Movellas Honours

Finally, I know that movellians work really hard and here is a movella of appreciation towards them and their work. Many awards will be awarded and rewards will be given too! I really think these people deserve some commendation and credit, and here is the place where their hard work and dedication is publicised.
New entries will be added frequently and more awards will be coming out. I am also on the hunt for undiscovered authors, who have lots of natural talent for writing. So to everybody, keep: Reading, Writing, Commenting, Favouriting, Liking and Mumbling and you could be given a Movellas Honour! Good Luck!


2. Movellas Identity of the Year

We are opening with this first award of Movellas Identity of the Year. This award is for the movellian who has an amazing reputation or is known for something special that they embody. They bring something extra to the table and are very different to the normal. This person is unique and unmatched, representing prestige in the world of literature and also have a very awe-inspiring character. They leave an astounding feeling in the atmosphere and really deserve this award for their amazing persona. And the nominees are:









And the winner is...




Here is your trophy award and badge!


                       /    .      .      0  \

                       \ .     .     .     . /

                          \   .     .    . /      

                              \    . .  /     

                                  \. /      Movellas Identity of the Year



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