Movellas Honours

Finally, I know that movellians work really hard and here is a movella of appreciation towards them and their work. Many awards will be awarded and rewards will be given too! I really think these people deserve some commendation and credit, and here is the place where their hard work and dedication is publicised.
New entries will be added frequently and more awards will be coming out. I am also on the hunt for undiscovered authors, who have lots of natural talent for writing. So to everybody, keep: Reading, Writing, Commenting, Favouriting, Liking and Mumbling and you could be given a Movellas Honour! Good Luck!


5. Movellas Profile of the Year

Now this award is in a world of its own. A profile is where you say things about yourself and tell people things you want them to know about you. It all seems like a nice idea, but some profiles I have to admit are very clever and funny. Some are only one line while others are half a page, but no matter how big or small they are they are certainly worth reading fully. It is lovely to get to know a bit about people online and see how truly brilliant the individual is. People also put inspiring quotes which they think are true and live the meanings in their day to day lives, spreading important and meaningful messages. So the winner is...

KarateBones!  <~The link for her profile.


                                                 South African Shattucktite Gemstone Trophy



                       /    .      .      0  \

                       \ .     .     .     . /

                          \   .     .    . /      

                              \    . .  /     

                                  \. /     Movellas Profile of the Year



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