cars, hot girls and sexy boys. Crews battling and things becoming very very dangerous in... FAST FURIOUS and DANGEROUS!


2. Part 2- History class with Justin

Mick parked the car and i got out. Justin was on my side on of the car.
he leaned into my "Welcome to school babe"
"Don't call me babe" i pushed him away a little.
"i like a girl who's tough"
what the fuck is his problem?
"Look i'm not very fond of you, so back off" i told him
he looked at me and smirked "can't do that babe"
"Hey come on Cassie let's get a move on" Mick said, finally saving me.
"Need help Mick?" Justin asked.
"No man, see you in class"
Mick and Justin did a handshake before we moved away.
"Mick, what's Justin's problem?"
he looked at me with a confused look.
"What do you mean?"
"Like i saw him yelling at his girlfriend this morning"
"oh don't worry about that. their always yelling and getting into fights"
"yeah but i think they broke up this time" i told him
Mick stopped walking. i only stopped when i saw he wasn't keeping up with me.
"Listen Cassie. now that you're staying with me, i don't want you to mix up with trouble"
"Justin's trouble? well he can't be if you're friends with him"
"i didn't say Justin was trouble. i'm just warning you, that whatever happens please stay out of trouble"
Mick was so confusing but i nodded my head. his been living here for 2 years now so i need to trust him.
"Before you do get into trouble. Justin's girlfriend or well ex. if you think their've broken up, anyways, her name is Nikki"
"what's so wrong with this Nikki girl?" i asked him
"she thinks she rules the school and town just because she's with Justin. be careful of her"
so this Justin kid thinks he top shit? well this is one girl his not getting.
"i'll try my very best to stay out of trouble Mick"

The bell rang. Mick took me to the front office where the old lady gave me my timetable. My frist day and it's Friday. i was put into a higher, History, English and Maths class. The joy of being smart. History class was first, so i made my way to the classroom. As i entered i saw all eyes on me.
"you must be Cassie. Welcome to History" the teacher said.
i looked around the room and saw Justin in the back. great!
"you can take a seat next to Justin. He'll catch you up to speed"
i walked up to him, sat down and stared at the front.
"so we meet again babe" he said.
ugh! i saw from the corner of my eye a girl looking at me. i turned to face her and saw that she had an angry look.
that must be Nikki.
"so i need to catch you up babe"
"i don't think your girlfriend likes you calling me babe" i told him, looking at him straight into his grogeous brown eyes.
i must admit, he was hot. wait... no Cassie. his an ass!
"that bitch can look all she wants. i broke up with her this morning, clearly you knew that since you were spying on us"
shit he did see. "i i i heard yelling yes. but i wasn't spying"
Justin placed a hand on my thigh and leaned in "it's okay. i didn't mind" and he winked at me,
This guy was seriously crazy. i just can't wait for today to end.
"Maybe you should come to a party tonight"
a party? "who's throwing it?"
he smiled. "me of cause"
"i don't think Mick will let me" i said, taking his hand away from my thigh.
"that's alright. Mick's coming and after i talk to him i'm sure he'll agree"
"on monday's class we will be going on an excursion" the teacher said, pulling my attention back to the front. "alright the bell will go in 2 minutes. Have a fun weekend guys and girls"
and then the bell rang. it was lunch.

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