The Lie

Zoey Hudson Is A 12 Year Old Girl , She's The Little Sister Of Katy Perry .

Zoey And Katy Were The Best Of Friends , But When The Papers Say Something That Isn't True The Relationship Starts To Break , Will Katy Be Able To Tell Zoey The Truth And The Secret Behind It All ?

Find Out Soon ....


10. The Lie - A Few Months Later

I Walked Out Of The School Gates ... No I'm Not Bunking Off It's Actually The End Of School , I Don't Have Many Friends At The Moment Only Two A Boy And A Girl ... They Are Called Layla And Noah . School Was Better ... I Guess A Few People Picked On Me But It's Normal. I Stopped And Waited For Layla , I Saw Her Walk Out Of The School Gates She Then Ran Up To Me .

" Zoey ... Uh I'm Going To Walk With Noah's Friends Is That Okay ? " Layla Asked .

" Yeah ... It's Fine " I Said Replying To Layla .

" Normally When Us Girls Say Fine ... We Never Mean It " Layla Said Whilst Holding My Hands .

I Laughed

" Go ! " I Said Forcing Her To Go Off With Noah .

She Laughed Then Hugged Me , She Stopped And Stared At Me .

" Bye " She Quickly Said Then Ran Off .

I Started Walking On .

" Zoey ! " I Heard Layla Shout I Turned Around .

" What ! " I Shouted Back .

" Don't Go Through The Shortcut ! " She Shouted Back .

I Smiled And Put My Thumbs Up Before Walking Through The Park .


I Was Halfway Home When My Phone Buzzed .

I Took It Out Of My Pocket It Was A Text From My Mom .

When Will You Be Back xx Mom

She Wrote

I Went The Long Way ... Layla Went With Noah xx I'm Halfway

I Replied To My Mom's Text .


I Had Finnaly Got To The Front Door I Knocked .

A Few Seconds Later My Mom Opened The Door .

" Mom ! " I Screamed Then Ran And Hugged Her .

" Gosh ! .... Kitten Stop ! " She Laughed And Screamed At The Same Time .

She Closed The Door , Then Hugged Me .

I Then Realised She Was Wearing Pyjamas And A Dressing Gown .

" Lazy Day ? " I Said Smiling .

" A Little " She Said Whilst Walking Into The Kitchen .

" Mom ? "  I Said .

" Yeah Babe " Katy Said .

" Have You Ever Had A Moment Where Another Girl Is Talking To You Then Just Stops And Stares Into Your Eyes ? " I Questioned My Mom .

She Frowned .

" Well ... Was It Layla ? " Katy Asked .

I Nodded .

" She Could Just Think Your An Amazing Friend ... Or She Likes You And Yeah I Have With Rhianna And Shannon ." Katy Said .

" Really ! ... Both ! " I Said .

" Yeah " Katy Said .

I Shook It Off And Went Over To My Mum ( Katy ) And Hugged Her .

" Someones Very Huggable Today " Katy Said Smiling .

I Smiled .

She Then Undid Her Dressing Gown And Pulled Me Closer To Her Then Wrapped The Dressing Round Me .

" I Love You Mom " I Said To My Mom .

" I Love You To Kitten " Katy Replied


Mom Made Dinner We Then Snuggled Up On The Sofa We Watched Mamma Mia And Sang All The Songs .

I Then Fell Asleep .



I Felt Someone Shaking Me I Woke Up , Mom Was Shaking Me .

" Ugh What ! " I Said Tired And Annoyed .

" Sorry Babes But You Need To Drink Your Tea ... We Have An Interview With Ellen " Katy Said Replying To My Comment .

I Sat Up And Took My Tea .

" Both Of Us ? " I Was Confused It Was Always Mom .

Katy Nodded .

" Don't Worry I'll Be With You . " Mom Said Replying To My Comment .

I Saw That Katy Was Changed .

She Passed My Clothes To Me .

" Your Clothes For The Interview Are In The Car " Katy Told Me .

