Fast Furious and Dangerous

Justin and his crew battles against Johnny and his crew.
What happened in the past between Justin and Johnny is now resulting in a Fast, Furious and Dangerous situtaion. But what happens when one of Justin's crew members has a sister? Will Justin be able to protect her from Johnny? Will the bad boy, leader of the crew, Justin fall in love with a innocent girl? Or will Johnny take her away? Fast cars, hot girls and sexy boys. Crews battling and things becoming very very dangerous in... FAST FURIOUS and DANGEROUS!


11. Part 11- Losing Cassie? And Justin's danger past?

Hey I'm back... I'm so sorry that I haven't posted for months. But now I'm back and I'll focus on posting more :D enjoy! Sorry for a very long part :P 


Season 1 Part 11
*Justin's POV*
I was in the lead. Music blasting loudly, my car racing down the street. But suddenly my eyes started to drop. Everything become blurry. I felt my car tug to the left. I opened my eyes fully and tried to concertante, I moved my head to to the right to see Johnny along side of me. He turned and smiled at me, before taking the lead. 
"Fuck" I said. 
I speeded up. I wasn't going to let him win this. I would never hear the end of it from Mick. The finish line was close now, I can see everyone standing there. I knew I had to win this. Both hands on the wheel and I push the petal harder. But again my eyes were closing
"Stay awake you fucking idiot" I was getting pissed. 
Next thing I knew, my eyes closed. I stopped the car and rested there for a second before I heard knocking on my door. 
I opened my eyes to see Andrea and Morgan standing outside my door. I opened my door to see i made it to the finish line. 
"What happened?" I asked. 
They didn't answer me. I couldn't have lost. I got out to hear everyone cheering. I sat on the hood of my car, my head down low and eyes closed. 
"Hey Justin" I heard Luke say. 
I looked up and saw Johnny holding on to Cassie's arm. 
"Get away from her Johnny!" I pushed him away. 
"Now now Justin. Play fair. I mean you can't tell me what to do since I won" he smirked. 
"What?" I said. 
No no he couldn't have won. 
"No you're lying" I said. 
"One thing I don't do... Is lie" he winked. "Come on sexy, time to go" 
"HEY!" We all turned to see Mick. 
"Shit" I whispered to myself. 
This was not going to end well...

"Mick" I tried to say.
"Don't fucking go there Justin. I heard. They come screaming it down there" he threw his hands up. "How fucking could you" 
"His drunk Mick. It's not his fault" Cassie said. 
"No matter now, Cassie belongs to us" Johnny said, pulling her away. 
"Take me. Take me and do whatever you want to me, just leave her" Mick said. 
"The deal was her, not you. Go talk to Justin if you're mad" Johnny said. "Wyatt, take her and put her in my car" 
"Johnny! Fucking give her back" I said, pissed. 
"Deals a deal Justin. Maybe next time we can make another deal" and with that they left. Everyone was gone but me, Mick and Luke.
"Where's twist and za and Ryan?" I asked, walking back home. 
"Don't fucking leave Justin. You did this! YOU DID THIS!" Mick screamed. 
I turned around. "FUCK OFF MICK, IT'S YOUR FAULT THAT YOUR SISTER COME HERE! SHE SHOULDN'T HAVE GOTTEN INVOLVED!" I calmed down. "Luke bring my car back" 
I could feel my head spin. I was walking home, when Morgan caught me.
"Want me to talk to Mick?" She said.
"Whatever" and I kept walking.
I arrived home to see lil twist making out with his girlfriend Hannah. 
"Justin you look like shit!" Lil Za said, coming into the room. 
He then had a closer look. "Shit no" 
"What? Lil Twist asked.
"He lost. Shit! Justin. That's cause you were drunk! Mick is going to be pissed" 
"His already pissed! He heard."
"Come on Justin, I'll take you to bed" Sofia said, pulling me towards the stairs. 
"If Mick comes, tell him I want a word word with him" I said. 
Sofia took me up to my room. 

