Truly Madly Deeply

Aria was once a average teenage girl until she was abducted and raped. But one day when the man left the house to get food from the store near by he accidentally dropped the room key that Aria had been kept in. She escaped and met a boy. He was really nice and kind of cute he had brown curly hair and emerald eyes, his name was Harry Styles.


2. Free At Last

Aria`s POV


I felt the fresh air running down my lungs as I walked out of the door, there was also the sunlight that I had been taken away from. But soon after that, I realized that I had to run from that man. I went down and up hills around places that I had never seen, I kept on running so he won`t find me and when I knew that I was s, I stopped.  As soon as I stopped, I felt my legs go numb as I slowly knelt down on my knees and fell asleep in the middle of the road.

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