The Lie

Zoey Hudson Is A 12 Year Old Girl , She's The Little Sister Of Katy Perry .

Zoey And Katy Were The Best Of Friends , But When The Papers Say Something That Isn't True The Relationship Starts To Break , Will Katy Be Able To Tell Zoey The Truth And The Secret Behind It All ?

Find Out Soon ....


12. The Lie - Singing Songs Of A Waterfall...(Last Chapter)

Zoey's P.O.V.

I Ran To The Front Door And Out Of The House , I Knew Exactly Where I Was Going . I Went To A Forest Where Mine And Katy's Greatest Memories Had Been Treated . It Wasn't Too Far So It Took No Time To Get There , I Opened The Gate Then Closed It Before Walking Along The Cobble Path .

- Flasback -

" One , Two ... Three ! " Katy And Ash Screamed Before Swinging Me In The Air .

I Laughed Whilst Repeating " Again , Again " Loudly .

- End Of Flashabck -

Ash . I Had Forgot About Him .

I Was 5 When I Came To This Forest With Him And Katy , Ash Was Great Fun . He Was Just Like A Father To Me .

I Walked Further On Whilst Thinking About Them .

Ash And Katy Had Got Married When I Was Little , He Was Katy's First Proper Boyfriend And She Loved Him With All Her Heart .

I Stopped When I Saw The Graveyard ...

- Flashback -

Ash Was Sat On A Branch Hanging Out Over The Willow's Shadow Waterfall As He Called It . I Was Getting A Bad Feeling About it And When He Asked Me To Join Him And Katy , Who Was On Her Way Up , I Declined Politley . Katy Was Almost There When ... CRACK ! The Branch Snapped And Ash Was Falling , There Was Nothing We Could Do . The Last Thing He Said Wasn't I Love You , It Wasn't Even Katy ; It Was Zoey .

I Think That Was What Shocked Katy The Most . The Fact That He Loved Her With All His Heart And He Loved Me Even More . I Don't Understand It Myself But She Must Of Because She Didn't Speak To Anyone Let Alone Me , For The Next Three Weeks .

- End Of Flashback -

I Decided To Go In , Normally I Would Just Walk By But I Remebered That this Cemetrey Was Where Ash Had Been Buried . I Wandered Through The Arch Of Interlaced , Red Ivy Covered Branches And Before Me Was A Grave I Remebered Far Too Clearly And As I Drew Closer I Could Finally Read What Had Been Engraved Into It . It Read : Loving Husband And Father .

Ash Was My Dad !

I Felt A SingleI Felt A Single Tear Break Free And Roll Slowley Down My Left Cheek . I Suddenly Felt A Hand On My Shoulder And Even Though It Couldn't Be Him , There Was No Way It Could Be Anybody Else .

" Dad ? " I Croaked .
" You Will Always Be My Little Girl " I Heard A Distant Voice Say . 
Just As Suddenly It Had Came The Hand On My Shoulder Was Gone And Once Again I Was Alone In The Graveyard .

I Ran All The Way Home , As Fast As My Legs Could Carry Me . All The While Thinking About What Had Just Happened And Hoping Above All That John Wasn't There , When I Got Home And Burst Through The Door Only One Person Was There . It Was Katy , We Both Ran And Hugged Each Other .
" Where Have You Been Kitten ? " Katy Asked Whilst Holding Onto Me .
" I Just Went Out To The Forest That We Loved " I Said Replying To Katy .
As Soon As I Said It Katy Let Go And Kissed My Forehead Then Went Back Upstairs To Her Room , I Made Sure I Didn't Tell Her About The Graveyard Incase It Upset Her .  I Sat Down On The Couch And Started To Write A New Song , I Had Got An Idea From My Flashbacks ... I Knew That Mom Would Be Upset But I Just Couldn't Stop . 
The Front Door Opened And I Heard Footsteps But I Couldn't Turn Away From My Page , All Of A Sudden My Piece Of Paper Had Been Ripped Away From Me . I Spun Around And All I Could See Was My Piece Of Paper Being Torn To Sheds In The Hands Of John , I Snatched It Away Before It Was Torn Too Badly But It Was Already Destroyed . I Ran Upstairs With My Torn Music In My Hands I Burst Into Katy's Room . 
" Mom John Ripped My Music ! " I Screamed Nearly In Tears .
" Katy She's Lying It's Actually My Work That She Ripped Up " John Said Persuading Katy To Beleive Him .
Katy Looked At John And Then At Me , I Could See What She Was Thinking .
" Mom I Don't Lie You Know I Don't " I Said To Katy .
" Mom Are You - " 
" Zoey Go To Your Room " Katy Said , Carmly Interuppting Me .

I Go Back To My Room With My Ripped Up Piece Of Paper , I Close The Door Behind Me And Grab My Guitar . I Sit On The Edge Of My Bed And Start To Stick My Piece Of Paper Together With Sellotape , I Then Rewrite The Song And Fit It To A Tune On My Guitar . I Then Start To Sing .

