The Lie

Zoey Hudson Is A 12 Year Old Girl , She's The Little Sister Of Katy Perry .

Zoey And Katy Were The Best Of Friends , But When The Papers Say Something That Isn't True The Relationship Starts To Break , Will Katy Be Able To Tell Zoey The Truth And The Secret Behind It All ?

Find Out Soon ....


11. The Lie - The Dream

They Were Coming So Fast , I Ran They Were Still So Fast ... I Screamed So Loud Where Was Katy ? I Screamed Again , No One Came ... I Couldn't Run Anymore I Was Out Of Breath . I Stood Waiting For The Next One ... It Was A Massive One It Flew So Easily , Suddenly The Wave Hit Me ... Everything Went Black .

My Eyes Opened , It Was A Dream ...


" Katy ! " I Screamed .

I Suddenly Felt Someone Grab My Hand , I Looked Up ... It Was Katy .

" Kitten I'm Here ... What Happend ? " Katy Said In Her Motherly Voice .

I Cried And Cuddled Into Katy .

" Mom They Came For Me This Time ! " I Told Katy .

Katy Stroked My Hair And Pulled Me Closer To Her Chest .

" Do You Know Why You Keep Having These Dreams ? " Katy Asked Me .

I Shaked My Head .

Katy Sighed .

" Come Downstairs With Me And You Can Get A Drink , Then We Can Go Back To Bed " Katy Told Me .

" Okay " I Replied .

Katy Held My Hand And Led Me Downstairs To The Kitchen .

I Was Still Really Tired , Katy Let Go Of My Hand Then Went Over To The Cupboard She Took Out Some Juice And Made Me A Drink , She Then Went Over To A Cabinet Where She Kept All Sorts Of Medicine And Pills She Didn't Use Them A Lot Because Some Of Them Weren't Right And She Was Very Healthy , She Mostly Had Them For Me Because When I Was Little I Would Get Ill A Lot . Katy Took Out Some Medicine Then Came Over To Me She Took Out A Teaspoon The Poured Some Medicine Onto It , She Turn't To Me And Bent Down To My Level Then Placed Her Hand Lightly On My Chin And Pulling It Down Carfully , My Energy Was So Low I Couldn't Really Open My Mouth And Katy Knew That .

She Pushed The Spoon Into My Mouth , I Swallowed It Katy Then Passed My Drink To Me , She Brushed My Sweaty Hair Out Of My Face Then Lifted Me Up She Carried Me Upstairs To My Bedroom , She Layed Me Down Then Layed Next To Me Whilst Taking My Drink And Placing It On The Bedside Table , Then Pulled The Duvet Over Us Then Wrapped Her Arms Around Me And Pulled Me Closer To Her Then Kissed My Forehead .


The Next Day I Woke Up And Katy Was Still Asleep . I Didn't Want To Wake Her Just Yet , I Grabbed My Phone And Looked At My Twitter There Were Loads Of Comments About The Ellen Interview . I Saw One That Wasn't Very Nice I Pressed It But Before I Could Look At It Katy Grabbed It And Placed It On Her Side Table .

" Mom ! " I Said Annoyed .

" Do You Know What Time It Is ! " Katy Said Screaming .

" Half Nine " I Said Replying To Katy's Comment .

" Well ... Go Back To Sleep I'm Too Tired " Katy Said Whilst Laying Back Down To Sleep .


I Waited A Few Minutes Then Jumped On Katy Repeating " Wake Up " Loudly .

She Sat Up And Frowned Then Suddenly Smiled , She Rubbed Her Hands Up My Arms And Looked At Me .

" I'm So Freakin Tired " Katy Said Whilst Yawning .

" Yeah Whatever ... So What Are We Doing Today ? " I Asked Katy .

" Um ... I Know " Katy Said Whilst Smiling .

" What !? " I Asked Excited .

Katy Suddenly Threw Me Over Her Shoulders Then Ran Up And Down The Stairs , I Started Screaming And Laughing At The Same Time .

" Katy I'm Gonna Pee Myself ! " I Screamed .

" Okay Okay " Katy Said Whilst Laughing .

She Put Me Down Then Went Into The Kitchen I Followed Behind .

" Mom I'm Gonna Go And Pee ... Okay " I Said Whilst Laughing .

" Okay " Katy Said Whilst Laughing .

I Went Upstairs To The Toilet Then Decided To Get Changed .

>>>>>>> ( Picture , Katy And Zoey ) >>>>>>>


I Then Went Downstairs Where I Found Katy On Her Phone .

" Mom .... Can Layla And Noah Come Round ? " I Asked .

" Yeah Of Course They Can It Will Give Me Time To Work And Write So Yeah ... Wanna Text  Or Phone Them ? " Katy Asked .

" Okay Mom ! " I Said Whilst Running Halfway Upstairs .

" Oh .... Thank You ! " I Said Whilst Running Back Downstairs And Kissing Katy's Cheek.

" Your Welcome " Katy Said Whilst Smiling .

I Ran Back Upstairs To My Bedroom And Phoned Layla .

" Hello " Layla Said From The Other End Of The Phone .

" Hey " I Replied .

" Oh Hi Zoey What You Up To ? " Layla Asked .

" Well I Was Wondering If You Wanted To Come On Over With Noah ? " I Asked Replying To Layla's Question .

" Oh Okay ... I'll Defintley Come Over I Won't Be Long Okay . " Layla Said Replying To My Question .

" Okay Bye " I Said .

" Bye " Layla Said Before Ending The Call .

I Went Downstairs And Sat On The Couch Messing About On My Iphone .

I Then Heard The Doorbell Ring , I Ran Over To The Door And Opened It .

" Layla And Noah ! " I Screamed Before Hugging Them Both .

We Ran Upstairs To My Room And Turned My Laptop On .

" Uh ... Zoey " Noah Said Worryingly .

" Yeah " I Replied To Him .

" Have You Seen The News About Katy ? " Noah Said .

" No ... She Hasn't Allowed Me To Go On My Laptop " I Said Replying To Noah .

" I Think You Should See It " Layla Said .

" Um Okay ... You Do It " I Said .

" Kay " Layla Said Whilst Typing Whateer It Was Into The Internet She Moved It Away From Me Then Turned It Around So I Could See .

" Oh My God ! " Tears Started To Roll Down My Cheeks .

Katy Was Back With John ! What Was I Gonna Do Now ?





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