The Lie

Zoey Hudson Is A 12 Year Old Girl , She's The Little Sister Of Katy Perry .

Zoey And Katy Were The Best Of Friends , But When The Papers Say Something That Isn't True The Relationship Starts To Break , Will Katy Be Able To Tell Zoey The Truth And The Secret Behind It All ?

Find Out Soon ....


9. The Lie - A Different Side To Katy !

We Got In And Katy Went Into The Kitchen And Made Herself A Drink , I Followed Her Into The Kitchen .

She Looked At Me And Frowned .

" Why !? " Katy Screamed .

I Stared At Her , Not Knowing What To Say .

" Zoey Speak To Me ! ... Your My Daughter I Know It May Not Seem That I'm Caring About You ... But I'm Caring So Fucking Much About You . You Know This Night Has Proberly Ruined Mine And John's Relationship ... I Haven't Felt Love For Ages ! " Katy Screamed Again .

" Why Is It About John ... I Don't See You Caring About Me At All , All Night You Haven't Spoke To Me ... It Was All About John ! He Will Proberly Leave You For Another Girl ... What Are You Gonna Do Then ! I Want My Mum .... I Don't Want A Dad ! " I Shouted Back At Katy Before Running Upstairs To My Room Then Slamming The Door Behind Me .

I Got My Pyjamas On A Layed On The Bed ... Did Katy Hate Me Now ? Did John ? Did I Say The Right Thing ? Tears Started Streaming Down My Face , I Hated John So Much He Only Took Me Out So Katy Thought I Was Happy With Him ... He's Done So Many Horrible Things Like When He ...

My Thoughts Were Interrupted By The Sound Of Knocking .

" Zoey ... I'm Sorry , Please Can I Come In " Katy Said In Her Motherly Voice .

" Fine " I Said Replying To Katy .

Katy Opened The Door And Switched My Light On Then Came And Layed Next To Me .

" Babe I'm So Sorry " Katy Said Whilst Running Her Hands Through My Medium Length Hair .

I Stayed Quiet .

" Are You Still Mad At Me ? " Katy Asked .

I Shaked My Head .

" Good ... Would You Like Me To Make It Up To You ? " Katy Asked .

I Nodded .

" What Would You Like Me To Do ? " Katy Asked .

I Smiled .

" Be My Mum And ... " My Voice Trailed Off .

" And What ? " Katy Asked , Now Stroking My Cheek .

" Dump John " I Said Quietly But Loud Enough For Katy To Hear .

Katy Stopped Stroking My Cheek And Took It Away .

" Babe I Can't Do That ... " Katy Said .

" B-But He Did Something To Me " I Cried .

" What !? " Katy Suddenly Asked Worryingly .

" He ... Well When You Went To The Shop ... The Time I First Met Him With The Family , He ... Hit Me . " I Said Tears Falling Down My Face .

Katy Wiped Away My Tears With Her Hand .

" Did It Hurt ? " Katy Asked .

" Of Course ... It Was Even Worse Than When You Smacked Me For Swearing At David " I Said .

" Kitten ... I'm Really Sorry ... I'll Stop The Relationship If You Want " Katy Said .

" ... No You Can't ... It Will Make You Sad . " I Said Whilst Holding Katy's Hand .

" Babe It's Fine ... You Never Know I Might Find A New Prince Charming And Start A New Fairytale With My Princess " Katy Said Before Kissing Me Lightly On The Lips .

" Mom Will You Sleep With Me Tonight " I Said .

" Of Course ... Let Me Get Changed An I'll Come In " Katy Said .

I Waited For Katy To Come Back .

She Came Back And Jumped In Next To Me , She Quickly Checked Her Tweets And stuff On Her Phone , Then Layed Down Next To Me .

I Wrapped My Arms Around Katy She Pulled Me To Her Chest And Held Me .

" You Can't Tell My Friends ... That I Still Sleep With You " I Said .

Katy Laughed .

" Oh My Gosh I Love You Boo " Katy Said Whilst Kissing My Cheek .

" I Love You Too " I Said Smiling .



I Woke Up Once Again From Another Nightmare .

I Was Sweating And Crying , Katy Woke Up To The Sound Of My Crying And Pulled Me Onto Her Lap .

She Wiped My Tears And Pulled My Top Off Then Helped Me Put Another Short Sleeved Top On , We Then Layed Down And Cuddled Each Other Before Falling Asleep Again .

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