End Of P.O.V

I Am Walking Around The Waterfall

With Memories Stuck In Time

People Saunter By Without A Care In Their Mind

And I Wonder If They Know What Happened Here


The Story Of A Lovers Loss

And The Ones He Left Behind

His Caring Wife And His Unborn Child

And The Truth That Is To Hide


This Child Is Born

And Grows To Find That Her Childhood

Was Filled With Lies


Katy Could Hear A Beautiful Melody And She Finally Figured Out That It Was Coming From Zoey's Room . She Rushed Along The Hall And Stopped Just Outside Zoey's Room , Listening To The Beautiful Music She Then Slid Silently Into Zoey's Room Where She Found Zoey With Her Back To Her And Singing The Melody .
As Zoey Went Through It For The Second Time , Katy Joined In With The Beautiful High Harmonys And Sat Down Next To Zoey . Zoey Then Starts To Stop But Katy Carries On Which Encourges Zoey To Do So To . 
" Where Did You Hear That Song ? " Katy Asks Zoey .
" I Just Wrote It ... It Was The One John Had Ripped Up " Zoey Reply's To Katy  .
" Stop Telling Lies Because I Know It's Not true " Katy Replied To Zoey With Annoyance In Her Voice .
" Oh Really ? " Boasted Zoey Whilst Pushing The First Sellotaped Cope Into Her Mom's Hands .
" So John Was Lying Then " Says Katy In An Almost Whisper .
" Mom Are You Ok ? " Asked Zoey In A Concerned Voice .
" I Thought I Could Trust Him " Katy Replied Now Nearly Audiable .
She Got Up And Almost Ran Through The Door And Lumbered Down The Stairs , She Nearly Fell On The Third To Last Step But She Did Not Falter . She Slid Into The Kitchen Where John Was Standing .
" Why Did You Lie ? " Katy Asked Him With A New Sourness In Her Voice , Accompanied With  Deadly Smile .
" Katy ! ... Are You Really Going To Beleive Her !? " John Says With A Lot Of Anger In His voice .
" Yeah .... I Am She's My Daughter And When She Tells The Truth She Always Finds A Way To Prove It , Unlike You " Katy Replied To John .
John Starts To Get Close So Katy's Pushes Him Away , This Makes John Even More Angrier So He Pushes Katy Back Hard Enough For Her To Hit The Ground . Zoey Saw This And Pushes Him Back , John Then Raises His Hand And Slaps Zoey Round The Face , Katy Was Shocked By What She Had Just Saw And By This Time She Was Back On Her Feet . Katy Grabs A Carving Knife And Stands In Front Of Zoey , John Is Shocked And Starts To Back Away .
" John ! ... I Can't Have You Here Anymore You Need To Leave ! " Katy Screamed . 
" B-bu But ... I'll Make It Up ... I'll Do Anything Please Katy ! " John Said Whilst Stuttering A Little .
" Just Go ! " Katy Screamed , It Echoed Around The House .
John Left Because He Was Scared Of Katy And The Knife .

Katy's P.O.V

Once John Left Zoey Ran Up To Her Room In Floods Of Tears , I Put The Knife On The Side And Went Up To Comfort Her . 
I Sat On The Bed With Zoey , She Had Her Face Away From Me Because She Was Crying . I Pulled Her Up Onto My Lap And Hugged Her , She Was Still Crying But She Was Starting To Calm Down . 
" Mom " I Heard Zoey Whisper .
" Yes Kitten ? " I Reply To Her In A Soft Voice Whilst Running My Hands Through Her Blonde Hair .
" Um ... I Went To The Graveyard Today As Well As The Forest . " Zoey Said , Again Whispering.
" ... You Saw It Didn't You " I Said To Zoey Trying Hard Not To Cry .
" Yeah ... Is ... He My Father ? " I Heard Zoey Say Quietly .
I Sighed 
" Yes He Is " I Replied To Zoey's Question .
There Was Some Silence .
" Mom ... Can You Tell Me About Him ? " Zoey Asked .
Tears Started To Roll Down My Face , Zoey Looked At Me Then Wiped My Eyes .
" Okay ... Well We Had A Band Called Aty's Kash " I Said Smiling Whilst Remebering The Time When I Became A Little Succesful With Help From My Lover .
" Aty's Kash ? " Zoey Said , It Was Obvious She Was Confused .
I Laughed .
" It's A Little Like Katy's Ash Or 80's Cash But The Wording Changed A Little " I Replied To The Not Now Confused Zoey .
" Oh Okay ... I Like It ! " Zoey Said Whilst Laughing .
I Laughed As Well .
" You Know He Loved You So Much ... He Loved You More Than Me , He Was Such An Amazing Dad To You ... " My Voice Then Trailed Off .
" Are You Okay ? " I Heard Zoey Say In Her Concerned Voice .
I Nodded .
" You Know The Day He Died ... We Were Supposed To Tell You We Were Your Parents , I Didn't Want To Say Anything After Because I Was Scared ... I Wanted To , Luckily Now I Have " I Said Whilst Smiling And Crying A Little .
" Mom ... Do You Feel Like It Was Your Fault ? " Zoey Asked Me .
I Nodded 
" Well It's Not Mom ... Everyone Makes Mistake's , What Happened On That Day Made You Stronger ! " Zoey Told Me Whilst Snuggling Into Me .
" Do You Feel Like Your A Mistake Zoey ? " I Asked Zoey .
Zoey Looked At Me And Stared Into My Eyes .
" Well ... You Were 16 But You Always Wanted To Tell Me , No One Let You Though So I Belive That I Wasn't ... I Was A Suprise ! " Zoey Said Replying To My Question .
I Smiled And Laughed .
" You Defintley Were ! " I Said Whilst Laughing .
After The Talk About Ash And Everything Else That Had Gone On , I Sat With Zoey And Waited Her To Fall Asleep After That I Went To Bed Myself .

