Movellas Honours

Finally, I know that movellians work really hard and here is a movella of appreciation towards them and their work. Many awards will be awarded and rewards will be given too! I really think these people deserve some commendation and credit, and here is the place where their hard work and dedication is publicised.
New entries will be added frequently and more awards will be coming out. I am also on the hunt for undiscovered authors, who have lots of natural talent for writing. So to everybody, keep: Reading, Writing, Commenting, Favouriting, Liking and Mumbling and you could be given a Movellas Honour! Good Luck!


4. Movellas Poem of the Year

Poems are like short sagas expressing thoughts, observations and emotions. They tell people what you see from your view and put them in different shoes. This award is for the poem which shows a great deal of emotion and it really touches you at the heart, makes you feel what they are inside and is just so full of passion. I am just so amazed at how many talented poets we have on Movellas and this award was probably the hardest to choose a winner for so far. There are so many poems on here that really do inspire me as well as many others and really make me reflect. So at the end of many long, ever more tough decisions. The winners for this award are...

JessyBell & Aparupa Chakravarty!


Their collection of heart-felt, deep and so insightful poems have really been quality class and rightfully deserve the award!

Chakra Tree on Apophyllite Clusters


                       /    .      .      0  \

                       \ .     .     .     . /

                          \   .     .    . /      

                              \    . .  /     

                                  \. /     Movellas Poem of the Year








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