"Now lie down baby" she said, placing me on the bed. 
"Thanks." I said. 
My head finding the pillow and I settled in. Sofia climbed on top of me and started kissing me.
"Sofia what the hell are you doing?" 
"Just relax Justin. Let me take care of you" she began kissing again.
I pushed her off. "My head is fucking killing Sofia. We are not at the fucking strip club! Go do that to random guys, but not me!" 
She looked down. I felt bad. She knew that I didn't think of her as a slut but still my words would have hurt
"Sofia I'm sorry. My head is killing head, I just lost a race, Mick wants to kill me." I touched her shoulder
"I understand Justin, I should be saying sorry. I know you have a headache and I tried to get it on with you." 
"You know you're a beautiful girl. You're not a slut" I said. "Please never think that. I like you for yourself" 
She smiled. "Thank you. Get some rest. If I see Mick ill let him know you want to talk to him" she kissed my cheek. 
"Thanks Sofia" 
She left. I closed my eyes. I couldn't believe I lost. I let Johnny have Cassie. God knows what that shit of a crew is doing to her. 
"What if their....." 
I couldn't say it. I don't want Cassie hurt. She shouldn't have gotten involved, but since the first time that I saw her, I was falling for her. That was very weird and hard for me. I'm Justin Bieber. I don't fall in love. 
"Justin?" Came a voice...

I looked up from my pillow to see Dara standing at my door. 
"Dara, you're safe?"
"Yes" she walked in and closed the door.
"Come here" I said, lifting myself up off the bed. 
She come over and sat on the beds 
"How you feeling?" She asked. 
"Ugh, like shit. I want this day to end" I said. 
I've drank heaps of time, but this time. Maybe it was cause I was driving too. 
"I'm sorry I couldn't keep her in the room" she looked down. 
"It's not your fault Dara. It wouldn't have made a difference" I hugged her. 
"Yeah but maybe if she was still in there, then it would have been harder for them to get her" she explained. 
"All that matters is that you're safe. We will get her back Dara. I promise" 
She smiled. "I liked her. And I know you do too Justin" 
"No I don't" 
She just looked at me. 
Me and Dara turned our heads to the door to see Mick there. 
"I'll go. It's way past bedtime" 
She was right. It was 2am. Already? We kissed on the cheek and said goodnight before she left the room.

"Look Mick"
"I'm pissed at you Justin. I didn't want her to be in this mess. It's bad enough I am. I was trying to keep her safe"
"I didn't know that Johnny wanted her. I swear" 
Mick walked into the room more. "Justin, she's my little sister. I need her back. What you and Johnny have doesn't concern Cassie. I can't stand to think what they might be doing to her" he said, with real sadness in his voice. 
I felt the same with Diamond. I couldn't believe she left us for Johnny. It hurt. 
"We'll get her back Mick I promise." 
I reached over to my drawer and got out a cigarette. I placed it on my lips and got the lighter. 
"You're smoking at this time? Justin, your drunk"
"I can't think if I don't smoke Mick"  I said, blowing out smoke. 
"Justin, remember what happened last time you smoked while being drunk?" 
I stopped. I remember that I ended up in the hospital because I have a problem with drinking and smoking. My insides can't take both at the same time and I would die.
"Yeah I remember. I ended up in the hospital" I said. "But fuck it Mick. If I die, I fucking die. It's my life" 
"Just as Cassie is my life. I can't let her go" 
I placed the cigarette in my mouth again. "Not my problem" damn my head is killing. 
Mick grabbed my collar and lifted me up. 
"It fucking is your problem! You fucking lost!" 
"She's your damn sister! And remember who you're talking too Mick. You're lucky I haven't killed you yet" I said. 
"I don't care that you're the boss. I care for my sister" he let go. 
"Get out! Come talk to me when you've calmed down" 
"Fuck you Justin."
"I only fuck girls" I winked at him
"You want to fuck my sister? Fucking idiot" and then he punched me. 
"RYAN! GET IN HERE AND TAKE MICK AWAY FROM ME!" I screamed, holding my eye and nose. 
Ryan come in, but he just stood there with Lil Za...

