The Lie

Zoey Hudson Is A 12 Year Old Girl , She's The Little Sister Of Katy Perry .

Zoey And Katy Were The Best Of Friends , But When The Papers Say Something That Isn't True The Relationship Starts To Break , Will Katy Be Able To Tell Zoey The Truth And The Secret Behind It All ?

Find Out Soon ....


7. The Lie - Dreaming

I Screamed And Cried ... It Was The Worst Dream Ever ! I Saw The Hall Light Switch On And My Door Open ... It Was Katy . She Came Over And Cradled Me .

" Baby What Happened This Time " Katy Asked In Her Comforting Voice .

" They Took You Away ... And Hurt Me " I Said

" Who Took Me Away ? " Katy Asked Whilst Stroking My Cheek .

" I Don't ... Know " I Said Replying To Katy's Question .

" Kitten That Won't Ever Happen " Katy Told Me .

" I Know ... But It Scared Me . " I Said .

" Would You Like To Sleep In My Bed With Me ... John Went When You Were Asleep " Katy Asked.

" Okay " I Said Getting Out Of Bed .

" Hey Baby Your Tired ... I'll Carry You " Katy Said .

" What ? ... I'm Not 5 Anymore " I Said Replying To Katy .

" I Don't Care ... Your Tired I Can Tell " Katy Replied To Me .

I Wrapped My Arms Round Katy's Neck Then She Picked Me Up And Took Me Into Her Room .

Katy Got In Next To Me And Wrapped Her Arms Around Me , I Turned Round So I Was Facing Her .

" Mum ... Why Did Nan And Grandad Argue ? " I Asked Katy .

" Well ... I Don't Think They Want You Near John But They Have To Realise That I'm Your Mother And I Love You . " Katy Said Replying To My Question .

" That's Stupid " I Said .

" I Know Babes ... But That's What People Are Like Sometimes ... Too Overprotective . " Katy Said Replying To Me .

We Both Fell Asleep Soon After The Talk About Nan And Grandad .



I Woke Up , I Could Feel Kitty Licking My Face .

" Ughh ... Not Now ! " I Opened My Eyes And Put Kitty On The Floor Then Went Back To Sleep .

I Then Felt Kitty Jump Back Up On The Bed ... Now With Her Tail In My Face . I Got Up Out Of Bed And Wrapped A Blanket Round Me Then Went Back Downstairs Where I Found Katy Drinking Coffee And Reading A Magazine , I Went In The Living Room Katy Suddenly Looked Up At Me And Smiled .

" Someone Is Up Early " Katy Said .

" Well When A Cat's Licking Your Face Then Put's Their Tail In Your Face ... You Kinda Have To " I Said Replying To Katy .

" Oh Kitten ... I'm Sorry " Katy Said Replying To My Comment .

I Sat Down Next To Katy And Rested My Head On Her Shoulder .

" Are ... You Still Tired ? " Katy Asked .

" A Little Bit " I Said Replying To Katy's Question .

Katy Took A Sip Of Her Coffee And Went Back To Her Magazine .

" Would You Like A Hot Choclate ? " Katy Asked Still Reading Her Magazine .

I Smiled , Then Looked At Katy ... She Was Still Reading That Magazine , I Snatched The Magazine Off Her Then Looked At Katy .

" Never Read Magazines Zoey ! ... It's All Lies " I Said Laughing .

" I Wanted To Read What they Said In The Interview ... That's All " Katy Said With Her Puppy Dog Face .

I Laughed .

" Please Can I Have A Hot Choclate " I Asked Politley Whilst Giving Katy her Magazine Back .

" Yeah " Katy Said Whilst Getting Up And Going Into The Kitchen To Make My Drink .

I Switched The Television On And Turned Disney Channel On , Shake It Up Was On . I Then Felt Something Brushing Against My Leg I Looked Down To Find Kitty Purry On The Floor , She Suddenly Jumped Up On The Couch And Started Purring Loudly .

Katy Came In With My Hot Choclate , That's When Kitty Jumped Down . Katy Sat Down Next To Me And Gave Me My Hot Choclate .

" Thank You " I Said Whilst Grabbing My Drink .

" Your Welcome " Katy Said .

Katy Put Her Magazine On The Side Table And Took Another Sip Of Her Coffee . She Pulled Me Closer To Her Chest , So I Could Snuggle And Drink My Hot Cholclate .

" Um ... Why Are We Watching Shake It Up ... " Katy Asked .

" Dunno " I Said Replying To Katy .

" Would You Like To Watch A Movie Kitten ? " Katy Asked .

" Yeah ... Can I Pick ? " I Asked And Replied To Katy .

" Of Course . " Katy Said .

I Went Over To The Shelve With All The DVDs , I Decided To Pick The Smurfs .

We Watched The Movie Then Decided To Get Changed .


Me -  



We Decided To go And Meet John And Have A Family Lunch Together .

We Got Into The Car And Drove To Where We Were Meeting John .

I Sat In The Car And Decided To Start Singing . I Thought Of A Song Then I Rembered The One I Would Sing With Katy At Night .

I Looked Over At Katy Who Was Concentrating On Her Driving , That's When I Started Singing .

There Is A Castle On A Cloud

I Liked To Go Their In My Sleep

Arent Any Floors For Me To Sweep

Not In My Castle On A Cloud

Their Is A Lady All In White

Holds Me And Sings A Lullaby

She's Nice To See And She's Soft To Touch

She Say's Cossette I Love You Very Much

I Know A Place Where No One's Lost

I Know A Place Where No One Cries

Crying At All Is Not Allowed

Not In My Castle On A Cloud ...


I Looked Over At Katy Who Was Smiling , She Looked At Me And Held My Hand .

" That Was Beautiful " Katy Said .

I Smiled

" Thank You ... Mum " I Said Replying To Katy's Comment .

Katy Stopped The Car , I Looked Over To See John Waving Then Walking Over To The Car .

" Babe There's A Lot Of Paps So John Will Help You Okay " Katy Told Me

" Okay " I Said

John Opened My Door And Helped Me Out , The Flashing Was Too Much For Me To Handle . We Got Over To Katy , I Suddenly Felt Weak Katy Could See That I Wasn't Right .

" Guys Please Stop " Katy Asked The Paps .

They Didn't Listen ...

We Got Into The Restaurant , When We Were In There ,  I Was Back To My Normal Self .

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