The Lie

Zoey Hudson Is A 12 Year Old Girl , She's The Little Sister Of Katy Perry .

Zoey And Katy Were The Best Of Friends , But When The Papers Say Something That Isn't True The Relationship Starts To Break , Will Katy Be Able To Tell Zoey The Truth And The Secret Behind It All ?

Find Out Soon ....


2. The Lie - Nightmares

" I Never Said That ! ... I Promise ! Please Zoey " Katy Told Me . 

I Pushed Past Katy And Walked Down To David's Car , I Turn't Back Round To Face Katy And David .  

" You Comin ? " I Asked My Brother And Sister .  

" Uh Yeah " David Told Me Quickly Holding Katy's Arm And Walking Her To The Car .

David Unlocked The Car And Opened My Door For Me , He Waited A While Before Closing It . Katy Got In The Front Next To David . She Looked Back At Me She Caught Me Look At Her But I Looked Back At The Window .

" Don't Believe What The Papers Say It's Wrong ! Please Zoey ... Your My Sister I Care About You So Much ! " Katy Told Me Whilst Placing A Hand Over Mine .  

" Can I Come To Yours And Talk ... Just Me And You ? " I Asked Katy .  

" Of Course We Can ... Anything For My Little Sister " Katy Said Replying To My Question .

I Smiled At Katy ... I Suddenly Realised That I Was Holding Katy's Hand , I Kept Holding Her Hand I Liked The Way She Held My Hand Her Hands Were So Soft Which Made Me Happy .

David Stopped , I Looked Out The Window To See The Front Of Katy's House . I Undid My Seatbelt And Grabbed My Hat And Glasses , Whilst Katy Came Round And Opened My Door I Jumped Out And Said Thanks To David . Katy Opened Her Front Door To Reveal Her Amazingly Big Hallway , Katy Took My Bags And Took Then Up To The Room That She's Done Up For Me . Katy Came Back Downstairs She Looked At Me Raising An Eyebrow , I Just Realised That I Was Still Standing In The Hallway With My Hat And Sunglasses Still In My Hand As Well As Still Having My Shoes On . Katy Started Laughing I Did As Well , I Put My Sunglasses And Hat Down , And Took My Shoes Off .

" Do You Want To Talk Then Babe ? " Katy Asked Me .  

" Yeah Please " I Replied To Katy's Question Whilst Going Into The Kitchen With Katy .  

" Would You Like Tea Or Coffee ? " Katy Asked .  

" Um Tea Please " I Said Replying To Katy's Comment .

Katy Walked Over With The Drinks , I Took My Drink Off Of Katy . Katy Pulled A Chair Next To Me And Sat Down .

" Uh ... If Your Telling Me That What ... The Papers Said Isn't True Then -  

" Whilst I Was In Paris There Were Lots Of Stuff About You Being Upset And Wanting To Come To Paris With Me So They Interviewed Me And Put Stuff In It ... Baby I Promise What Theyes Said Wasn't True " Katy Replied To My Half Comment .  

" Sorry For Misunderstanding ... Can I Stay With You This Week ? " Katy Asked .  

" It's Fine And Yes You Can . " Katy Said Whilst Smiling At Me , I Smiled Back .



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