"HEY JOHNNY? COME OUT HERE" I yelled. I went to his house with Ryan and Luke. 
Johnny came out with nothing but black pants, zipping them back up.
"Justin... Good to see you again" Johnny said. 
"I've come for Diamond" I said.
This was the first time I came for Diamond. Since she left the house that day with Johnny. 
"She's not here" he smirked.
"Bullshit!" I walked closer to the house. 
"I wouldn't take another step Justin" he said. "Diamond, doesn't want anything to do with you"
Suddenly I looked up to the front window that was on the right side of the house. Diamond was staring out. 
She left the window. I took another step closer. 
"She's my sister Johnny. She has to come home"
"Who says? You? Diamond is old enough to make her own decisions"
"She's only 17!" I said. 
"The same age you decided to start a gang Justin" came diamonds voice. 
She was standing out with just a robe on. I looked from Johnny to diamond and back to Johnny.
"You fucking idiot! You fucked my sister" I started walking towards them. 
Just then Brad and Wyatt come out from behind Johnny. I felt Luke and Ryan stand behind me. 
Johnny placed a arm around Diamond. "Sexy Diamond" he said, kissing her lips and making her blush. "Do you want to go home? Or do you want to stay with me?" 
I looked at her. Pleading with my eyes. "Please Diamond come home" I said. 
"How about this then. Lets play poker. Simple game. Every time a player loses we take a shot. Best out of 20 games" 
"No I want my sister now!" I told him. 
"You will, if you can win" he said. 
Brad, Wyatt and Diamond walked inside. Johnny moved to the side, for me, Ryan and Luke to walk in. 
"Give Justin a cigarette. He loves to smoke, just like the old days huh Justin?" Johnny smacked my back. 
Wyatt handed me one and lit it up. 
"Let the games begin" I heard Johnny say...
*Justin's POV* 
Me and Johnny sat at the table, brad and Wyatt behind him, Ryan and Luke behind me. 
"So Justin. Best out of 20 gets Diamond." 
Diamond was sitting on Johnny's lap.
I placed the cigarette between my lips, breathed in and then out. The smoke was flying in the air. Johnny handed the cards out. 
"Get us two beers diamond" Johnny said. 
She got up, kissed him and walked away. I wanted to go after her, but I couldn't. We started playing. 
"So how's things Justin?" Johnny asked. 
"Why do you care?" 
"Just cause you're not friends anymore, doesn't mean I don't care Justin" he said. 
"Fuck you" I said. 
"Justin Justin.... Be nice. You are in my home." He puffed out smoke. 
Diamond come back, handed me the beer and went to sit on Johnny's lap again. I was wondering where Ashley was. How can she stand him while he gets with other girls?
"Ha. You lost the first round Justin" Johnny told me. 
He took the cards and re-shuffled them. I began to drink...

As we kept playing, Diamond kept bringing drinks. I could tell I was getting drunk or was I drunk already? i was on my 3rd cigarette. I love to smoke. Brings me peace. I had won 9 games and Johnny's won 10. This was the last round. But I began to not feel so good. 
"Justin you okay?" I heard Ryan whisper in my ear. 
I waved him off. "What was in the drink Johnny?" I asked. 
"Nothing. It's new Justin." He smirked. 
I took another sip, but for some reason I heard my stomach give out a loud noise. I wanted to vomit. I placed the cigar in my mouth to breath in, as I took it out to create the smoke I coughed. 
"Fuck" I coughed up blood. 
"We're going. Whatever the fuck you've done to Justin, we'll get you" 
"I didn't do anything. Not my fault he can't drink and smoke... He knows that. He knows it would kill him" 
Ryan and Luke helped me up. 
"What's he talking about Justin?" Ryan asked
"I can drink and I can smoke, but if I have to many of both at the same time, my insides can't take it. Meaning I'll die" I explained, coughing. "Come Diamond" I sad.
She didn't move. She didn't care I was coughing up blood. 
"You didn't win Justin. Meaning I'm staying" she said. "Have a good life" 
"Let's go" Luke said. 
We walked out but I was still coughing blood. "Fuck" I said again. 
"I'll call Mick, tell him to come to the hospital" 
They put me in the back and started driving off to the hospital. 
"Guys I'm fine. Just---"
And then I blacked out.

I woke up in the hospital 
"Man what happened?" 
"You fainted Justin. You nearly died" Mick said. 
"But I didn't. So lets go now" I said, trying to stand up. 
"Oh good you're up" the doctor said. "This is the second time you've nearly died Justin. Next time I don't know if you'll live"
"Can I go?" I didn't want to be here
The doctor nodded. Good. I got up, still dizzy but good and grabbed my things before heading out the door. 
"What happened to Ryan and Luke?" I asked
"They needed to go. That's why I'm here." Mick said. "You nearly died, trying to get your sister back Justin." 
"She's my sister. She's my life Mick" 
He nodded, as we both got in his car, he drove off. I knew that I shouldn't drink and smoke. But the temptation is to much and I give in. But what if there's no next time for me?
"Look Justin I'm sorry I punched you. It's just you have to understand I can't let anything happen to Cassie. She's my sister" 
I looked up at Ryan. 
"Get him out" as I was cleaning the blood from my nose. 
But when I thought about it, his only doing what I was doing for Diamond. 

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