Movellas Honours

Finally, I know that movellians work really hard and here is a movella of appreciation towards them and their work. Many awards will be awarded and rewards will be given too! I really think these people deserve some commendation and credit, and here is the place where their hard work and dedication is publicised.
New entries will be added frequently and more awards will be coming out. I am also on the hunt for undiscovered authors, who have lots of natural talent for writing. So to everybody, keep: Reading, Writing, Commenting, Favouriting, Liking and Mumbling and you could be given a Movellas Honour! Good Luck!


6. Movellas Drawings of the Year

Ok. So this one was a VERY hard one to decide. :Z

So I decided that there are several winners because they are all just so talented and gifted at art. It is just incredible. My BFF at my school is actually the Art Scholar. She is just out of this world! She is literally the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be at art. Her mum is an art teacher so it is a genetic defect. No wonder! Obviously she is going to be amazing! But here are people that truly do deserve an award for their works...





This trio is so phenomenal at art and you must have a look at their mumbles and movellas that contain these works of art. They must all have some special gift when it comes to putting a pencil to paper and that is why they have all won this award!


                                                                    Flame Aura Quartz Trophy


                       /    .      .      0  \

                       \ .     .     .     . /

                          \   .     .    . /      

                              \    . .  /     

                                  \. /     Movellas Drawings of the Year

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