Truly Madly Deeply

Aria was once a average teenage girl until she was abducted and raped. But one day when the man left the house to get food from the store near by he accidentally dropped the room key that Aria had been kept in. She escaped and met a boy. He was really nice and kind of cute he had brown curly hair and emerald eyes, his name was Harry Styles.


1. Help!?

Aria`s POV:


My hands were tied to the wall and My legs were stuck. I couldn`t move. When he made sure of that, and he spat out with anger 


You stay here while I go, don`t you even think of escaping, you know what happens....

I nodded with fear and he just laughed and went out of the door. But as he did, he dropped something, something shiny and something that I had been waiting for. It was the key to this room. As I tried to get the key, I also had to break free from the ropes that had made me unsuccessful to move. But I really needed that key, so I chewed and chewed on the rope until I could break my hands free. It was a feeling I had been wanting since that day he had taken away from my home. I untied my legs from the rope and ran to get the key, it was the best feeling I had since. I immediately put it in the key hole,


it opened the door, I opened the door to the entrance and there was the light that I had been wanting. 



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