Avatar: Makawa's Tale (TLA Fanfic)

It has been a long time since Avatar Aang created an era of peace and the Fire Nation are hungry for power again. Makawa of the Earth Kingdom is the new Avatar, and all he cares about is killing the Fire Nation soldiers that destroyed his life. Soon, though, he realises that the first step on his Avatar journey is learning fire bending. Can he trust anyone? Or is he just going to stand by and watch his world go up in flames. Literally.


1. A Chance Encounter

Makawa was just a typical Earth Kingdom boy from the great city of Ba Sing Se. He had very short brown hair and glistening green eyes. Looking at him, you would say that he was a typical, earth bending boy; tall and strong. But he wasn’t any old earth bender…

It was his sixteenth birthday when he was told what he truly was. Makawa was the Avatar.

During the time, the era of peace left by Avatar Aang was long gone. The fire lord was raging war on the other nations, hungry for power. Fire nation colonies were found in every nation except the Air nomads, who had luckily stayed out of the war so far.

Kimu, Makawa’s badgermole, plodded on through the dusty roads of Omashu for the second time that day. Makawa was sitting in a large saddle on the animals back. He had been searching for a fire bending teacher, but of course had been unsuccessful.

“Come on, buddy,” Makawa sighed, “we aren’t going to find a fire bender here.”

“So,” Came a cold, female voice from behind him, “You’re the Avatar. Aren’t you?”

Makawa jumped and whipped around.

“Who’s there?” He demanded in his sternest voice.

A figure stepped out of the shadows. She had long, black hair that fell in waves to her waist and a red-brown cloak concealed her body. As if that wasn’t enough to prove his suspicions, her gold eyes sparkled and a small smile played across her pale lips. This girl was fire nation.

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