End Of P.O.V

Zoey's P.O.V
" Zoey ... Get In The Picture ! " Ash And Katy Shouted To Me .
I Ran Over To The Log Where Everyone Was Sat , I Sat In The Middle Of Katy And John . Angela And David Were Sat On The Far Right And Nan And Grandad The Far Left , The Camera Went Off And I Then Ran Over To It Taking the Picture  . Katy And Ash Ran Over To Me And Looked With Me ... We Were One Big Happy Fam - 
My Eyes Slowley Opened .
I Just Had The Most Amazing Dream ... But The One Person In There Isn't Here Now . My Eyes Fully Opened , I Was Staring At Something Or Someone ... Ash . I Blinked . He Was Gone No More Ash , I Grabbed My Blanket And A Stone That I Wanted To Give To Katy . I Walked Into Katy's Room Shivering .
" Mom ... " I Whispered .
Katy Slowley Sat Up And Looked At Me , She Rubbed Her Eyes . 
I Started To Cry , Katy Pulled Me Over To Her So I Was Laying Next To Her .
" Did You Have Another Nightmare ? " Katy Asked Me .
" No .... It's Was The Best Dream Ever . " I Said Smiling .
" Really .... What Was It About ? " Katy Asked Me .
" It Was About Me , You ... And Ash " I Said Replying To Katy .
Katy Kissed My Forehead Then Smiled At Me .
" I Also Got Something At The Forest ... We Can Keep It " I Told Katy .
" Okay ... What Is It ? " Katy Asked .
I Gave Her The Stone , It Was Shaped Into The Later A ...
" Ash " Katy Whispered .
Katy Puts It Up On One Of The Highest Shelves In Her Room Then Cuddles In Next To Me ... We Then Fall Asleep .

1 Year Later 

Zoey Is Now 13 And Katy ... Well You Can Guess . Anyways Zoey And Katy Are In L.A Shopping When They Bump Into Someone Very Familiar .
" Oh Uh ... Sorry " The Guy Say's .
" No It's Fine ... Um Do I Know You ? " Katy Asks .
" Um ... No " The Guy Replys .
" Oh Sorry " Katy Says .
" No It's Fine ... I Don't Mind " The Guy Replys .
" What's Your Name ? " Katy Asks .
" Ash Thorn " Ash Replys To Katy's Question .
" Oh My Gosh .... " Katy Say's Shocked By What She's Just Been Told .

After A Few Weeks Katy And Ash Thorn Became Good Friends , After That They Couldn't Hode Their Feelings Any Longer ... So Ash Asked Katy out On A Date .

Another Year Later .
Zoey Is Now 14 And Katy And Ash Are Now Married . Zoey Wanted To Go And Visit Her Dad's Grave So They Did , Ash Thorn Didn't Know Much About The First Ash .

Zoey's P.O.V 
I Jumped Out Of The Car And Ran over To The Grave Yard , I Rushed Through The Arch Of Red Ivy Covered Branches And Stopped Near The Grave . Katy Was Stood Behind Me , I Felt Her Kiss The Top Of My Head And Wrap Her Arms Around My Neck .
" So Ash ... Thompson Was Your Dad !? " Ash Asked Shocked .
" Yep ... Why You So Shocked ? "  Said Replying To Ash .
" We Were Best Friends In High School " He Said Replying To Zoey .
I Smiled .
After A Few Minutes We Headed Back To The Car .
" I Guess All Three Of Us Are One Big Happy Family " I Say Smiling .
" Um Well ... It Will Be Four Of Us Soon " Katy Says Smiling .
" Oh My God ! Your Pregnant ! " I Scream Whilst Jumping Up And Down .

Authors Note 
Hi Guys I'm Guessing You Guys Are A Little Angry Because This is The Last Chapter But ... There Is Going To Be A Sequel Soon So I Hope You Guys Like It xx

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