The Truth

It's not a story. It's life. It's not made up. It happened. It's what some of us face each day. Yet, we don't talk about it-- This is a place to confess. Maybe this movella won't get that much attention because it's not related to 1D. But there are somethings that I wish to share. Somethings that I bottled up inside. I tried to run away from everything. But you have to stop for a gulp of air, right? I know that there are people who have hidden so much pain that you want to escape it, but you can't. They say, "Talking helps". But who to talk to when you know you can't trust anyone? So, I'll try to help. If you have something to tell, something to share. Comment below. If you're scared and don't want anyone to know, email- or ; we promise you that whatever you tell us will be between us. No one will ever know what we talked. It's okay if you don't trust us. But we never tell other people's secret. That we assure you.


3. From MistakeMaker

I had a fight with this girl and her boyfriend (we'll call her Emily) because I did something extremely stupid. I lived two months in abject terror because of what I did, and how she reacted (she's not the kind of person you'd want as your enemy). I thought I'd made it up with her...but I was wrong. She says she's being affected by some of my writing, particularly one movella I was entering in a competition, which I took down out of respect. Unfortunately...I'd been thinking. I'd talked to a few movellians, and we all had the same opinion: Emily only wanted me to take down the movella because she didn't want me to win the competition it was entered in. I re-published it under a new name, hoping she wouldn't notice. Except, she did...and she's very angry...and I'm scared. Like I said, Emily and her boyfriend are NOT the kind of people you want as your enemies. I'm just so scared as I don't want to be beaten up, and I'm so terrified of them. I don't know what to do, as I have to walk past Emily and her boyfriend on my way home. I'm just so scared. Help. ~MistakeMaker~


Response (sent in email)-

To MistakeMaker,

I don't think you've done anything wrong. It wasn't your fault. You know why? You were considerate towards her. It made you a good friend. But what she's doing isn't good at all.

Sometimes in some way we annoy and irritate someone, even if we don't mean to. And that's not our fault at all. The anger and irritation keeps building and building within them. They may have liked us at first but misunderstandings happen. And they get agitated with whatever we do.

You mentioned that they were people you did NOT want as your enemies. It may sound unrealistic. But be confident. Even the most confident person in this world has insecurities, they're just good pretenders. Even if you're scared like hell, pretend that they don't affect you. And you've got a lot of supporters out here. If anything happens, I don't know about others, but I'll let them know whose boss.

'Confidence' is like a pair of jeans. You just have to wear them. "Nobody has confidence; you just have to know how to project it." 

And you have no reason to be scared of them, they may look scary but c'mon they have their weaknesses too. Everyone's human.

If you want to confront them, or maybe they'll come up to you, call up a gang! When they are lots of friends, you'll feel confident. I know I do.

Don't let them get to you. 'Cause you're better :)

And you can call me in for a fight any time of the day :)

I hope we were of help.

-The Truth Team

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