" Oh ... Okay " I Said Whilst Sipping My Tea .

My Mom Sat Next To Me .

" You Okay Hun ? " Katy Asked

I Nodded .

" I'm Fine " I Replied To My Mom

" Normally When Girls Say They Are Fine They Aren't " Katy Said.

" I'm Fine Mom " I Said .


A Few Minutes Later We Were In The Car Driving To The Ellen Interview .

" Mom I'm A Little Nervous " I Said , My Hands Shaking Lightly .

My Mom Held My Hand Whilst Stroking It Lightly With Her Thumb , I Started To Calm Down And My Hands Stopped Shaking .

" It's Normal To Get Nervous Kitten , I'm Nervous But I Don't Show It Easily It's Your First Proper Interview It's Fine Babes " Katy Told Me .

The Car Stopped And Katy Got Out And Came Over To My Side And Opened The Door , I Jumped Out Suddenly The Paparazzi Went Crazy There Were Loads Of Flashes In My Face , I Turned To Katy She Helped Me Through The Crowd And Into The Studios .


We Walked Into Katy's Dressing Room , Tamara Greeted Us We Then Sat Down At Two Tables They Then Did Our Make Up .


Me And My Mom -


We Were Now Ready I Started Shaking Again , Katy Saw Me And Held My Hand .

I Looked Up At Her And Smiled .

" I Love You Mom " I Said To Katy .

" I Love You To Kitten " She Replied .

Suddenly The Ellen Theme Song Came On A Few Minutes Later Our Names Were Being Called Out , I Grabbed Hold Of Katy's Hand She Looked At Me And Smiled . We Walked Over To Ellen Who Greeted Us And Hugged Us Both .

We Then Sat Down .

" Hi ! " Ellen Said Cheerfully .

Me And Katy Laughed .

" So ... Your Now Mother And Daughter " Ellen Said To Me And Katy .

Katy Looked At Me And Smiled , I Smiled Back .

" Zoey ... Your Very Colourful Today " Ellen Said Looking At My Outfit .

I Smiled .

" I Like Colours A Lot " I Said Replying To Ellen's Comment .

" I Can Tell " Ellen Said Smiling .

" Now Katy .... How Does It Feel To Have Your Daughter With You And Her Calling You Mom ?" Ellen Questioned Katy .

" Ya Know .... It's The Most Amazing Thing , I Love My Kitten " Katy Said Whilst Looking At Me And Smiling .

Everyone Were Smiling And In " Awhs " .

" Zoey ... How Does It Feel To Have A Famous Mom ? " Ellen Asked Me .

" Well ... It's Just Like Having A Normal Mom But ... There Are Loads Of People Following You Around And Stuff " I Replied To Ellen's Question .

" What Your Favirote Song Zoey ? " Ellen Asked .

" Um ... Proberly ... Part Of Me " I Say Smiling .

I Look At Katy Who's Smiling .

" Really ! " Ellen Says .

I Nod .

" Another Thing Zoey ... Can You Sing ? " Ellen Asked .

" Uh ... - "

" Yes She Can " Katy Said Interupting .

" Will You Sing For Us Zoey ? " Ellen Asked .

" Um ... Okay " I Say .


I Sing Justin Bieber's As Long As You Love Me .

It Went Well ...


After The Interview .


Katy's Driving Us Back Home And I Keep Wanting To Sleep But I'm Scared That I Will Have A Nightmare .

" Babe ... You Can Sleep Ya Know " Katy Said Whilst Driving .

" I Know .. But I Don't Want To Have A Nightmare Again " I Said Replying To Katy .

" Babes I'm Here Nothing Will Happen " Katy Said Whilst Holding My Hand .

" Can I Sleep With You Again Mom " I Asked Katy .

" Of Course You Can ... Just Try And Sleep In The Car " Katy Said Replying To My Question .


I Suddenly Fell Asleep ...


Will Zoey Have Another Nightmare ??

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