Fire girl

There is a girl named Flare. Yes Flare not Clare. She has a wicked power that only she can control. She and her mate. No-one but her and her mate can control it. One day she moves and meets him. What will happen?


5. Chapter 3

Harry's POV

flares hair lights up and she pushes me against the wall my hair also lights up and she gasps and calms down running out of the house. I run after her "flare wait up!!"

flares POV 

"NO" I scream putting a fire wall around him "I KNEW YOU AS A FUCKING KID HARRY!! YOU BURNT ME" I scream crying "SO WHY WOULD I WAIT UP FOR YOU!! I WAITED MY WHOLE FUCKING LIFE FOR YOU TO JUST SAY TWO WORDS" I scream caging him in it "uh Flare! Remember the time I told you I loved you?" Harry says cross legged. One last firery tear rolls down my cheek and the fire burns out "y-yes" I say looking down "I still do" harry says in my ear as he hugged me "yeah well that's when you left me harry. We were best friends. Then you ditched me for the popular people" I whisper remembering him pushing me and burning me. I GEt out of his grasp and walk off. This time without any interference "this is my oath to you! Wherever ya go just always remember, you gotta hone for now and forever!" I sing with hands deep in my pockets "we'll hello poppet!" A slurred voice says in front of me. I look up and see a drunk man "hello" I say "why don't we have a little fun tonight? Just you and me? Huh" the man says embracing me squeezing my bum. I gasp and burn him to death. I start to cry. I hate killing people "Flare?" A voice says behind me. I turn to see my primary school boyfriend "Josh?" I say shocked "d-did you just burn that guy?" Josh asked backing up "josh no please don't go" I say moving towards him "say away from me you fucking freak!" Josh yells at me. Anger boils inside me "what was that pretty boy?" I say my hair blazing, eyes fire red towering over him "n-nothing" josh says falling over. I quickly turn back as I realize want I'm doing "FLARE!!" Harry screams. I burst into a run towards him "HARRY!!" I scream as I see what happened. He has blood pouring out of him and unconcious "well well well! Flare the fire girl what a pity he's not unconcious not concious but dead" someone bellows. I turn and set him ablaze "WHY DID YOU KILL HIM!! I DEMAND A REASON WHY YOU BASTARD" I scream taking him by the throat "Flare please calm down" my sister says from behind. She's more peaceful and I'm violent "he killed my best friend" I wail "n-no he didn't"

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