The Truth

It's not a story. It's life. It's not made up. It happened. It's what some of us face each day. Yet, we don't talk about it-- This is a place to confess. Maybe this movella won't get that much attention because it's not related to 1D. But there are somethings that I wish to share. Somethings that I bottled up inside. I tried to run away from everything. But you have to stop for a gulp of air, right? I know that there are people who have hidden so much pain that you want to escape it, but you can't. They say, "Talking helps". But who to talk to when you know you can't trust anyone? So, I'll try to help. If you have something to tell, something to share. Comment below. If you're scared and don't want anyone to know, email- or ; we promise you that whatever you tell us will be between us. No one will ever know what we talked. It's okay if you don't trust us. But we never tell other people's secret. That we assure you.


10. From UnableToCope

At home, recently I am losing my temper every single day with one person or another. I feel as if my parents and my two next-eldest siblings constantly twist my words and accuse, then punish me for something I have not done. Its even worse with the sister that I have to share a room with, who swears at me, steals my things and constantly calls me "fat" and "an unsympathetic b*tch who cares about nobody but herself".

And school isn't much better. I am socially bullied, people lie about me and blame me for anything that goes wrong. They are spiteful to me and make snide comments about my hair, my clothes or my work.

It just becomes too much.

Whilst Movellas and the people on it have improved my moods, made me happy and more at peace, my mother is doing everything she can to stop me going on the computer so my "safe haven" is being taken away.

I haven't spoken to my best friend much in the last few weeks and she is the only one of my friends who truly knows my family well

Fact is, when I lose my temper, I shout, swear am hypocritical and even hit out if it goes too far. I just can't seem to control it and have cried a lot recently because sometimes I don't know if I can cope with everyone being like that to me, always trying to put me down and belittle me.

I feel as though I am the only one my parents ever punish which only makes it worse and after an argument (they usually happen in the evening) I often end up crying myself to sleep, half eaten away by guilt as well.

But no one seems to understand anything and I don't think anyone really knows the real me.

Then I am expected to be a very nice person and behave beautifully to others around me, even though no one else seems to be going through pain like I do

My self pity makes my guilt even worse, and I'm supposed to be a Christian too

What should I do?


Response (Sent in Email)-

Dear UnableToCope,

I understand what you’re going through. I completely do. To be honest, it brought tears to my eyes. You have suffered. Too much to bear it. You don’t deserve all the rude comments you’re getting. You deserve better.

The world is an unfair place. It always has been. It’s never been easy. For anyone. And you don’t have to be guilty. It’s not your fault. Don’t blame yourself. They’re the ones causing it. And each and every action has an equal reaction. It’s normal to be like this. Completely normal.

I can feel for you. The feeling you’re having. I understand.

What I can say to you right now is talk. Talking helps. A lot, actually. Do you have a person you can trust? Talk to them. If you don’t, The Truth Team is always here for you. Always.

God tells us to love all. But sometimes you can’t. God has given us free will. It is alright to hate someone, or even think bad about them. The most important point is being yourself.

Like Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage.” And you have to play a part. You have to act.

Act that you’re strong. Act as if it does matter. Shout if you need to. Shout at them. Tell them the Truth that they’re running away from. Tell them what you think of them. I’m sure someone will agree with you.

Don’t back down. Stand up. It’s your world too. And most importantly, it’s your life. You get to do what you want! Don’t lose hope.

Parents sometimes don’t understand. It’s in their nature. Think of their punishments as a medium to become strong. You will be strong.

As for your sisters, “TO HELL WITH THEM!” You’re the youngest, I presume. Set them up to look bad. And if they call you ‘fat’ or "an unsympathetic b*tch who cares about nobody but herself". Tell them, “After all, I am your sister.” I think that will shut them up.

I’m not sure if I’m helping. But I really want to. I really do.

As for crying, it’s good. Or else you’d burst. Seriously. It’s a stress-relief mechanism and its better than cutting of wrists, which I don’t recommend.

And for your bullies, do you have their email IDs? Send it to me. They won’t be able to escape from cyber bullies (a.k.a. Me). Give them a dose of their own medicine, keeping it within the limit.

One more thing, talk to your parents. Have a heart to heart talk with them MINUS the sisters. Explain. They’ll understand, they’re your parents after all.

Then have a heart to heart with your sisters. Tell them how you feel. If they have a heart and a bit of humanity in them, they’ll understand.

And you can also talk to your bullies, tell them ‘it’s not funny’ and ‘it hurts’. You can add in, ‘bullying others is not cool”.

Keep in mind that you must not lose your cool during any of those talks.

Best of luck, UnableToCope. I hope you get better. I honestly do.

I hope I helped.

Thanks for your time.

-The Truth Team

(RockkaRolla and WritingForTheShire)

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